Record Producer & Mixer - Dr.Ford




Record Producer & Mixer

9x Award Winning Producer & Mixer. 3x #1 on iTunes, 2018 Billboard Radio Top 20. Specializing in Country & Non-EDM Pop If you are looking to hire a top level professional Producer or Mixer so that your music can compete on a global scale, look no further.

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Create, license, mix & master - Music


Create, license, mix & master

When was the last time someone pushed you to be creative and believed in your work? Music Paths is a group of musician's dedicated to believing in your work. Our skilled team is always at hand to direct and provide you with the resources needed to become a successful artist.

Music Producer & Co-creator - Juancho




Music Producer & Co-creator

"Lets enjoy this journey and be really passionate about it" Stereo Joint, Music Co-Creator

Audio engineer and musician - Gwiz8

Melbourne VIC

Audio engineer and musician

Hi, I'm a self proclaimed 'audio nerd' with a deep passion for both creating and mixing music. With over 15 years of experience and a diploma of audio engineering from JMC academy I'm confident that I can deliver the results your looking for in a professional and prompt manner.

Mastering and Mixing Studio   - Black




Mastering and Mixing Studio

20 years working in audio from soundsystem engineering, production to mastering, my unique perspective of all sides of the audio process gives me an understanding of how music should sound, and it gives you years of sound experience dealing with YOUR music.

Producer, Mixer, Guitarist - STEN-STURE


Producer, Mixer, Guitarist

I'll make it sound just the way you want it, no strings attached. I let my work speak for itself


Female Vocalist/Topliner - Jackie




Female Vocalist/Topliner

Professional recording artist & songwriter with over 9 million streams on Spotify alone.

Composing/Recording/Mix/Master - MONKEY



10086 Rivarolo Canavese


MONKEY MARKET are an alternative/indie rock band and a cross genre music production studio from Italy. We self produce our music 360 degrees from audio recording to mixing and mastering. We can provide music composition services in all the pipeline from songwriting up to mastering.

Mix & Mastering - Orlando



Los Angeles

Mix & Mastering

Hi my name is Orlando "O.Fresh" Johnson. I am an audio engineer, based out of Los Angeles, California. I have several years of experience in the music industry. After graduating Los Angeles Recording School I was fortunate enough to assist the legendary Dave Pensado who helped me perfect my skill as a Mix & Tacking Engineer.

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