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Photo of Calev


Music Production
Portland, OR, USA

    Highest Quality Production

    Photo of Mishane


    Sound Engineer, Music Producer
    Montreal, QC, Canada
    • Mixing Engineers - $200/Song
    • Recording Studios - $350/Day
    • Sound Design - $100/Minute
    • 4 More...

    I am and have always been passionate about sound... Be it music or simply the sound of bacon sizzling on the frying pan to mimic the sound of rain. I have always had a drive within me to create beautiful melodic chord progressions or simply recording my footsteps.

    Photo of CeeAHNO


    Music Producer, Engineer
    East Hartford, CT, USA
    • Producers
    • Beat Makers
    • Mixing Engineers
    • 1 More...

    I am a Music Producer trying to work with artist who are either independent and trying to develop their music or people who are already have experience in the Industry.

    Photo of carlos edu nahy

    carlos edu nahy

    ill make your music shine
    Caracas, Capital District, Venezuela
    • Mixing Engineers - $75/Song
    • Mastering Engineers - $50/Song
    • Ukelele - $50/Song
    • 4 More...

    musician, recording and mixing engineer ... more than 20 years experience

    Photo of Franz Raffeiner

    Franz Raffeiner

    producer - engineer - composer
    Regensburg, Germany
    • Producers - $400/Song
    • Composer Orchestral
    • Sound Design
    • 4 More...

    It’s so cool to pick up the guitar and create something that didn’t exist 5 minutes ago. You can write something that no ones ever heard before. It’s music at your fingertips.

    Photo of Nikki Calloway

    Nikki Calloway

    Augusta, GA, USA
    • Songwriter - Lyrics - $200/Song
    • Singer - Female - $200/Song
    • Songwriter - Music - $200/Song

    I sing in the band Sequence 8 from Augusta, GA. They have been performing for over 30 years, but I joined about a year & a half ago. We perform at community events, weddings, private parties, corporate events, restaurants/bars, etc. My greatest passion is writing. I write country, pop, rnb. https://soundcloud.com/nikkicalloway

    Photo of shele sondheim

    shele sondheim

    songwriter / music producer
    los angeles

      songwriter / music producer / music business entrepreneur global network guitar / lyrics / remixer

      Photo of Jack Beddis

      Jack Beddis

      Drums | Perc | BVs | Trumpet
      United Kingdom
      • Live drum tracks - $150/Song
      • Percussion - $50/Song
      • Singer - Male - $100/Song
      • 1 More...

      All tracks will be recorded by a session drummer and engineer/producer partnership in the professional recording studio, StudiOwz. Twice as much attention to detail for one single fee. Recent credits include: James TW (Island Records) Jodie Marie (Decca Records)

      Photo of Darsh


      cover songs
      Udaipur, Rajasthan, India
      • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
      • Mastering Engineers - $70/Song
      • Vocal Tuning - $40/Track
      • 4 More...

      I can create that kind of music which people love to listen.

      Photo of James Catapano

      James Catapano

      I record and mix
      Brooklyn, NY, USA
      • Mixing Engineers - $200/Song
      • Vocal Tuning - $150/Track
      • Beat Makers - $350/Song

      I am the co-founder and owner of Mixing Chemicals Media L.L.C. I do some part time work at the Empire State Building and I'm also Audio Engineer.

      Photo of Lucya


      Session singer , Performer
      Miami, FL, USA

        Professional Singer-Songwriter , Director of Vocal Coaching Peru. Founder and Director of the Program: Vocal & Stage Performance Workshop

        Photo of Dell Sartin

        Dell Sartin

        Drummer in a pro studio
        Chattanooga, TN, USA

          Hey guys, thanks for stopping by my profile. I am a working drummer that has been playing drums in church since I was a kid. In addition to playing in church vocationally now I also play with a live act, Landers, as well as with a worship band.

          Photo of crimennis


          Amazing songwriter, literally
          Belgrade, Serbia
          • Songwriter - Lyrics - $70/Song

          Hello:-) I'm a 19 years old writer from Serbia. Wait, don't think that the fact I'm not as old as the other writers here means I'm not worth your time. It's quite opposite! I'll be even better, just to show you that age doesn't matter if talent exists. Whatever you need, I will write :-)

          Photo of Malaz Mhana

          Malaz Mhana

          Sound design
          Los Angeles, CA, USA
          • Sound Design - $300/Minute
          • Post Mixing - $150/Minute
          • Post Editing - $200/Track
          • 2 More...

          A passionate sound designer who is adept at delivering innovative audio concepts.

          Photo of My Lady On Fire

          My Lady On Fire

          Recording Studio
          Brighton, Boston, MA, USA
          • Recording Studios - $400/Day
          • Mixing Engineers
          • Mastering Engineers
          • 4 More...

          Local, Boston area Recording, Mixing and Mastering Studio.

          Photo of Mahadeva Studios

          Mahadeva Studios

          Music Producer
          Barueri, SP, Brazil
          • Bass Electric - $50/Song
          • Bass Upright - $50/Song
          • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
          • 3 More...

          Mahadeva Studios Cosmic Soundtracks

          Photo of Ishan Mehta

          Ishan Mehta

          Singer and do mixing mastering
          Chandigarh, India

            I am a singer and have worked with a famous banner too... Also, i am a freelancer mixing and mastering artist.

            Photo of Jesse Denaro Music

            Jesse Denaro Music

            Vocalist & Producer
            Pittsburgh, PA
            • Singer - Male - $70/Song
            • Track minus top-line - $70/Song

            Hi! I am Jesse. A singer/musician/songwriter based in Pittsburgh and I want to sing on your next project!

            Photo of Ben Greene

            Ben Greene

            Session Bassist
            Nashville, TN, USA
            • Bass Electric - $70/Song

            I have been a bassist for about 10 years now, being in Nashville for 8 of those years. I graduated with a degree from Belmont University in Commercial music. I have about 3 years of live experience in bars on Broadway in Nashville and session experience both from my time at Belmont and after.

            Photo of Andre Schoettler Himmel

            Andre Schoettler Himmel

            Platin awarded Mixing Engineer
            Munich, Germany
            • Mixing Engineers - $250/Song
            • Vocal Tuning - $50/Track

            ANDRE SCHÖTTLER HIMMEL Is an Gold & Platinum awarded Professional Mixing Engineer, with over 20 year´s of experience, based in Munich Germany He mixed successfully chart hits and is also working closely in collaboration with some Studios in Los Angeles.

            Photo of StudioE519


            The Recording Studio for You!
            Dexter, NM 88230, USA
            • Recording Studios - $200/Day
            • Mixing Engineers - $75/Song
            • Mastering Engineers - $30/Song
            • 3 More...

            No one will ever be able to match what you have poured into your music, but StudioE519 will invest whatever it can to convince you that someone else has.

            Photo of Elvin - EJ

            Elvin - EJ

            Remote Musician, songwriter
            Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
            • Bass Electric - $25/Song
            • Songwriter - Lyrics - $50/Song
            • YouTube Cover Recording - $200/Song
            • 3 More...

            I am bassist, can play fairly well over across genre. I have some albums that I have played for on Spotify and iTunes. Mostly into funk, top hits, RnB, gospel and modern pop

            Photo of Chris Harper

            Chris Harper

            Session Drummer
            Kissimmee, FL, USA
            • Live drum tracks - $50/Song

            I cater to the theme and feeling of the song. Not just a plug and play part

            Photo of Adam Sniegowski

            Adam Sniegowski

            Session Guitarist / Producer
            Kansas City, MO, USA
            • Electric Guitar - $100/Song
            • Acoustic Guitar - $100/Song
            • Bass Electric - $70/Song

            As a session guitarist I love adding hooks and textures that help bring a song to life. Ambient guitars and melody hooks are one of my specialties. I've spent the last decade in the studio and on the road (MISTY EDWARDS, BETHEL MUSIC, AUDREY ASSAD, ect) and love helping artists get the sounds they are hearing in their head on tape.

            Photo of JPMusicProd.com


            Music Proucer & Mix Engineer
            Los Angeles, CA, USA

              I have been producing music and mixing for more than 10 years. for more infromation you can check my website www.jpmusicprod.com, some noteable works. 2013 I Co-Produced and Engineered a single for Eric Bellinger- "Road Trip" off his debut full length album "rebirth". i have also had music placed to tv and film in 2004 "Collateral"

              Photo of Princess Buen Roa

              Princess Buen Roa

              Cover Songs
              Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain
              • Singer - Female - $70/Song

              Music is my soul. I sing acoustic song.

              Photo of Grey Badger Music

              Grey Badger Music

              Arrangements and Production
              Dublin, Ireland
              • String Arranger - $250/Song
              • Pop-Rock Arranger - $350/Song
              • Remixing - $400/Song
              • 4 More...

              Arrangements for strings and other instruments; Film & TV scores; Production and Remixing

              Photo of Anthelme C. Chadare

              Anthelme C. Chadare

              Live sound and recording tech
              Minneapolis, MN, USA
              • Live Sound - $400/Concert
              • Boom Operator - $400/Day
              • Recording Studios - $500/Day
              • 2 More...

              Mixing engineer, studio technician, live sound engineer, front of house engineer, monitor engineer and Dj

              Photo of Matthias Anton

              Matthias Anton

              Recording & Mixing Engineer
              New York, NY, USA
              • Mixing Engineers - $250/Song
              • Editing - $40/Track
              • Vocal Tuning - $40/Track

              I am a Recording and Mixing Engineer from New York, experienced in recording and mixing various musical genres, including Indie Rock, Jazz and Classical Music.

              Photo of Gat3 Productions

              Gat3 Productions

              Recording, Mixing, Mastering
              Charlotte, NC, USA
              • Recording Studios
              • Mixing Engineers
              • Producers
              • 4 More...

              Charlotte's Premier Recording, Mixing and Mastering facility for over 20 years. Top level facility, equipment, microphones and staff. Here you can work with multiple Grammy Award winning engineers and producers for those that are looking for commercial quality recording.

              Photo of Quincy Njemanze

              Quincy Njemanze

              Session Bassist
              Phoenix, AZ, USA
              • Bass Electric - $25/Song

              I'm a motivated multi-instrument musician who enjoys helping others enjoy music and contributing my skills when working with other musicians and artists.

              Photo of Launch Point Records

              Launch Point Records

              Recording Studio
              New York, NY 10018, USA
              • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
              • Recording Studios - $500/Day
              • Producers - $400/Song
              • 3 More...

              Recording Sessions Production Sessions Vocal Tuning, Comping Mixing Mastering

              Photo of Marybeth Kern

              Marybeth Kern

              Multiple Woodwind Musician
              New York, NY, USA
              • Saxophone - $100/Song
              • Horns - $100/Song
              • Clarinet - $100/Song
              • 1 More...

              Sax, Flute, Clarinet — Any Style!

              Photo of Matias Kupiainen

              Matias Kupiainen

              Producing, mixing, recording
              Helsinki, Finland

                Fulltime professional guitarist, producer, mixing and recording engineer. Metal is my game.

                Photo of Robert Back

                Robert Back

                Mixing Engineer/Music Producer
                Edmonton, AB, Canada
                • Mixing Engineers - $200/Song
                • Editing - $50/Track
                • Vocal Tuning - $40/Track
                • 3 More...

                A hardworking Audio Intern that has learned by assisting the best!

                Photo of Farstrand Productions

                Farstrand Productions

                Austin, TX, USA
                • Producers - $1500/Song
                • Full instrumental productions
                • Songwriter - Music - $400/Song
                • 4 More...

                Your ONE STOP SHOP for all of your music needs.

                Photo of Gutta Enterprises

                Gutta Enterprises

                Artist, Songwriter, Producer
                Virginia, USA
                • Mixing Engineers - $200/Song
                • Mastering Engineers - $50/Song
                • Beat Makers
                • 3 More...

                Get your music produced by world renowned Artist, Producer & Filmmaker, Gutta.

                Photo of Brandon Rhea

                Brandon Rhea

                Violin, Vocals, Guitar, Piano
                Torrance, CA, USA
                • Violin - $150/Song
                • Singer - Male - $100/Song
                • Songwriter - Lyrics - $100/Song
                • 2 More...

                I fiddle better than Charlie Daniels, and I've got wilder dreams than Hendrix. Played in classical orchestras and alternative rock bands, from Carnegie and Disney Hall, to the Viper Room and Van's Warped Tour.

                Photo of Robby Miller

                Robby Miller

                Session Guitarist
                Keene, NH, USA
                • Electric Guitar - $70/Song
                • Acoustic Guitar - $70/Song

                One of my favorite quotes is: "If it sounds good, it is good" - I play guitar for a living so whether it's cutting a solo for someone, giving a guitar lesson or performing live, I play guitar every day and love what I do. Soundcloud tracks on this page showcase my lead and rhythm playing.

                Photo of Ultrium Studios

                Ultrium Studios

                Recording Studio
                North Hollywood, CA
                • Recording Studios - $350/Day

                Ultrium Music Studios is Located in North Hollywood, Ca. Our studios are designed and built to accommodate Independent and major recording artist of all types. Our studio aims to provide our clients with an exceptional recording experience. We provide in house engineers upon request for an additional fee.

                Photo of Roberto Torre

                Roberto Torre

                Student at Sae institute
                Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
                • Mixing Engineers - $50/Song
                • Editing - $10/Track

                Homo faber fortunae suae est

                Photo of Poogie Bell

                Poogie Bell

                Drummer/ Producer
                Pittsburgh, PA, USA
                • Vocal comping - $40/Track
                • Editing - $40/Track
                • Vocal Tuning - $40/Track
                • 4 More...

                Session Ace Poogie Bell is available to make your project great at a reasonable price

                Photo of NEX


                Music Producer
                Charleston, WV, USA
                • Producers - $50/Song
                • Full instrumental productions - $50/Song
                • Piano - $25/Song
                • 4 More...

                Specializing In producing hip-hop beats catered towards the artist, Nex always thinks about he artist and tries to tailor the production to the artists liking

                Photo of Info The Producer

                Info The Producer

                Produce. Mix. Engineer.
                Georgia, USA

                  Diamond Dance ft. Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Famous Dex, & Rich The Kid

                  Photo of Glenn Sharp

                  Glenn Sharp

                  Remote Session Guitarist
                  Manchester, UK
                  • Classical Guitar - $170/Song
                  • Acoustic Guitar - $170/Song
                  • Electric Guitar - $170/Song

                  Glenn is a session musician who specialises in world music. He provides sessions in all types of guitar, aswell as oud, saz and other plucked instruments. (please contact for full list of instruments available)

                  Photo of Lewis Martinee

                  Lewis Martinee

                  Producer, Engineer
                  Miami, FL, USA
                  • Producers - $450/Song
                  • Mixing Engineers - $500/Song
                  • Vocal comping - $50/Track
                  • 4 More...

                  World renown producer engineer with many gold and platinum accolades.

                  Photo of Lucas Fain

                  Lucas Fain

                  Session/Performance Pianist
                  Chicago, IL, USA
                  • Piano - $100/Song
                  • Keyboards - Synths - $100/Song

                  With a degree in jazz piano performance and a blank slate, I'm a young musician looking to make my career in music wherever opportunities may arise.

                  Photo of Fran London

                  Fran London

                  Music Producer, remixer
                  Lima, Peru

                    I´m here to produce and remix everything, feel free to send me your deals.

                    Photo of ConductorWilliams


                    Mix & Mastering Engineer
                    Kansas City, MO, USA
                    • Mastering Engineers - $30/Song
                    • Mixing Engineers - $50/Song
                    • Producers - $100/Song

                    As a formally trained audio mastering engineer through Berklee University, I am seeking an opportunity to serve businesses and musicians in need of quality mastering at an affordable rate $

                    Photo of Jason Siler

                    Jason Siler

                    Production, Editing & Mixing
                    Los Angeles, CA, USA
                    • Mixing Engineers - $200/Song
                    • Editing - $50/Track
                    • Vocal comping - $50/Track
                    • 1 More...

                    Vocal tuning, Editing, Production & Mixing. I can take your track and get it to where it needs to be.

                    Photo of Ari Bishop Music

                    Ari Bishop Music

                    Mixing & Mastering Engineer
                    Burbank, CA, USA

                      I'm an aspiring engineer. $50 per song. I'm invested in getting you the best mix possible as I get more experience.

                      Photo of Derek Turner

                      Derek Turner

                      DJ / Producer / Muso
                      Sydney NSW, Australia
                      • Producers - $400/Song
                      • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
                      • Beat Makers - $400/Song
                      • 4 More...

                      im good

                      Photo of MAQ Records

                      MAQ Records

                      Wojkowice, PL
                      • Mastering Engineers - $30/Song
                      • Recording Studios - $150/Day

                      The new MAQ Records studio has been especially designed and built in order to ensure the highest quality and comfort when recording. The studio has been designed, using our experience and the best quality materials, to offer exceptional acoustic conditions from natural reverb to dampened.

                      Photo of RecArt


                      Poznan, Poland
                      • Recording Studios
                      • Producers

                      A precise choice and configuration of microphones, high-end class equipment, a specialized qualification and practical knowledge in areas like sound spatiality, proportionality between instruments, balance, frequency characteristics, timbre or dynamics allow us to meet the requirements of the most demanding tasks.

                      Photo of Univibe Audio

                      Univibe Audio

                      Birmingham, United Kingdom
                      • Recording Studios - $250/Day

                      Univibe Audio is a purpose built, professional Pro Tools HD recording studio in Birmingham. We are proud to offer a wide variety of audio and music related services including tracking, mixing, mastering, CD Duplication and audio consultation.

                      Photo of Cargo Studios

                      Cargo Studios

                      Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
                      • Mixing Engineers
                      • Mastering Engineers
                      • Recording Studios

                      A 16 track studio owned, built and managed by John Brierley. With John and second engineer Colin Richardson engineering and co-producing many of the bands the studio attracted groups from all parts of the UK and Europe to Cargo's unique live sound.

                      Photo of The Smooth Spot

                      The Smooth Spot

                      New York, NY
                      • Recording Studios - $600/Day

                      Welcome to The Smooth Spot, an intimate, professional recording studio in midtown Manhattan. At the heart of this New York City studio is the beautiful whisper-quiet isolation booth where vocals are recorded using the highest quality microphones available.

                      Photo of Terra Nova Digital Audio

                      Terra Nova Digital Audio

                      Austin, TX
                      • Mastering Engineers

                      Our studio location is in the SW area of Austin called Oak Hill. We are in the Austin Business Park at the intersection of Hwy 290 West and Monterrey Oaks / Industrial Oaks Blvd, about two miles before you reach the “Y” in Oak Hill ( driving from downtown Austin.)

                      Photo of Arlyn Studios

                      Arlyn Studios

                      Austin, TX
                      • Recording Studios

                      Arlyn Studios was built and designed by Steve Durr & Associates in 1984 and is owned and operated by partners Freddy Fletcher, Will Bridges, and T. Murphey. The 7,000 square foot facility occupies a portion of the historic Austin Opera House in the heart of downtown Austin.

                      Photo of 5th Street Studio

                      5th Street Studio

                      Austin, TX
                      • Recording Studios

                      th Street Studios is a recording studio located in downtown Austin TX. We work with all types of artists, bands and companies. Our work has ranged from local indie rock bands to international hip-hop artists, as well as voice-over and production for radio ads to post sound for film.

                      Photo of POP Sound

                      POP Sound

                      Santa Monica, CA
                      • Producers
                      • Dialogue Editing

                      POP Sound is located in a laid back Mediterranean villa in Santa Monica, US, just 7 blocks from the ocean. The facility boasts state-of-the-art technology, world-class engineering & support personnel, and an uncompromising dedication to service.

                      Photo of Studios 301

                      Studios 301

                      Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
                      • Mixing Engineers
                      • Mastering Engineers
                      • Recording Studios
                      • 1 More...

                      Studios 301 is Australia’s busiest recording, mixing and mastering studio complex, helping the Australian and international music communities to shape the future sound of music. 301 is one of the last studios of its kind in the world, large enough to be a breeding ground for the next generation of successful engineers, producers and technicians,

                      Photo of Linear Recording

                      Linear Recording

                      Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
                      • Recording Studios
                      • Producers

                      The studio has been built from the ground up to offer bands and artists a world-class, technically proficient but highly creative workspace at an affordable price. Inside offers a blend of well-maintained vintage gear and state-of-the-art equipment in rooms that are highly conducive to making music.

                      Photo of Soundfirm


                      Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

                        Soundfirm is renowned for high-quality, affordable english dubbing & foreign language dubbing. Our in-house director works with a team of highly skilled, accomplished actors to deliver you the best quality english dubbing service tailored to your budget.

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