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Session Bassist - KABADAIS

Xanthi 671 00

Session Bassist

Sent me your songs so i can make them groove :)

Drummer, studio and touring - Fabio


Drummer, studio and touring

Experienced drummer both live and in recording studio. Musicality, Time bit and groove.

-Producer, Guitarist, Bassist- - Jason



Los Angeles

-Producer, Guitarist, Bassist-

Professional session and touring guitarist with 17 years of experience - Select credits include Norah Jones, Daniel Johnston, members of The Grateful Dead and Phish. I produce, mix, play guitar, bass and specialize in many genres: 60's & 70's Rock, Psychedelic, Punk, Country Rock, Folk, anything that is GENUINE. I love tape...

Music Producer/Writer/Artist  - Nico


Music Producer/Writer/Artist

I work on all genres of music, but primarily do hip hop. I am an old school producer who has been producing since the early nineties. I have a strong knack for song writing and can handle every step of the song making process. Hit me up


Vocalist - Song Demos - John



New York

Vocalist - Song Demos

Freddie Mercury meets George Michael...

music arrangements - sergio


music arrangements

Arrangements and compositions


Toplines-layered BV's lyrics-  - Planetruth


Toplines-layered BV's lyrics-

Planetruth - I love creating lush, original harmonies, live and recorded. I also edit videos and soundtracks

Remonte Mixing and Mastering. - Control


Remonte Mixing and Mastering.

We are professional artists and we are available to help you with your production needs. We are also professional mixing and mastering engineers looking for work. If you need help with either of these we got you!


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