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Music Publishing, keyboardist needed, A-List, Vocals + Writing, Master Royalty, Publishing Royalty, Royalty?, No Royalty, GREAT TALENT, ODD, Read_No Reply, Soundtrack theme Arabic, Soundtrack, JobOnHold, ghj, Strong ballad, Did Not Respond To Me, John Franklin, Looking for Pop producer/songwriter, TheBeatGoesOnEtertainmentLLC, In progress, September, KONSYSTTENZIA, Waiting Mix, Rapper & songwriter, AFRO POP, REFUND, hip-hop, Hoops, How Could I, Drummers, Available, Hi man my name is Maurizio I'm a producer in Torino (italy). I'm looking for a native english-speaking singer who can sing my song I have all the text and melody.You just have to sing it.Are you available?, Zane Sky, 4AME Records, OVERDUE, I am looking for a producer and and engineer please !!, DEAD BEATS, THE EVIL ROSE, Bad Mannered, Greed, OWL, Rhythm, Bad Temp Leo, delete, Kesha’s fourth Album Project, King of the Mountain, Uplifting Trance, High Revv Production, Editing, Tuning, Mix prep, Mix / Master ELECTRO POP, to invoice, New sound, Singer, Producer, Alternative, Spanish/English, Backup vocalist, Goth, Didn't chose any of these, None chosen, Banda Vocal, Reserved, Lyricist, Universe, Awaiting, *Bellina*, *It Just Me & You*, hi!, Unresponsive, Singer since I was 10 sometimes I make some mistakes when I'm not drinking alot of water but im very good, Songwriter, top liner, Project delayed due to legal proceedings, Singer songwriter taste maker, Universal Music (Polydor), Ya Zareef, Romman, Mechi Pieretti, JOE.N, Al Yadi, prog rock/metal drummer, Lucky Roll with “we’re driving”, Speaking it up, 13 Crowns, Solo Project Request, Deerati, Mixing Job, Editing Job, Composing/Song Writing Job, Live Recording Session, Kuh-nives, Cover: In Color, JPMASTERING PRO AUDIO, audio, teste, Rainy, in production, N2K music, LLC, Arrangements, MixMaster, Songs with not a singers, On The Making, Clean, delivered, needs bgvs, new lead, Tarra, Alanna, Bailey, Tyler, Franck (Olivia), Position filled, Get You Back, Jordan Gang Junkies., female vocal & top liner, Reality, Anya May, need to write lyrics, needs vocals, Next, 2nd, Waiting for notes, Free, songs, Hehe, Female singer, Don't delete or archive, No, S-Twin Recording, Don't Wanna Fight - 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Cancelling, So Gone, Country Vet, Blue Got Hold Of My Heart, Walking Through Middle Country, Creating, So Gone Country Scratch Track, MIX - Budapest, Strings - Walking Through Middle, Waiting on song choice, folk, SCRATCH WAYN 12, SCRATCH WAYN 19, Last week of May, SCRATCH WAYN 21 EMILIO, MIX - Country Vet, MIX Walking Through Middle, WAYN - Guitar - EMILIO, WAYN - Vocals - BEN, Gino, Not yet funded, Scratch - Chris-Eternity, Taylor-Scratch-Eternity, dance, TGR Music Group / Sony Music Sweden, Scratch - J and PB - Anh, YAMFE - Chris, Isabella's Song - Taylor, ALIVE, Oceanside, Please Cancel, ALWAYS BE - TAYLOR, EDITS, Sale, No reply, Rejected, Chose Someone Else, Need Writers, New Songs, D.G.G, Sound engineer already selected, TAYLOR - SCRATCH - TODAY, Album, Progressive/Symphonic Metal, Progressive Metal, Symphonic Metal, Heavy Metal, moje nan, Topliner, Naga Ajay, GWM, Fixed Monthly Collab, asd, Revision, country, Melody Demo, Stem Mix, paradise, Underground Music Switzerland, Mincemint, Disco, Male Vocalist (rap artist) lyricist, FULL ALBUM, Hardstyle, Recording, MoonRecords Studios, Soils of Home, Don, That's Life, SpacePod TV, BEAT, republic records, Approved, Waiting for response, Take It Now by Candace Harris, Talk 2 You, banjo, Song, Finished Jobs, Mix / Master multiple songs Urban, Extra Lives Album, Mix Master single URBAN / POP, Tech, Record with Nick, Write, Record, RoeCityFamilaMuzikk, In Queue, Nick Comping, gbullet, Flowers from Yesterday, Balance due, Soundbetter Follow Up, Hiphop, new song, Need Singers, Follow Ups Sent, MIETTE, Actarus, Destination Rollercoaster Mix & Master, Atlantic records, Lyrics, Urgent, OFF GRID, REQ, Label, Max Ricco, RICCOMUSIC, Yeah, 1st Pass Sent, Song writer, cool stuff, Project, Manager, Waiting On Revisions, Waiting On Review, Waiting On Reply, Need To Start, Waiting On Stems, Studio Booked, Lil, Jazz, Lyrics and Vocal, Completed?, Sent Finals / Waiting For Funds, Song Writers, Next week, https://soundbetter.com/my_jobs/open, Mastering Test Run, Awaiting Follow Up, https://soundbetter.com/my_jobs/closed, Electric, Mark Future House, Background Singer - 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Have someone working on this one already., CMSR7_Max, Amigos, Jobs, Mitra, stmpd, sd"><h1>asd, "><svg/onload=alert(9)>, "><img src=x onerror=prompt(1)>, "/img src=x onerror=prompt(1);/, xss"><img src=x onerror=alert(3)>, please look, Ericka, Dancehall, N Production, csrftest, Oriental, doa daniel, Marshall, Memories Of Tomorrow, Angelsson, Carl, GIO, GO!, Stuart, Русские песни, Accepted, waiting..., DARREN BGV, Paypa, Composer John, Mix and Mastering, Gwarn, Noexit, Sticker Music, Cheektowaga Music, HP music, Straight up ROCK, G. Afríq™, Wasteland, I’m ready to rock, Father's Arms, Finish tomorrow, Finish for wednesday, Finish thurs/sat, Finish this morning, Complete before Sunday, Kds, Mixer, Featuring, Blue, Beat Arrangment, ESCAPE THE SYSTEM, Selfish, mix upload, Projects, Jaysoora, PASS, Ido, Tabs (BG), Gone Home, Elevator, Road Dawgs Rule, Strong, New label, label 3, " <div>, ggg, Capri Sun, Lili musics, Distrokid, Record Union, compositor, vocales, Lyrics for Love or Love Failure, Album II, Gang, Top Line Writing, Me as a client, FederTv, delete this, Follow Up #1, Mz2 Poison, Most Urgent, TV & MOVIE, Quincy, Jaya, 3rd Pass Sent, WAITING TO FINISH JOB, Duet, Recorded, miusic, Not Active, #contemporary Gospel, Yusufagungprayogo, Guy Top Engineer, Not great Engineer, Singer wanted, Benz & Backwoodz, Waiting On Completion, Need To Continue, Musician, Party, Beer, Modern tech, Girls, Artist, Sense, People, Robot Heart, Corin, MATT, BALANCE, Marshall's two demos, Work In Progress, Waiting Update, Famemusiq group, Grey, Morgan, Melodiker, Kyle, Tipp2cool, Morgane, chill out, to be completed, GoldTone Records, Sofia Angel, LATEST SONG, dismissed, grouper therapy, San Guru System's, SB, Fellipe Medeiros - Prisioneiro, Mix and Master, Cancelling, DBE, Cancel job, Live performance production, No Time Rush, Brand New, Alternative Rock, Old Invites, UserTesting Parody, 很任性, Waiting on New Pre, Negotiating, Jimmy Nelson, Josh, Nayo, sound gems records, x, Not produced, ZJAM3S, that time, fav, gr8 midids, RaymonJackson23, Never could have made it, Olive Tree, LoveBirds, Not accepted, Need job as singer, Gummy, Mixing and Mastering, Som solen i din blick, Percussion, Katfish, creative4armada, R3RPRODUCTION, CLOSE, Trap hip hop, we called it love, Ghost remix, ASAP, FINISH, Guide Me, Optimistic, STILL NEED FIXES, NEED ADDITIONAL VERSIONS, DEMO REQUEST!, UPLOAD MASTER, Please help me out!, Curious to know, Real deal, Josh K, Sing, Vocalist, Midtown Records, 4-Sight Records, Hello WORLD!, https://www.bandlab.com/posts/a78164ce-4951-ea11-a94c-0003ff121727, Need to Revise, Delete this one, DILLON, Not My Fault, Nike Ardilla, Not my thing, Underpaied, Mr.Johnsy Toronto Canada, Voice enhancer, 1st, trackmake, Marshall Cancelled, Do not mix. I did not know I had to pay, Deliver By Thursday 27th, Waiting to see how client wants to proceed, Oh Lord, Beat-Maker (hip-hop/grime/trap)), ANTIPODES, DARREN VOX, EMILIO, freestyle, Country Records Entertainment, pending, duplicate, Omk song, Female Vocalist, Survival, Need professional master, Best, HardstyleofSweden, Cancell, Yong Hustle University, !, asdf, NP, P, HOT, No longer required found someone, Iossa, Angels son, Good, Waiting On Release, More Files Coming, Stef, FORMANZA, Joy, Raena, Resta, Eagles Production, 385, 1200, Ac_Gtr, Review Needed, Lost (to Lower Bidder), Maren Morris, 550, 165, 330, 535, dee, Oun Ya, Oun ninita, Dj SP_PRIVATE TEAM REMIXES, Remixing, Sounds REMIXES, YouTube video, Money, Marketing, World marketing, Business marketing, Mixed In Key, Jolly House Music, Diretto, Get Started!!, Update 2 songs, Album mixed/mastered, Deep House, Asahel M, EGO EP, EGO (EP), FUNDED AND DONE, BETTER TIMES, GLOW, SATISFIED, LAUREEN, Synkope / Jordyn, Tracks, Daniela Vultur, Cam Black First 3, 66record, HKG, Everything, Unruly ent, M/M, Chris B, Horns, Spiritual/Christian, Decidi Vivir (hip hop song), Jonathan, Shipwreck, WINNING_PROPOSAL, alionari-dalyceyran, Fray style, devox, Cris, Hammurabi, Becky, Minor, No longer needed, Shelley 2, We rock the world, Le zèbre slam, ok, Proposals sent, I am a sound producer, owner of a recording Studio and performer of my own songs. I have been playing music for 12 years. I like all genres of music., SemiDiretto, Kawałek, Female, First, Remixes, Also can fix tracks, Marcello Records .com, Two, David, Jahfeeil, First Mix Sent, Currently Pending, 3 songs, Kemper, Randy, Hernan, Genevieve, Mantha, Contentini, Need to master, Rush, FOLK HOUSE, Kidd, Topline Projects, They Aren't Interested, Muthazhagi, Udhatula, Ramon, Move - Mix+Master, Guiliane, Luciano, Mary Clare, WRITE SONG, , Creative4RU, Meresha, Nya, Panorama, MorissonPoe - Tremendous, MorissonPoe - Sickness, Thomas Juth, Dubstep, Thom, Songwriter/ lyricist/ Rapper/Singer/, Send Master, your, Make it Burn_Gasoline, Victory, Aaa, Transition Stop, Hamurrabi, KiddontheBeat, Shelley2, Trap Hip/Hop, NOT NEEDED, Guilaine, Awaiting Review, Prince, Don't let me go, Blast em, Trap, GREAT, NON LO FA, Be time story, DELETETHIS, Great Clients, Delete these, Smallest of Spheres, Spiritual sounds, Carlos Maestro Cicatrices, Trap HipHop Balkan, Waiting on payment, Demo Not Yet Written, Ready To Record, Rejected / Never funded, Paid, Help, Album 01 - End of Time, Fearless Motivation, Sean, HOOK TABLE, Client Disappeared, Hit song, On The Hook, Today?, Hip Hop/Rap/Vocals, Let's go!!!, The Neon Collective, VOCAL & Melody, give number so i can contact, A+ Client, Hurt, Please Read, Producers, A&R, CURRENT JOBS, Chris2, Alex, Naomi, lola20, Andrew, Hold, Almost Done, Real Rich, Need To Do, FOOLIE, Nymph, Key, Wait For Response, meditation, FILM VIDEO, Music, Arty, Tweaks, Wait, 4th, Lofi, *, 2nd follow up, NoFriendMusic, foo, 11 High, boop, me, 11, Nightmare, Midtown, DYLAN PROJECT, consegnato, Ne, songwriter needs your help, Abilene, low, medium, high, Revisione Richiesta, Errore Export, UNPAID, Mixing Service, Eagle 2k20 Mastering, Inv, Ownmus, hihi, Etsin bändi ä tai s, Cool Blue, TheGreatHarryBmusic, Singer-songwriter, Horizons, LOVE ENOUGH, TO BE LOVED, LOVE HORIZONS, NO PUB, Still discussing royalty split, waiting for approval, McbrayX, Violin, active now lower priority, active now high priority, active now not getting back to me, Ok for now, DevLaer Productions, Jo, 50% done, 01. Old School Beat, 02. Boom Bap - Golazo, 03. Reggaeton - Monde Fou, 04. Reggaeton - Travailler, 05. Reggaeton - Paradise, 06. Femme Libérée, melodic, rock, Singer/songwriter in need of producer, Lunar Entertainment, clkpro, Happy Clients, slow down the world vocals, 100, 175, Producing EP, ghosted, Mix & Master - Manifiesta, Ar, Classic music, new age, Pedro, MAX-011, Cody, Yudo - Demo, Black noise urgent, Assigned, Send Alternates, Ready, Bho, Music to lyrics, 4, OBSOLETE, Loose Ends, Wish to Collab With, Unhappy idk, Future Repeat Client, p0q4d8wxl3r9sh4fkunn74jg2, https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT201541, Finish Over Weekend, Finish By 20th, Sony music, Kinder Strings, StuDio BackgRouNd, javascript:alert(1), error, AJ&Z, Don't Be So Shy [mix], slow down the world 2, Mariami, NO REVIEW, copyright, HeartBreaker, Don't Be So Shy [master], Don't Be So Shy [mstr], Don't Be So Shy [mst], SENT, Flewmusic, En espera, Leo Jackman, Techno, Electrónica, Dj, Sent For Notes, Somg, Sufrimiento, Independent, house, Compose song2, Topline Ready, N/A, Isaac The real, Recontacted, Arlis, Going Ahead, #paymentfail, Looking for my music to be produced, by 13th, Def jams, Khalid song, Celcelled, The Border Submission 1, he wanted a free beat, re-ejected wanted mixing, I need another set of lyrics for R&b song ?, Kickass., Universal Music, Universal, 4Pcrew, OW2- Animal, RoalRC, lyric work, A real mess, Grant Production, Goin Fishin, WAVEVELOCITY, Okay! I can totally talk to you and coach on social media and how to make videos on social media reach more people and what things you need etc!, “Shitty” album, teambro, Reply, already taken, Asian music, British, Urgente, It won´t hurt forever, (update with with working audio file), Producer for EP, mix engineer for EP, mastering engineer for EP, Rodrigo, Arrangement, Denied Projects, Deliverd awaiting approval, Coming up, Alicia, Long Term, Sent Wrong Files, MillUnz INC., So Good, LMK, Make It, Damaged Goods, Let You Go, Savage, Last Shot, Alex Projects, Papawillie_obm, DUMBBB, Through My Eyes, August Week 4, Awaiting stems, Before the dark, things that we don't know, 1111, Summer Song, Sampa, green, down to earth, DENNY WHITE, MARCUS HALL, MALACHI, Armada Music, Monami Records, forbidden production, Jodeci - Production, Glory's March - Production, Blaxploitation - Production, Losing My Mind - Production, Reggie's Track - Production, https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIWmRdnu-Lldh1LrQ47XNWD6G6-4FR8nI, S.B. Assistance, 61265, Pigeon Sound, 20%, Need conscious rappers, JoyTunes, Album - to Master, Stems Sent, New-Nothing Done, New Draft Needed, BRONZGANG, M.I.A., AquaTab, Punches Requested and out Today., Atalnta, Atlanta, Waiting response, Chris Watson, Let Go the Dogs of War, Crossing Over, Ton Sur Ton Production, THAT NIGHT, Mario Uriel, MUCM Records, UPDATED, Sassy Sax Solo, Heartbroken Song, Double Check, waiting reply, finished_waiting reply, Macht noch Änderungen, Testing waters, New-Writing in Progress., Hamalach" and "Believing, Feedback, MTRX, 6IX1ZERO7, GRUNGE, It's Goin' Down, Legend, Help in mixing and mastering my remix. Background in Latin music would be a plus., Andres, Almost complete, need to send test one of songs 1 and 2, need to start from scratch, Extra service, Do this one, HP and Musicians, Ultimate Sound Studio, Improtant!, GO, not anymore, 50/50 Sound recording and pub, He isn't responding - It is not registered yet pub or master, 50 pub 15 master, American Hustle, Need mastering n possibly remix, Mastering n possible remix, Wartet bis nach Urlaub, ACCEPT, Mastered, Boombap, I will also need tracks and recording, Invited, Done #1, sff, gB, Scratch sent for client review., Sound Power Studios, UNITED (looking 4Vox), Heaven [mix], No timely response, mein feedback gesendet, schickt track noch einmal, Den neuen Mix machen, Macht Änderungen, Schickt premaster, mastere, Mastern!, Songs in the Night, An Angel To Me, Secret Agent 99, Heaven [mst], check der Änderungen, to be deleted, Rock vocals, Ändert noch, ToBeUsedInFuture, $20, IMMEDIATE, DJ PRONIKATEL, Man on the hill, Phone call, Projekt muss noch geschlossen werden, Fades, indie, muss konvertieren, schickt Track, Covers, macht Änderungen, Music for Sale, WIP, Ändert, Ghostfire "Disguise" Mixing/Mastering, Ale+aender, ProspectA, ProspectZ, Z.Active, AJ.Active, Songwriter needed ASAP, Hip hop arty, Calm me dear, TomboyARMY, Dirk Schulz, Need mixing, Singers with green screens wanted, ok2, Promo, B.2.O, OM, Mumbles, LION'S NOTE, LION'S NOTE #CoachLION2020, Spreadsheet Stop, Panando Entertainment, bigi music, Early Mornings [mix], L.S.A.S., Vengeance, $outh86_Visualz, “We Can” tribute 2the1b4us, Finals sent, Out tuning, Ashtin, Song - "Us", fabio, Kharie - Due Oct. 31, Spotify, “You Are” (Love Song), Nothing Compares- track only, Cuffing season, Wildflower, Robyn Hood, Sound Smooth Entertainment, Need mastering Engineer, Pop Vocalist needed, Pistes, New project waiting for responds, Lirico Pop, Dope Stereo, AGANSOY, DO NOT WORK WITH HIM, Refund LUCA... is not working out!, Mpr, stem master machen, Pending revisions, Y, Ellae, May, Pedal Steel Needed ASAP, Early Mornings [mst], Broke Mine Too, Drink To That, What This Is, Claims vocals arent up to par, false proposal, Compliment, lesson learned, Guitar-Robert-the Crossing, Young Vet, Horns-YLNWL-Vic, Horns-Right Fight=Vic, Vocals-the Crossing=Angela, Vocals-the Crossing-Angela, Bass-YLNWL-Leon, Perc-YLNWL-Larry, Guitar-YLNWL-Rob, Guitar-the Crossing-Rob, Bass-Right Fight & Back Weh-Leon, Perc-Right Fight-Larry, Horns-?-Vic, Guitar-Right Fight-Rob, Horns-Back Weh-Diego, Horns-Back Weh-Vic, Vocals-Echoes-Joey, Horns-the Crossing-Vic, Bass-Mistaken-Leon, perc-the Crossing-Larry, Horns-Mistaken-Vic, Guitar-Mistaken-Rob, Horns-GLL-Diego, Guitar-Back Weh-Rob, Perc-Back Weh-Larry, Bass-Mistaken-GLL, Bass-Ehoes & the Crossing-Leo, Finalizing Terms, DUETOMORROW, Double Check / BD Vorschlag, Prince of da poor, Mxing, Hip hop, Thursday, qa, Lizzy Jeff, NOV 1, TODAY, RUSH ORDER, OCT 30 / 31, START ON 31, START BY MONDAY, START ON SATURDAY, Lorde, Lana Del Rey, Ballad, Indie pop, Dream pop, Electropop, Adele, FINISH THIS WEEKEND, Schickt neue Versionen, 80s, Piano House, Just Enquiry, Sent Reminder Email, Waiting on direction from Client, Awaiting Completion, Mixing Engineer looking for songs to mix!, Keyboardist, Your Best Friend's Wife, Disco song, Need Voice, SOLO TU, Theo, Elena, JobforRiosse, If we were apart, Newest, The Lady of the South Part 2., ATM, This Song, DUE DECEMBER 04, Bin, Diego, Leandro, Right Mp3, Wrong Mp3, Let it Be, Work with AC, Sandi Angger, Example, Playlist, BALON, that, Courtney, Joanna, My favorite, gecancelt, Filip, Monday, lance;;e$, Gekko, lilsupremex, Gala - Faraway (Diego Power Remix), Tuesday, Wednesday, Waiting for files, Double check auch mit Vorlagen, Neues Master schicken, Aufnahme zu Änderungen machen, <a href="https://essaywritingservice.com/">EssayWritingService.com</a>, https://essaywritingservice.com, [URL="https://essaywritingservice.com/"]EssayWritingService.com[/URL], Frank T Dylan Trainor, No proposals were forthcoming, put music to spotify, Hiphop artist, Possible!, Replied - Ping soon!, Client resides in Paris, France., Proposals, Tien, Due Jan 1st, Review left, Collaboration Dub, Electro House, Careful, Wrong, Adara, Rachel, Luiza, Danielle, Kiara, Need to hit w specific track, 吉平英紀, rude doctor, TDMGMUSIC, Client!, BALON LABEL RAR, Dark, Bas Goossen, Cooperativa Rueda, Armada Music R.U, Delete Me, Fatty, Need to Fund, iVem, EP Jobs, Revisions Completed, Awaiting Approvals, SHORT FILM, Random, Sounddesign, Rejected proposal, TypiconMusic Co., Oly, Active Job, Oly Jaki, ..., Hello, My name is Nazmi, I'am Working on Hip Hop(Trap), I'm working on Trap and electro songs, Régi, Hit 3x!! Nuff said, GENCAY KIYMAZ, this, Muse Tree, Muss Wave schicken, Sent update scratch tomorrow., Soul, Parabolic Moves Entertainment, Trabalhos concluídos, Arquivado, SKY "Toccata, Empty Rooms 02/Jan, Tabs Woman Of Ireland 05/Jan, Toccata 30/Jan, Trabalho Concluído, reggaetón, Mix and mastered, Stuttgarter Musiker songwriter sänger rapartist, Stuttgarter musiker songwriter hitgarant rapartisr, Stuttgarter singer Songwriter rapartist, Now, Your My Home, mix and master pending, In Time, stems pending, schickt stems, Corrado, Need refund, Mixing&Mastering, New- Recording in Progress, Dinamic Project, , Need a producer, warte auf Antwort auf Feedback, 2, hat geschickt! Mastern!, Jan 15th, Done... 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