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Photo of Orçun Ayata


My main purpose is understand your vision, production and your wishes. I'll make a unique, wide, balanced and strong mix for your song.

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Photo of Michael Gallo

Electronic Producer from New York, who's privately trained in Music Composition, Mixing and Mastering. Also a graduate of Dubspot & School of Audio Engineering NY

Photo of Daniel Williams

I have been in the music industry for the past 4 years - both producing & DJing music. I have a background in a wide variety of music - from rock, soul & motown to hip-hop, house & EDM. I also have experience with podcast editing through my time with my student radio at university. I have the access and knowledge to use industry standard software.

Photo of Matt Loft

Hi there, my name is Matt Loft, and I would love to help you with your project. My life revolves around making music! I provide everything from production, recording, mixing, arrangement, session guitar work, editing, and everything in between! I'd love to help you, and I have tons of experience in all genres!

Photo of Danny Shearer

Danny Shearer has several years' experience in the music industry as a bass player and songwriter. His recent graduation from Visible Music College in Memphis, TN gives him fresh knowledge and current hands-on experience in the recording industry.

Photo of Nikki Calloway

I sing in the band Sequence 8 from Augusta, GA. They have been performing for over 30 years, but I joined about a year & a half ago. We perform at community events, weddings, private parties, corporate events, restaurants/bars, etc. My greatest passion is writing. I write country, pop, rnb. https://soundcloud.com/nikkicalloway

Photo of Rise Up Studio

Mastering is an integral part of every music production process. Only after being properly mixed down and mastered the track gets a «second breath» and is ready to be broadcasted on public, be it a club soundsystem or a radio station.

Photo of Adain Hutch

I have made it to Spotify and I got views and I am looking to get even more famous!

Photo of Gabriele Guma

I'm a versatile professional guitarist (studio and touring) and songwriter. Credits include: Lauryn Hill, Living Colour, Zap Mama, Freddie Jackson and more. With passion and positive attitude. I play and write in styles like rock, metal, pop, funk , blues, hip hop, soul, reggae and more. Punctual , loyal to the project.. I get the job done!

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