Programmed Drums for your Tracks

Acoustic Drum Programmer - Matthew



United Kingdom

Acoustic Drum Programmer

Are you in need of a drummer? Let me help you! I program AUTHENTIC sounding drum parts for Indie, Rock, Pop & Metal. I have 10+ years drumming experience, over 1 million Spotify streams and have had tracks aired on BBC Radio. My beats are fat, polished and won't break the bank. Message me - you'll be glad you did!


EDM One Stop Shop  - PYRE



Los Angeles

EDM One Stop Shop

We offer you as an artist a full inclusive service that includes branding, production, mixing and mastering or any other possible thing you could need as an artist.

Drums, Piano, Compose/Arrange - Nick


Drums, Piano, Compose/Arrange

Equally at home on drums and keyboard and a frequent composer/arranger for project collaborations, I can comfortably cover multiple roles that would normally require various people to hire.

Drums Guitars Mixing Mastering - Awan




Drums Guitars Mixing Mastering

Hi I'm Awan Osprey. Multi instrumentalist, session musician, sound engineer, producer, composer & songwriter. I will help you to make an amazing sound. I support you and your music on the way up professionally. Especially as your drummer. As well I offer you professional guitar & bass, support you with writing, producing, mixing & mastering.

Engineer/Producer   - Willis



I engineer, I produce, I write, I play. If I don't have what you are looking for, I'll find it. Prices are always negotiable. Let us ball on said budget.


Music Producer - Mona


Music Producer

Hello, I'm a professional musician and producer, with over 20 years experience performing, song writing, recording, editing, drum programming, song producing and mixing. I'd love to help out with your music!

Music Producer - Quasi


Music Producer

I am a bedroom style music producer using mostly Ableton, Reason and Logic Pro. I mainly make darkwave pop, and house with vocals. I also do a lot of vaporwave, and sampling, as well as soundtracks for art films.


Session Drummer - Oscar


Session Drummer

Creating the best drum parts for your song. Specialising in rock, metal, progressive, pop & electronic

Groove Manufacturer - Luis


Groove Manufacturer

Get your listeners ready to dance.


Professional drum tracks  - Axel

Buenos Aires

Professional drum tracks

Professional drummer based in Buenos Aires. More than 20 albums recorded as a sideman, 1 album+ EP as a leader and one more to be released soon. I can play accurately your drum parts, or create an awesome one from scratch for your song.

Session Drummer - David


Session Drummer

Hey! I am David, I have been drumming for 16 years now. I have played alongside incredible musicians and artists like Fabian Espinosa, Coalo Zamorano, Rudy Rodriguez, Job Gonzalez, and more. I have done plenty of work in the studio for a wide variety of music genres like pop, funk, dance, Latin, gospel.

Session Drummer - André


Session Drummer

I have been a Brazilian drummer musician for over 30 years and I work recording music with my electronic equipment. I use the best drum audios (VSTs) on the market to achieve impressive sound. I send the recordings in MIDI AND WAVE all the pieces and environments separately for your best mix. I look forward to your music so we can get started.


Music Producer / Mix Engineer - ZINGAROE




Music Producer / Mix Engineer

Mixing & Mastering Engineer, Music Producer with an experience of 10 + Years, Best Electronic Artist 2019 Radio City India.

Guitar/Bass, Drum and Keyboard Programing  - Rafael

Woodland Park

Guitar/Bass, Drum and Keyboard Programing

I am a writer/arranger/producer, guitarist, bassist, programmer. I can deliver in 2-5 days depending on extent of work. All music at these links was written, played or programmed and recorded by me. I'd love to help out with your music!


Versatile Musician/Producer - DJ


Versatile Musician/Producer

I am a multi-talented music professional with twenty years experience performing, writing, recording, editing, producing, mixing, and mastering music. I play guitar, bass, keys, and a plethora of digital instruments.


 writer singer producer mixer  - KemorTherapyProductions361

Corpus Christi

writer singer producer mixer

my ears and hands are my hands special attributes. take a chance and work with me to see just what i mean .


Drummer - Bruno



I've been playing drums for 17 years in many rock bands (Alternative, pop rock, rock & roll).


Producer, Beat Maker, Engineer - Greg


Producer, Beat Maker, Engineer

Producer, drummer, audio engineer and programmer. I work in the box and collaborate well with people. I produce, bands artists and even podcast. I can add a piece into the song, take on the whole thing and or even get my network or Nashville engineers and musicians involved. I work hard and want to get the best possible sounding song or podcast.


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