Producer|Multi-Instrumentalist - Josh



I'm a producer and multi-instrumentalist in Nashville, TN. 10 years production experience, specializing in Pop and Alternative music. Featured music on MTV, CMT, and more.

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All things bass - MadsDyrst


All things bass

I've been playing bass professionally since 2010. I have a bachelors degree in bass and arranging from Danish National Academy of Music. I've done work for the Danish X-Factor, The Voice (Radio), some of the biggest artist in the country and a lot more. Check out my instagram for sound bites

Music Producer Mixing Engineer - Paulo


Music Producer Mixing Engineer

Experienced musician, producer, recording and mixing engineer. Fortunate to work with many different musical genres, hip-hop, rock, heavy-metal, pop, jazz, MPB, EDM, funk, classical and more.

POP Productions (SONY, Warner) - À


POP Productions (SONY, Warner)

We create your artist life and we don't rest until we make it extraordinary. We worked (on productions) with labels such as Universal, Warner, SONY, Interscope, Armada, MonsterCat, etc... Our team of producers is ready to take you to a new level.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - spectrosphere


Remote Mixing & Mastering

Musician, Songwriter, Metalhead with over two decades experience in extreme music, founding member of numerous bands and projects, twisted / open-minded, highly driven!

Session/Touring Drummer - Sean

Orange County

Session/Touring Drummer

Let's Goooo!!!! I'm fired up to add a killer drum arrangement to your next single!!! Let's make it a hit!!! I've worked with GRAMMY AWARD winning producer Adam Kasper (Foo Fighters, Sound Garden, Pearl Jam, Queens of the stone age) I'll be sure to deliver a performance that will compliment your song and give it that extra punch and dynamic feel!!

Post Production Audio - Lost


Post Production Audio

Since 2011, We have been recording, editing, and enhancing audio for film & digital media in over 20 productions. Psychoacoustics has been the primary focus allowing us to understand the audiences emotional connection to sound.


Sound designer - Kristoff


Sound designer

I'm a sound designer and game producer in Montreal


Upright & Electric Bass player - Daniel


Upright & Electric Bass player

Dedicated to the art of groove. I provide quality tasteful bass tracks. I'm looking forward to hearing your music and being a part of your project.

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