Why should I make sure clients pay me only through SoundBetter?

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1. We get you work
We work hard and invest a lot of money and resources marketing on your behalf, drawing in thousands of musicians who are looking to hire music production professionals every month.
For SoundBetter to continue to thrive we need jobs found on SoundBetter to be hired and paid for through SoundBetter.
You want us to get you more jobs right?

2. Terms of use (aka Don't get banned)
Not only is it not cool, it is strictly against our terms to pull jobs off platform.
***If you share external info or ask a SoundBetter client to transact outside of SoundBetter's payment platform, you will be banned.***
SoundBetter is the leading online source for music production work. It's not worth it.
The commission SoundBetter keeps is significantly lower than most marketplaces.
You set your prices and always see exactly what you will be paid for every proposal you make.

We build relationships with good providers and refer to them when asked for recommendations.

Be safe. If someone offers to transact outside of SoundBetter's payment system, don't agree and report them here.

3. More verified reviews means more visibility, and more work in the future
*****Getting positive verified reviews floats your listing higher in the 'browse providers' page, which means more work****
The only way to get verified reviews is from clients who hired and paid you through SoundBetter.
The more work you do on SoundBetter, the more work you'll get in the future.
Building a good reputation is the best way to stand out, and a good investment.

4. Trust and Support
We are here to help you with any question or issue you have interacting with clients.
We provide an added layer of trust for you and for clients. If you run into any problems, we are here to help.

5. Avoid scams
Scammers target freelancer platforms, often with outreach that appears legitimate.
They then ask providers to pay directly for a variety of reasons, and run one of several types of scams.

6. You look unprofessional when you ask someone to pay you directly
Offering to transact outside of SoundBetter to clients who contacted you on SoundBetter makes you look unprofessional.

7. Pre-funding
With SoundBetter's payment platform, clients always pre-fund jobs before you are expected to start working.
We help you ensure clients are serious and there is 'money on the table' before you begin working.
Our payment platform reduce clients' anxieties, and as a result increases conversion.
Clients are more comfortable funding jobs through SoundBetter than sending direct payments.

8. Convenience
SoundBetter enables you to accept payments from anywhere in the world, and provides you a product-rich Workroom for managing every job on the site, keeping everything recorded.

9. It's better for our industry.
Having a platform with verified reviews on providers and clients is a good thing.
Having a place where everyone knows clients pre-fund jobs before you start working, where clients feel extra-secure hiring remote pros, helps everyone feel comfortable.
Having our team working to draw clients to you, and where you can have a beautiful free listing to show potential clients, are all good things.
We've made it our mission to make this industry more streamlined and transparent, easier and better for everyone.
We want to get you work.
We are honored to have you be a part of this, but we only work with providers who play by the rules.