How to prepare your tracks for mastering

In this short tip'n trick I will try to focus on preparing your work for mastering session

  1. it is very important to preserve as much dynamic range you can, so never apply any dynamics processors on master bus ( master channel )
  2. its also important to leave engineer enough of headroom . Speaking of levels on max -3 dbfs of peak level would be the last limit on highs you can go
  3. try to check your mix  with mono compatibility ( if you have anti phase issues in the track on some instruments probably the same instrument will fade out when put to mono )
  4. try to avoid distortion of any kind on sub frequencies ( sub doesn't like any kind of wave beside sine wave )
  5. when exporting a track - leave it in the original resolution ( do not up sample )
  6. try to work in highest resolution your computer and your DAW will allow you
  7. when exporting do not apply dither
  8. when finished a mix- try to take few day off that track and leave your head and ears rest . In few days, probably you will find and hear some possible needed changes in the mix
  9. try to listen your mix on lots of different systems possible 
  10. make your mix with love :)

So that are short but very useful tips on how to get best mix down possible.
For any additional questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

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