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I'm looking for a native english-speaking singer who can sing my song I have all the text and melody.You just have to sing it.Are you available?, Zane Sky, 4AME Records, OVERDUE, I am looking for a producer and and engineer please !!, DEAD BEATS, THE EVIL ROSE, Bad Mannered, Greed, OWL, Rhythm, Bad Temp Leo, delete, Kesha’s fourth Album Project, King of the Mountain, Uplifting Trance, High Revv Production, Editing, Tuning, Mix prep, Mix / Master ELECTRO POP, to invoice, New sound, Singer, Producer, Alternative, Spanish/English, Backup vocalist, Goth, Didn't chose any of these, None chosen, Banda Vocal, Reserved, Lyricist, Universe, old, Awaiting, *Bellina*, *It Just Me & You*, hi!, mix, Unresponsive, Singer since I was 10 sometimes I make some mistakes when I'm not drinking alot of water but im very good, Songwriter, top liner, Project delayed due to legal proceedings, Singer songwriter taste maker, Universal Music (Polydor), Ya Zareef, Romman, Mechi Pieretti, STOPPED, JOE.N, Al Yadi, prog rock/metal drummer, Lucky Roll with “we’re driving”, Speaking it up, 13 Crowns, Solo Project Request, Deerati, Mixing Job, Editing Job, Composing/Song Writing Job, Live Recording Session, Kuh-nives, Cover: In Color, JPMASTERING PRO AUDIO, audio, teste, Rainy, in production, N2K music, LLC, Arrangements, MixMaster, Songs with not a singers, On The Making, Clean, delivered, needs bgvs, new lead, Tarra, Alanna, Bailey, Tyler, Franck (Olivia), Position filled, Get You Back, Jordan Gang Junkies., female vocal & top liner, Reality, Anya May, need to write lyrics, needs vocals, Next, 2nd, 3rd, Waiting for notes, Free, songs, Hehe, Female singer, Don't delete or archive, No, S-Twin Recording, P.O.P., Don't Wanna Fight - Singer, ., Hard Rock, Job, Ba Ba Black Sheep, Slaughter, needs edits, Americana, spam, Book8, Mixtape, I dont call this love, Lets No Longer Pretend, Clarinet Epic 1, Erin, DAWN, Guitar, completed and delivered, Simon, Crystal Capstones, Submitted, UK, French, Swedish Beat makers Producers, Just a Message, Band seeking female vocalist, Band seeking dynamic female vocalist, need tuning, demo, Axel Wolf, Release, NEARLY FINISHED, NvrAgain, *RepeatBusiness, This is for Bailey Jehl exclusivey, Interesting, Collab, Remix, Nic Stylitical-Hip-Hop, Requesrted-Awaiting Response, Requested -Awaiting Response, Modern rap hip hop knowledge of vocals sitting on top, Not seen, Kingz studio, Non vox, MWNST, ON HOLD, Seeking a&r, pop/dance/electronic, Hip Hop Artist, Rapper, Emcee, Vocalists, Mix&Master, pAYMENT NOT REGISTRATED !, independet, LinaaBlack, Production Candidate, Get Me Back, Light Me Up, Fire Song, Adding Guitar, PSG, JaviHdzoficial, start, 100 Racks Up, Hook, Justin App, Steven App, Check with Simone, Get done soon!!, Life We Live, Nappyxrasta berlin russia da goat, Budapest Tramp, Currently Working with a vocalist, Cancel Wrong Mix, Kiwi Vet, ROOTSTALK, Walking Middle, Sony Italy, Not ready, Delete!, current, Please ignore and see updated request with mp3, Dungeon Wolf, - Cancelling, Standby, Sparito, Speculatore, Tirchio, So Gone, Country Vet, Blue Got Hold Of My Heart, Walking Through Middle Country, Creating, So Gone Country Scratch Track, MIX - Budapest, Strings - Walking Through Middle, Working, June Pre Bookings, Waiting On Song from Client, Waiting on song choice, folk, SCRATCH WAYN 12, SCRATCH WAYN 19, Last week of May, SCRATCH WAYN 21 EMILIO, MIX - Country Vet, MIX Walking Through Middle, WAYN - Guitar - EMILIO, WAYN - Vocals - BEN, Gino, Not yet funded, Scratch - Chris-Eternity, Taylor-Scratch-Eternity, dance, TGR Music Group / Sony Music Sweden, Scratch - J and PB - Anh, YAMFE - Chris, Isabella's Song - Taylor, ALIVE, EK, Oceanside, Please Cancel, ALWAYS BE - TAYLOR, EDITS, Sale, No reply, Rejected, Chose Someone Else, Need Writers, New Songs, D.G.G, Sound engineer already selected, TAYLOR - SCRATCH - TODAY, Album, Progressive/Symphonic Metal, Progressive Metal, Symphonic Metal, Heavy Metal, moje nan, Topliner, Naga Ajay, on Going, July booking, GWM, Fixed Monthly Collab, asd, Revision, Done... 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Have someone working on this one already., CMSR7_Max, Amigos, Jobs, Mitra, stmpd, sd"><h1>asd, "><svg/onload=alert(9)>, "><img src=x onerror=prompt(1)>, "/img src=x onerror=prompt(1);/, xss"><img src=x onerror=alert(3)>, please look, Ericka, Dancehall, N Production, csrftest, Oriental, doa daniel, Marshall, Memories Of Tomorrow, Angelsson, Carl, GIO, GO!, Stuart, Русские песни, Accepted, waiting..., DARREN BGV, Paypa, Composer John, Mix and Mastering, Gwarn, Noexit, Sticker Music, Cheektowaga Music, HP music, Straight up ROCK, December, Waiting for payment, G. 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I did not know I had to pay, Deliver By Thursday 27th, March week 2, Waiting to see how client wants to proceed, 380.44 Deal