House and Electric Pop Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Session Drummer / Producer - Tom




Session Drummer / Producer

Hi. I'm Tom. I am a session drummer & producer, and I want to help you make an amazing record. I have delivered high-quality online drum tracks and remote production to satisfied clients on every continent. Together, we can bring your music to life. Let's make something awesome!

Remixer / Producer / Mixer - Philip


Remixer / Producer / Mixer

I have won a Grammy Award (mixer - Kylie Minogue) and worked with some of the biggest names in pop and dance music, delivering 100s of mixes and remixes to the world's best-known record labels. I'd love to work with your vision and ideas, bringing my experience to your music, songs and recordings.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Nacho

United States

Mixing and Mastering Engineer

I've been in the industry for 20 years. I Work for independent artists and mayor labels. I put my ears before my eyes. Multi nominated and awarded for several albums. I offer a Free consultation previous to mixing and mastering process.

Power Vocalist & Songwriter - Alexa

Los Angeles

Power Vocalist & Songwriter

Hey folx!! My name is Alexa, I'm a seasoned vocalist and songwriter, with a professional home studio. My goal is always to get you the sound you envision with a professional remote atmosphere. Click the ‘Contact’ button at the top of the page to get in touch with me about your project today 😊

Music Producer / Mix & Master - Baptiste


Music Producer / Mix & Master

My name is Baptiste, I have been producing music for 10 years from my homestudio in Paris. Also, I'm mixing and mastering some songs with my experience since I began in the musical universe.


Record, Mix and Add Producer - Matteo


Record, Mix and Add Producer

I bring your ideas to life, I make the sound alive.

Vocalist | Writer | Topliner - Aradia


Vocalist | Writer | Topliner

As a solo artist, I make anthemic alternative pop music. As a collaborator, I write music & lyrics, and orchestrate/arrange. I write & sing for every genre & any style. With years of professional experience, I can bring that Je ne sais quoi to your project.

Creative vocal production - Ruby


Creative vocal production

I specialize in creative top lining and vocal production (think lots of vocal pitching, tuning, chopping & just playing with vocal recordings). I love creating ear candy!

I can do whatever you want! - Music


I can do whatever you want!

I can make your instrumental, Mix in vocals, and master your track for a professional sound.

Glitch Artist/Canvas Designer - Glitch


Glitch Artist/Canvas Designer

I specialize in glitch art and analog lo-fi vibes. I use a wide variety of tools and software ranging from customized one-of-a-kind analog glitch video synthesizers to professional grade software like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. The content I shoot is always visually interesting and I love to experiment with lighting and projections.


Remote Mixing and Mastering - Agustin


Remote Mixing and Mastering

I'm a mixing and mastering engineer.Lately most of the projects I've been working on are R&B, Trap, Hip-Hop and Pop productions with many cultural influences from all around the world.


Producer, Mix Engineer, Bass - Wesley

Los Angeles

Producer, Mix Engineer, Bass

2x Latin Grammy Winner w/ Multiple Grammy Nominations. Bassist, Producer, Arranger and Mix Engineer.

Music Production, Mix Engineer - Daniel


Music Production, Mix Engineer

I'm a music producer and audio engineer committed to making great sounding music.

Producer/Songwriter/Mixer - Arthur



Musician, composer and producer based in Brazil. Complete song production, editing, mixing and mastering. Beat making; Basslines; Guitars; Keys; E-drums; Percusions; Vocals and lyrics.


Music Producer - Mosaik


Music Producer

Experimental cross-genre songwriter and producer. Vocalist and producer of his own project Mosaik

Beat Production, Mixing, Piano - Ray


Beat Production, Mixing, Piano

oh hi... I didn't see you there! Looking for high quality production/beats at an affordable price? Hiring the wrong individual can be detrimental to your project's vision, ruining the overall product in its entirety. Trust me, i'm a content creator for Storyblocks, I went to school for audio engineering, and I've had placements with three6mafia


Singer, Songwriter, Topliner - Henry


Singer, Songwriter, Topliner

I can write lyrics and create melodies to brief very quickly and for a variety of projects. I am currently releasing dance collabs, working with other artists on pop/dance/house tracks and can write and sing in several genres.

Spotify Canvas + Album Art - Allison


Spotify Canvas + Album Art

Mesmerizing and memorable abstract art for Spotify Canvas loops, visualizers, album art, music videos, and branding


Singer & Songwriter - Andrina


Singer & Songwriter

A lot of people would describe my voice as soft and dreamy. I love to take people on a journey through love, passion and good vibes.

Versatile Vocalist - Chiara


Versatile Vocalist

Highly versatile singer, I have experience in both commercial and in classical music. Areas of specialisation are Pop and Operatic style (Soprano). Performed at BBC Radio London, Royal Festival Hall, Brixton O2 Arena an more.


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