How to prepare the mix for the mastering process?

During the mixing process strive for the best sound you can get

without using any processors on the master bus,


Don't compress the mix.

Don't normalize the mix.

Try not to limit the mix.

Make sure there is no clipping - have your mix peak at around -3 dB . -6 dB

If possible, don't do fade-ins and fade-outs during mixing;

This can be done smoothly and easily in the mastering stage.


  • Default-avatarby John Siket

    "Don't compress the mix?" Why not? What if it sounds good? I regularly use compression during mixing, sometimes eq too. "If it sounds right--it's right!" Joe Meek

  • Picture?type=largeby Fabio Massa

    These are the best tips to prepare a mix to the mastering session! Great job! Hope everybody follow that!

  • Default-avatarby shay G sound

    Reuven Hayoon has the natural ability and amazing accurately for a perfect master
    Love your work
    Best regards
    shay G sound

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