How do I make my profile better?

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Your SoundBetter listing is your business card and what gets you hired.
Here are our top tips for making your listing shine:

-Make your 'pitch' (aka intro text) compelling
People hire experts, not generalists. ‘I do everything’ will not stand out.
Make sure the first sentence of your intro text (aka 'pitch') is very strong and differentiates you.
This first sentence shows up on your profile preview card in the category pages.
Start with a bang - your strongest credits or achievement, then go on to describe your expertise, experience and process, and why someone should hire you.

-Make sure you have a great photo
People scan before reading. A well-lit, high quality photo of a smiling face in an inspiring environment builds trust. High quality vertical (portrait) photos work best.

-Include a strong audio sample, and describe your role in the production
Your sample appears on your profile preview in category pages, and is one of the first things clients check. Your audio is part of your profile preview on category pages.
Musicians trust their ears.

-The order of your specialties on your profile is important.
It helps us know which categories to feature you in, in order of priority.
You can update the order of your specialties here.

-Be honest about your experience.
Everyone appreciates honesty and can spot BS. It’s ok to have less experience; we have a wide spectrum of clients looking for a wide spectrum of provider types.
If you list A-list artists in your credits and a client can’t find any 3rd party mention of you and these artists, you will lose the client’s trust and they will move on.

-Tell clients what information you need from them
If there is information you want clients to include in their inquiries to you, say so on your profile.
For example if knowing how many tracks a song has helps you price your quotes, ask clients to include the track number in their message to you.

-Verify your identity with facebook or Spotify.
It builds trust. Personal details are not shared publicly and used for verification only.

-No verified reviews? Get Endorsements
Our data shows reviews increase your likelihood for getting hired. Recent verified reviews are the strongest selling point to clients. That's why we promote providers with recent verified reviews.
If you don’t have verified reviews yet, invite past clients to leave you an endorsement. Simply send them a link to your profile and ask them to leave an endorsement.
If you made them sound good, they will be happy to do so. They can include a link to their music giving them exposure and you a more trustworthy review.

You can also invite clients to pay you through SoundBetter. The nominal service fee is often a good investment to get verified reviews which are the main factor in boosting your visibility in the category pages.

-Import your Discogs credits.
If you have any, and complete your interview here.

-Include an ‘average price per song’
You know online stores that write ‘call us to for prices!’? Have you ever called? Neither have we.
We see the data: providers with ‘contact for pricing’ get contacted less. The ‘average price’ you include in your listing is not committing, but it’ll get the right clients to contact you, and keep away the noise.

-Remove links to external websites from your listing.
If there is any information you feel is important that your listing doesn’t have yet, add it.
If we don’t have a field for it, let us know.
We don't allow external links. Profiles with any external contact will not be visible.

We bring musicians to the site who are looking to hire professionals. To stand out and get invited to jobs you should invest in your listing, starting with the points above.