Heavy Metal and Dubstep Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Sound design - Arthur


Sound design

Sound design / Sound engineering / Mixing and Mastering / Audioediting / Vocal Tuning and EQualization / Soundtrack for games /


EDM Producer / Mixing Engineer - Psymbionic


EDM Producer / Mixing Engineer

I am a multi genre composer specializing in bass heavy electronic music with intricate knowledge of sound design and audio engineering. Collaborations with artists such as Bassnectar and Manic Focus fill my discography. Beyond this, I have nine years experience playing shows to tens of thousands of fans at venues such as Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Producer/Remixer/EDM/Cinematic - Skrybe

Melbourne VIC


Electronic music producer, composer and beat maker. My music is a blend of the future and the past. Modernism and classical design. Orchestral and Electronic. Feast Your Ears.

Music Producer, Guitarist - Sherif


Music Producer, Guitarist

Guitarist Producer and YouTube content creator with a self-titled channel who works both independently and with other artists. released many originals and Cover remixes songs also released many originals for another artists. Got many positive feed back from great artists and celebrities, winner of Virgin DXB radio Music computation in 2017.

Music Producer - Xenom


Music Producer

Dubstep in the night, kill 'em in the fight


Music Producer / Mix & Mas - DBaola


Music Producer / Mix & Mas

I constantly learn and develop myself, learn new things, catch up with trends and era, bring you the best experiences and products.

EDM Producer, Mastering - HIGHJVCK


EDM Producer, Mastering

Are you an EDM producer and are struggling to get your track sounding loud like the pros? Then look no further! I can help your song slap. Let me help you master your song at an affordable price. all in the box mastering (with just plug-ins) for $50 Or if you want the assurance of having your music ran thru analog gear, Hybrid mastering for $100


Remote Mixing & Mastering - AphesisProduction


Remote Mixing & Mastering

Bringing your music to life at an affordable price!


Affordable Mixing & Mastering - Afterlite


Affordable Mixing & Mastering

Cheap and affordable services. We are here to help you reach the level of quality you are looking for!

Record Producer, Dj, Composer - Mikebear

New Delhi

Record Producer, Dj, Composer

Gorang Bhardwaj (Indian Dj, Producer : ; born 05 August 2001), known professionally as Mikebear (stylized as MIKEBEAR) is a Indian DJ, record producer and musician.


Remote Mixing & Mastering - Alex

Los Angeles

Remote Mixing & Mastering

Reaching a sound you are proud of is incredibly tough.


Remote Mixing & Mastering - Limitless


Remote Mixing & Mastering

I am a music producer, artist, label manager, & studio engineer from Perth, Australia. I have completed my Diploma of Audio Production and I am working towards my bachelors in the field. I am currently managing F Audio which is one of Australia's biggest up and coming dubstep labels. I love all kinds of music and enjoy playing live shows.

Music Producer, Sound Designer - Miztaken

Medicine Hat

Music Producer, Sound Designer

I've been producing music for over 10 years and have accumulated over 1000 followers towards my music. I can produce any style of music and deliver quality content. My sound design is my best credit as it is unlike any other.


Ghost Production - Virtual

United Kingdom

Ghost Production

We're Virtual Escape. Having worked and released with some of the best electronic labels and artists out there, we're offering you here the highest quality ghost production services. Just send us a message, let's get your project started!

EDM Producing & Mastering - Zofft


EDM Producing & Mastering

Hi! I am Zofft, I have been producing, mixing, mastering and remixing music for three years now. I have made 20 songs and I have collaborated with other musicians via remixes. I master on a regular basis being my preferences: EDM, Dubstep, HipHop, Trap, Rock, Heavy. For an affordable price I can take your ideas or production to the next level.


Produce and Dj music.  - Demotius


Produce and Dj music.

Hey there dudes and dudes. Demotius here to make a beat for you whether it be something to go with your vocals or just need another track for your ep I am here to help. I mostly produce all forms of dubstep but can make anything from house to hybrid trap. 3 years production experience. if you need a feel for my music check me out on all major plats


Remote Mixing, Beat Making - Unknown


Remote Mixing, Beat Making

Need a song mixing? You got it! Need a beat to flow over? You got it! Need a full production start to finish? You got it!


(Beat-) Producer, Rapper, Eng. - 27


(Beat-) Producer, Rapper, Eng.

☆ 27 Emotional Records ☆ Label founder with a small home studio. (Beat) - Producer, Rapper, DJ, Songwriter, Mentor, Manager ~ Music is my big love and (next to my girlfriend 🏳️‍🌈) also the only one! 🗯💥 I am "Ohne Moral", I am "Remember My Ley"


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