Heavy Rock Vocal Tuning

These professional vocal tuning specialists will make sure your song's vocal tracks are pitch perfect and clean

Music Producer - Hugo




Music Producer

Im a music producer specializated in Vocal Tuning.


Performing, Recording & Mixing - Vibes

41812 Erkelenz

Performing, Recording & Mixing

When it comes to music, I'm giving all I have. That's why I will find ways to best serve the song you want to produce, musically as well as technically.

On Demand Recording Studio - Skylit

Los Angeles

On Demand Recording Studio

Skylit Sound is a studio designed from the ground up to be a professional live drum room and tracking facility.

Music Producer - Pixelwarp


Music Producer

Want to work with a creative with a degree in Creative Musicianship? Whatever it is, go ahead and ask and i will do my best if i can help or point you in the right direction. Guitars, mixing, mastering, or whatever else. Don't take my word for it, try me out and tell me what you think!


music maker.  - Kyle



San Diego

music maker.

I’ll honesty just do my best to achieve the goal that you want to achieve. I’ve worked with bands such as Pierce the Veil (Fearless Records) Keyes (Tragic Hero Records) Modern Maps (Rise Records). I just want to help bring more creative minds and ideas to life.

Affordable Online Mastering - Waltz




Affordable Online Mastering

We offer top quality, quick & affordable mastering. Grammy Nom. Clients Include: DJ Premier, Wu-Tang, Mike Mangini, James Labrie (Dream Theater), Billy Gibbons, Skatalites, Peter Wolf (J Geils) RJD2, Coolio, Marky Mark, Tom Jones & many more. Free previews & No charge for any Revisions. Also offer: Stem mastering & free mix consulting.

Mixing, Songwriting, Mastering - BenL


Mixing, Songwriting, Mastering

Hey there, i'm Ben from Germany! I'm a 25 years old certified audio engineer with 6 years of experience in mixing and mastering and a fullblood musician and songwriter since i was a kid. I'm specified in Pop, Rock, Alternative, R&B, Country and Lofi but i'm always open for a new challenge!


Vocal Editing and Mixer - Paragon

United Kingdom

Vocal Editing and Mixer

Vocals are how your listeners connect to your music as the main vehicle of emotional delivery. Editing them requires great care to retain the natural expression and integrity of your vocalist’s performance.

Recording, Editing, Mixing - Faizad


Recording, Editing, Mixing

I do Record, Edit & Mixing :)


Remote Drums, Perc, Bass, Mix - Andy


Remote Drums, Perc, Bass, Mix

You've spent time and emotion creating your song, now let's get the drums perfect! Want to record in a nice sounding room like Abbey Road or Avatar studios but don't have the budget?

Remote mixing and mastering  - Elijah


Remote mixing and mastering

Looking for a top quality mix or master? I can help you achieve your goals and then some! I’ve also specialized in production and session drumming for many artists. Feel free to contact me with any need or advice.

Recording and Mixing Engineer - Kolton


Recording and Mixing Engineer

Professional Recording and Mix Engineer based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mix Master - Rodion


Mix Master

I can record any instruments for you


Vocal Editor/Mixer - Alex




Vocal Editor/Mixer

I have worked with and learned from the best in the industry, such as Shawn Mendes, Three Days Grace, Billy Talent, Drake, and many more. I have many tricks up my sleeve to make your productions sound tight, big, and professional. I will make your vocals perfectly in tune, and your instruments perfectly in time, without sounding edited!

Mixing Mastering - Andreas




Mixing Mastering

It´s all about realizing and supporting an artists vision,i will always endeavor to find the perfect sound for your music until you are happy with the results.

Remote Mixing & Mastering  - Roof

Mexico City

Remote Mixing & Mastering

We are a team of Music Producers, Audio Engineers, and creatives helping independent artists who wants a professional and international quality sound that can compete with the productions of any major label at a low cost. We are an Apple Digital Masters Approved house, with more than 4 hours of music fully produced music.

Mixing & Mastering / Guitarist - Al


Mixing & Mastering / Guitarist

I have been working in the music industry for some years now both as mixing/mastering engineer and session guitarist. Had my hands on hundreds of musical & audio projects from soundtracks to voiceovers for TV to indie-pop and (mostly) hard&heavy genres. Berklee alumnus and current mentor.

Mixing, Mastering, Editing - Matt



Cherry Hill

Mixing, Mastering, Editing

Specializing in Rock, Hard Rock, and Metal genres -- I've got over a decade of experience delivering recordings and mixes with big guitars, punchy drums, solid bass, and strong vocals. I'm also well-versed in vocal comping/tuning and drum quantization, and I can get your raw tracks radio/stream-ready quickly and efficiently.

Recording, mixing an mastering - Mad


Recording, mixing an mastering

Professional Recording Studio mixing on a 24 channel board with hundreds of Waves plug-ins to enhance your sonic quality.


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