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Recording Studio, Mix, Produce - 263


Recording Studio, Mix, Produce

Come record at 263 Studios, we create a unique vibe you cannot find anywhere else, at an affordable price. We have worked with many top NJ artists such as Retch. We also have the space available for podcasts.


Mixing & Mastering Engineer  - Hellcat


Mixing & Mastering Engineer

My goals are to serve the artist, serve the song, and serve the music. I work closely with both major and independent artists to help create amazing, emotion-filled mixes & productions.

Mixing Engineer  - Kiki

New York

Mixing Engineer

New York based audio engineer who specializes in recording, editing/podcast editing & mixing. Graduated from Five Towns College with a Bachelors in Audio Recording. Currently working at Q8 Studios in NYC. Ready to work with you every step of the way to make your project come alive!

Produce, Edit, Mix, Master - RME

New York

Produce, Edit, Mix, Master

We bring your ideas and content to life. We treat every project with care and strategic planning so the audio/ video becomes a character itself. We build and work with you so your idea remains your idea. Your intellectual property will make people dance, cry, love, and most of all, be inspired.

producer  - carlos

New York


carlos (CA) is an award-nominated producer and programmer who's work has been featured in commercials, podcasts, films and much more. With heavy influences in Urban, R&B and Gospel, his style is quickly being known as one with a unique sound. CA is promised to be a chart-topping, multiplatinum-selling producer with catchy melodies, memorable b

Music Engineer & Producer - Sean


Music Engineer & Producer

I am a music engineer and producer and i'm looking for a way to hon my skills as far as mixing mastering and beat making and by doing that have a chance to meet new people and help complete some creative wonders. If You are looking for someone to record, mix, and or master your music feel free to text at(929) 217 3810 or E-Mail


Mixing/Mastering & Production - Supertouch


Mixing/Mastering & Production

I have worked with Grammy-Winning Producer !llmind and some of New Yorks finest MC's. I'm extremely driven and passionate about your sonic visions and creative ideas towards the mixing/production process. My goal is to make that vision come true and stand out in the competitive music industry.

Music Producer - Michael


Music Producer

Producer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and owner of Behind the Curtains Media, Michael Abiuso (known for his work with Cyndi Lauper) utilizes a hybrid blend of digital and analog recording and mixing techniques to take advantage of the speed and versatility of the modern digital world but also the warmth and color of analog gear.

Audio Engineer & Production - SoundVision

Queens Village

Audio Engineer & Production

Here at SoundVision we value your time, your hard-earned money and most importantly your music. We understand and love everything about making music, but nothing compares to the PROCESS of it all. If you don't love the process, then you are in the wrong profession.

Recording Studio - The




Recording Studio

Just minutes from the GWB, The Gearbox is one of Bergen County's top recording studios for tracking, mixing and mastering. The Gearbox aims to realize your sound and artistic vision with an extensive collection of instruments and electronics as well as some of the best vintage and modern recording equipment in the business.

Recording studio  - The

1001 Irving Ave

Recording studio

A recording studio that won't let you down! We actually listen to the artist/creator and help them create the song or project of their dreams. We got special 5-hour sessions with engineer included for 150.00

Boutique NYC Recording Studio - Valid

New York

Boutique NYC Recording Studio

Valid Recordings is a new boutique recording studio by @chop_ford focusing on providing quality recordings at affordable price points. We are a group of producers & mixing/mastering engineers who can provide you with beats for the session if you don't have one yet, as well as an engineer for a session if you do not have one.

New Vibe Rare Gear Analog Tape - New


New Vibe Rare Gear Analog Tape

Come make records in private like they did in the good old days, recorded and mixed to tape or Pro Tools multitrack.

Recording Studio, Event Space - JetForce

225 42nd St

Recording Studio, Event Space

Create your next experience here at JetForce Studios to make your most memorable moments come to life.


Session Musician/Mixing - Jackson

New York

Session Musician/Mixing

Do you need help putting your perfect song together? Whether it be recording an instrumental piece, writing lyrics, or mixing, I would love to help!


Recording & Mixing Engineer - Mando



New York

Recording & Mixing Engineer

Professional audio engineer with a passion for bringing projects from conception to reality. I have 4 years of extensive experience in recording and mixing for both post-production and music. I have worked with artist such as SZA, Trey Songz, Dave East, 070 Shake, and many more.

Music production & songwriting - Becky

New York

Music production & songwriting

Hire Becky & her team at Mode of Motion Records to build you a song from scratch. With specializations in production & melody, most of Becky's songs are described as ear-worms. Her lyrics are rich with emotional depth & metaphor. Her strength as a producer comes from the team she's assembled around her. When you hire Becky you get her entire team.

Recording Studio - Brick


Recording Studio

Laid back recording studio with a great selection of gear and budget pricing.


Recording Studio, Mixing - Tommy

New York

Recording Studio, Mixing

No one provides the qualities that I provide with my rates. I also do not even take those jobs if I do not think I can do better than anyone else in the world because I take pride in what I do.



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