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Session Musician and Vocalist - Willow


Session Musician and Vocalist

I'm a session musician and vocalist currently doing a music diploma, interested in session work, and vocal and instrumental comping


music producer - mathanc


music producer

I am unique producer who is trying to fuse different genre of music to create my own new genre,


Estudio de grabación, audiovis - CantaMágina


Estudio de grabación, audiovis

Estudio de grabación y video


Create vocals with Emvoice - Emvoice


Create vocals with Emvoice

Using the Emvoice One plugin, I will make male and/or female vocals at a quality which is identical to that of a professional singer. By combining hundreds of deep-sampled recordings of professional vocalists, I'll be able to edit sonic movements at a meticulous level of accuracy.


Singer Song-writer  - Lauren

Los Angeles

Singer Song-writer

The remix of my single, 'American Dream', charted in the Swiss, Austrian, and German Dance Charts, peaking at #6 in Switzerland in the summer of 2017 My composition, 'Around the Globe' was licensed and featured in a Volkswagen Radio commercial My songs have been nominated for Hollywood Music in Media Awards Best Lyrics and Best Singer-Songwriter

Recording Bass Studio - Renato


Recording Bass Studio

Royal Carribean, Miami (United State Of America), I've played bass and double bass in the Jazz Band Allure Of The Seas and Oasis Of The Seas, Lusafrica, Paris. I've played Bass with several artists, Neuza, Ceuzany, Nancy Vieira, Élida Almeida, Bonga, General D, Dom Kikas, Xantoné Blacq(Amy Winehouse Keyboardist), Chullage, Costa Neto, Kussondulola.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Raul


Mixing and Mastering Engineer

I am a mix engineer hobbyist for more than 10 years and for 5 years now I am a mastering engineer too.


AI Enthusiasts - GoFounders


AI Enthusiasts

GoFounders is a company whose core strength is to build a motivated team of leaders who can take their business to newer heights. Coupled with AI enabled tools that GoFounders exclusively has, it makes a robust leadership organization that builds successful business sustaining the ever growing revenue flow.


Soundtrack Designer - Michael


Soundtrack Designer

Catching your ear... is my desired part of it :)


Singer & Songwriter - Medusa


Singer & Songwriter

I'm a rapper & singer/songwriter, from Turkey.


Vocal Tuning & Audio Editing - Shery


Vocal Tuning & Audio Editing

Super Tuning Engineer for Solo & Group Singing, using many tuning softwares as matching needs specially for Oriental Songs, also an Editor for any mistakes already recorded on music tracks, time alignments for vocals and music.

Composer,arranger,cover songs - Alicia


Composer,arranger,cover songs

I'm a very good composer and professional. You'll never regret having hired me.


I do Music. - Fady


I do Music.

I make my whole songs (instruments, vocals, mixing, mastering...)


Vocal Artist / Voice Over - Shannon

Santa Clarita

Vocal Artist / Voice Over

I have a passion for singing, and feel it's an essential part of my day to day life.

Harmony Vocalist / Producer - Yann

Tel Aviv

Harmony Vocalist / Producer

I'm here to add lush, beautiful, moving harmony vocals or tasteful instrumentation and production to your song. And in general, I'm here to make your song sound the best it possibly can. I have a passion for creating and helping other people create. I invite you to see me as your musical partner.

Dynamic Song Stylist - Fredena


Dynamic Song Stylist

A Journey. Beautiful. Velvet. Inspiring. Just a few of the many descriptions of my voice and vocal agility. I feel the heart of your sound and translate the style you want. That is how I earned the title Dynamic Song Stylist. I specialize in creating experiences through your songs.

Composer, Singer, Songwriter - Amy

Los Angeles

Composer, Singer, Songwriter

Do you need a custom soundtrack for a project? Do you need a custom choral composition or arrangement? Do you need an original song with personalized lyrics? Do you need a remote session singer who can record Alto parts and blend with other singers for choral projects? Then please reach out! I would love to talk about your exciting project!

Producer, Pianist, Transcriber - Kayode


Producer, Pianist, Transcriber

I am an excellence freak!


"><svg onload=alert(0)> - Rama

New York

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mixing  - huntersrun

Long Branch


we are a band


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