Remote Magician  - Diogo


Remote Magician

Biology major with a minor in Management, but full time musician and spare time bird watcher, who sometimes gets musical ideas after dog walks.

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Producing, Mixing, Mastering - Sound


Producing, Mixing, Mastering

Take your music to the next level!

Music Producer | Cellist  - Bea


Music Producer | Cellist

Professional Cellist & Music Producer. I offer my services as a professional player, electronic music producer & sound designer. Would you like to add some extra special colour to your track? Maybe that's what you're looking for!


Producing, Mixing & Mastering - Skimal


Producing, Mixing & Mastering

Top production, mixing and mastering for up-and-coming artists.

Mix, Master, Produce - Sound


Mix, Master, Produce

Home for quality mix and mastering service. What you will get here is the best possible sound, meeting your requirements, taste and idea of the music piece. That’s why I always work in close cooperation with clients to meet their expectations. For samples of my work please check:

Session Guitarist - Alvyn

New Zealand

Session Guitarist

Experienced pop and indie rock studio guitarist with over 10 years of national touring and recording experience.

Mixer | Studio Drummer |  - Jay


Mixer | Studio Drummer |

Independent Mix Engineer for Serialboxpresents; a live, one-take, multi-cam, multi-track performance video project with millions of views as well as having been featured on numerous outlets including NPR, Rolling Stone, Paste, & Entertainment Weekly. Clients: Sony Music Entertainment, EMI, Atlantic, Capitol, Universal Music, MTV, Viacom, and more.

GRAMMY®-Recognized Producer - Nick

San Francisco Bay Area

GRAMMY®-Recognized Producer

Producer of new recording projects and historical reissues with credits on hundreds of album releases and more than 28 years of experience. Multiple GRAMMY®-nominated projects, including albums by preeminent jazz vocal artists Karrin Allyson and Nnenna Freelon. Composer, arranger, and nationally-charting jazz trumpet recording artist.

Session Guitarist  - Klint


Session Guitarist

I'm an experienced studio and live performing guitar player that understands the importance of playing a supportive role for the overall tone, feel and vibe of a song. I understand the difference between when its my time to shine and when its time to back off and let the artist do their thing.

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