How do the two payment terms work for providers?

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When you create a proposal, you set one of two payment terms that you feel comfortable working with.

Clients choose who to hire and the payment term is one of their considerations.

1. Post Pay
This is the most popular payment term and one we recommend.
Clients pre-fund the entire proposal price to activate the job.
You will be notified when the job is funded and activated.
You will begin work, knowing the client funded the job.
By funding the job, clients show seriousness, and are unlikely to be asking more than one provider to work on their job.
Once the client receives the final product and is satisfied, they will 'mark job as complete' and the payment will be released to you.

Note that Clients may ask for revisions before they will be prepared to mark the job complete. This is normal.
They may reach out to SoundBetter support if they need help.
If a client insists on a refund before work is completed, we will reach out to you, and depending on the circumstance we may facilitate a refund of their funded payment.
Customers requesting multiple refunds are banned from SoundBetter.
This payment term is similar to a satisfaction guarantee offered by you since the client decides when the project is complete.
Less than 2% of jobs on SoundBetter end in a refund request.
Clients having funded the job, as well as our support team, provide you with assurance. is available to help you with any issues.
We recommend sending MP3s rather than full resolution tracks until the client marks the job as complete.

2. 50/50 (Premium Providers Only)
Clients pay half of the total job price to get the job started.
You receive the first payment when the job is activated, and begin the work.
Once the job is complete, the client will 'mark job as complete' in the workroom and then pay the second half, which will then be released to you right away as well.

Keep in mind that with 50/50 jobs, clients do not fund the second half on job activation, and SoundBetter is not holding those funds.
This means if they aren't satisfied with the first draft or lose interest mid-project, they may choose to not complete the project or disappear, and there is little we can do about that.
We recommend using the Post Pay term, especially with first time clients.
We recommend you send the song minus a few seconds at the end (cut the ending) or at least not send the full resolution usable tracks until the second payment is complete.

Note - If a client doesn't pay you through SoundBetter we cannot help you if there is a dispute or problem.
You will not receive a verified review for successful jobs.
Your verified reviews count impacts your visibility and future work.

Never accept payment outside SoundBetter or do a test mix. Always insist clients fund the job before you get started.
If someone asks for a sample or test work, it is likely fraud and we cannot help you if the client doesn't pay.
Be safe. If someone asks to transact outside of SoundBetter's payment system, don't agree and report them.