A client asked me to do a 'test mix'. Should I do this?

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Never do work until the client funds the job.

The client is likely asking several providers to do a 'test mix' at the same time and may disappear after you send them your work.

Instead you should send the client a 'On Delivery' proposal.

It's also against our terms.

When you do work with a client on a post-pay term, we recommend cutting off the last few seconds of the song until the client releases the final payment.
This way if a client claims not to like the work, they can't use your work.

**Note - we recommend to clients not to work with providers who offer a test mix, rather only with those that insist on them funding the job before starting any work.

If a client asked to pay you outside SoundBetter's payment system you should report them right away. Clients are also asked to report providers who ask to be paid outside SoundBetter.