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Spicy Canvas Animations

Do you need a spicy Spotify canvas to go with your hot new song? We'll work with you to take your existing song cover art, music video and any photoshoots relevant to your release and bring it to life by sprinkling some animation spice all over that bad boy. Let's discuss your ideas and collaborate on some dope visuals!


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100% Jesus Music - Skerrit

The Bronx

100% Jesus Music

... you tell me.


Creative Mixing & Mastering  - Jaime


Creative Mixing & Mastering

Passionate for hybrid mixing and mastering awesome creativity specialized in Reggeaton and hip hop ,Latin music, Reggae dub ,Rock and pop Credits with artists like Alerta Kamarada, Morat, The inevitable rock band

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Guzmán


Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Listen to our productions! Our recording, mixing and mastering studios are highly equipped with the best in analog and digital audio. Now we want to expand our horizons offering our services to the entire world with economic prices, exclusive for those who contract our services through SoundBetter.

Live and Mixing engineer - Alwin


Live and Mixing engineer

Passionate about live music and conveying the live feel onto an album track.

Remote Mixing & Mastering  - Nico-Laz


Remote Mixing & Mastering

Nico-Laz is a Songwriter, rapper, singer and a sound engineer. He specialises in the Hip-Hop genre.

Music Producer  - prod.

New Jersey

Music Producer

my confidence tells me i will be one of the best producers you come across in this generation. if not, it is my goal to become one of the best. i would really appreciate any support possible, i am a genuine human being & i really want to progress in the world of music


Mixing & Mastering - Franco

Buenos Aires

Mixing & Mastering

I can assure you that I'll give my absolute best to make your song sound great, I'm a very hard-work person, and it will get the treat it deserve. The mix isn't done until you are happy with the result :)

Bassist, producer - Xavi


Bassist, producer

Need some lows? Add some groove to your track! Will come up with a fresh bassline, work from your guide bass line or just play your chart. As a bass player, I'm always at the service of your tune, will focus in good execution and sound so it sits nicely between drums and harmony.


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