Mixing & Mastering Engineers who worked with Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival

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Photo of Kerri-Ann Chandler

Kerri "Serenity" Chandler is a qualified audio professional who functions as a Recording Engineer, Live Engineer, Music Producer as well as an Educator. As a classically trained pianist, she brings a working knowledge of music to the table, coupled with her passion for great sound. Avid Pro Tools Certified Music Operator

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Photo of Chris


I am a former Abbey Road engineer with 30 years’ experience and over 40 UK chart credits.

Photo of G I P Studio

I am retired and spend full time Producing, Dj, Mixing & Mastering for the love of the craft...I am a Pro & a student with plenty of passion for learning in the music field...I have invested 100 of thousands of dollars in my gear/equipment and constantly upgrading from plugins outboard gear, world-class studio environment here at home!

Photo of Dj Sacr

I am a Mix Engineer, Editor, and Dj with more than 20 years of experience.

Photo of Xngle

I have a talent for writing hit music. I can prove it for you. I’ll send you a reference track, if you like it, buy it. Contact me by email on abeldjene@gmail.com or IG @aceultrarecords

Photo of Jeff Tech

I’ve been working with music for 10 years. Recorded albums and mixtapes. I have a small collection of songs on iTunes and Spotify.

Photo of La Masia Music Lab

Located in a Natural Reserve and only 20 minutes away from Barcelona city center, La Masia Music Lab is a low cost residential music house. Great for songwritting, tracking down your album and mixing.

Photo of Dj Rek

I'm Dj Rek. I started producing music and Djing at the young age of 12 years old and sound engineering since 18, and with more than 20 years of studio experience I am highly skilled at almost ANYTHING studio related!

Photo of Jim Teh

Hello, I'm Jim from Malaysia, residing in Kuala Lumpur

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