Composer + Pianist - Pedro

Los Angeles

Composer + Pianist

Hi there, visitor; I’m Pedro, an LA-based, Berklee-trained composer specializing in comedic music in a Ragtime, Jazz and Light Classical vein. My projects of choice are comedies, historical documentaries and stories with a positive message.

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 Music Producer - Ray

New York

Music Producer

You have a fire song. But want to put it on the Sun!! Call me!! I use Maschine and Reason. Whatever that "it" thing your song is missing I'll add to it.. Of course I'm going to want credit(s) for working on a track. Compensation will be discussed on site. I CAN'T PAY BILLS WITH FAVORS!!


null - Don's

New York

Hello Im Don I Been Mixing & Mastering For About 5 Years

Remote mixing and mastering - Felipe

Rio de Janeiro

Remote mixing and mastering

I mix like I cook, I enjoy it :)


Mixing & Mastering - LOUIS


Mixing & Mastering

i had a 2 year course of sound and light engineering in antwerp. (SIHA) Ive been live mixing cover bands in local pub for about 3 years now. but my passion lays in the studio, creating music with my friends and feel the soul of the sound we made, I've been rec and mixing for 8years, im ready to help other talented artists!

"Songwriter", "Music Producer" - Morice


"Songwriter", "Music Producer"

Singer, Italian Songwriter


Singer-Songwriter,GuitarPlayer - Andre



I'm a singer and song writer, born in Portugal and now living in the UK. Looking for opportunities to play and sing.


Mastering Engineer - Mike


Mastering Engineer

Here to enhance the sonic boundaries of your musical art to new heights while maintaining the fidelity of the recording and mix. I aim to help transform your music so it’s at its finest when you ultimately present it to the listening world.

Music Producer - Sergio

St Petersburg

Music Producer

- Music Producer - Arranger & Music Composer - Audio Engineer (Mix & Mastering) - Bass, Acoustic & Electric guitars


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