Songwriter/Producer/Mix/Master - Diego



I´ve been creating and producing music for 18 years. Had been studying for nearly 10 years Music Composition, Theory, Music Production, Recording, Mixing and much More. Daily I produce and write songs for Artists from differents part of the world and for different Music genres. I have songs with singers from USA, England, India, Chile and more.

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Remote Mixing & Mastering - Delroy


Remote Mixing & Mastering

Independent artists looking for a professional mix to help launch their tracks onto online music stores.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Nicholas

New York

Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Nicholas Rodriguez is a recording/mixing & mastering engineer based out of Staten Island, NY. He is incredibly passionate about creating powerful, radio-ready mixes that further elevate your music. He has been mixing & mastering music for 5 years and has worked with artists like H.E.R, Ted Park and King Z3us.


Production and Vocals - Ghostlo


Production and Vocals

Ghostlo is professionally trained duo with a wide variety of skills. Our focus is in vocals, production, mixing & mastering. Ghostlo carries classical backgrounds supporting our dynamic skills. We continue collaborating in studios with a wide variety of artists.

Lobap | Jazzhop mastering - K-laz


Lobap | Jazzhop mastering

Let a grammy nominated producer and mix engineer take your beats & instrumentals to another level.

Dj scratch & Music Producer - Alessio

09170 Oristano

Dj scratch & Music Producer

Music Producer - dj Scratcher - Audio Engineer


Music Producer - Flexxus


Music Producer

Electronic Dance Music Producer


Remote Mixing & Mastering - Ariejan


Remote Mixing & Mastering

I lift your tracks to a higher level. They will sound clearer, deeper, wider, and louder. The best parts of your track will be put in the spotlight. The emotion of your song will be accentuated. Every track will be perfectly balanced to sound good anywhere. This is not just a job - it's a passion.


Singer, cover song playbacks. - Tammy

Buenos Aires

Singer, cover song playbacks.

I can approach several music genres with my voice. Versatile Singer in english or spanish. I have a professional gear to record vocals , vocal arrangements and backing vocals. I can either sing your song or imitate another vocalist and send you a full edited final track to be included on your mix. I'd love to hear about your project.

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