Mix & Mastering Engineers, Singers, Recording Studios & Session Musicians for Hire

Photo of White Mixing And Mastering

White Mixing And Mastering

Mixing Engineer
Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
  • Post Mixing
  • Mastering Engineers - $70/Song
  • 4 More...

Mixing engineer with over 10 years of engineering experience.

Photo of Esthetic Vibes

Esthetic Vibes

Music Production, Mixing
Kiev, Ukraine
  • Sound Design - $300/Minute
  • Producers - $1000/Song
  • Beat Makers - $150/Song
  • 3 More...

15 years of experience in music industry. Wide range of services are available in-house with our friends around the world. Music production, Mixing, mastering, co-writing with famous names.

Photo of Zach Midas

Zach Midas

Mixing and Mastering
Columbus, OH, USA

    15 years of experience in both studio and live environments.

    Photo of JONva


    Music Producer, Remote Mixing
    New York, NY, USA

      Hi! My name is JONva, I'm a Freelance Music Producer and Remote Mixer of various musical genres. I believe music is an international vibe connecting with a universal audience.

      Photo of Ole Juul

      Ole Juul

      Keys, Vocal, Producer/Songwrit
      4600 Køge, Denmark
      • Producers
      • Songwriter - Music
      • Piano - $70/Song
      • 4 More...

      I'm a man 49 years old. I have been playing piano since the age of 2. Keyboards, synths since late 70's. Singing since I can remember. Had a puplishing contract for years, and working as a composer I have my songs recorded by other artists. With releases in Japan.

      Photo of Jihwoan Ahn

      Jihwoan Ahn

      Film Music, Producer, Engineer
      Toronto, ON, Canada
      • Producers
      • Composer Orchestral
      • String Arranger
      • 3 More...

      Your one stop for all music and audio needs. I'm a music composer for film/tv and game soundtrack, a recording and audio engineer, and a session musician

      Photo of Christoper Montgomery

      Christoper Montgomery

      Mixing Engineer
      New York, NY, USA
      • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
      • Recording Studios - $1000/Day
      • Editing - $100/Track
      • 3 More...

      Chief Engineer at Dubway Studios, NYC. Recently featured on Working Class Audio. Projects include Ed Sheehan, The Lumineers, OneRepublic, Lady Antebellum, The Killers, Rachel Platten. www.chris-audio.com

      Photo of Tim Gowdy

      Tim Gowdy

      Remote Mixing and Mastering
      Berlin, Germany

        I am an award winning mixing and mastering engineer. Looking forward to working with you.

        Photo of Øyvind Planting - Vindlyd AS

        Øyvind Planting - Vindlyd AS

        Sound recordist, sound mixer
        Oslo, Norway
        • Sound Design
        • Dialogue Editing
        • Production Sound Mixer
        • 4 More...

        "Vindlyd AS" is; Sound recordist, sound design, sound production mixer, location and post production services since 2005. Customers are Film, TV, commercial, radio and theatre producers - all formats!

        Photo of Drumtek PH

        Drumtek PH

        Musician / Sound Engineer
        Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
        • Live drum tracks - $70/Song
        • Programmed drums - $70/Song
        • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
        • 4 More...

        We are a group of musicians from the Philippines, We mostly do drum tracks for various artists here and we do remote mixing and mastering, we have several clients from the US, Hong Kong and Australia.

        Photo of brandk


        Music Producer
        Bucharest, Romania
        • Producers
        • Songwriter - Music
        • Remixing - $500/Song
        • 3 More...

        no hook - no life Minimal is not my style, i like melodies and hooks.

        Photo of Barrie Rose

        Barrie Rose

        singer/ songwriter
        Los Angeles, CA, USA

          I write sing, write songs, record, perform and produce. I play guitar. I am going to take over the world with my music, traveling to tons of countries and cities performing my cathartic songs. I love humanity. I love to laugh . I love life

          Photo of 3RUT


          Electronic Music Producer
          Bandung, Indonesua
          • Producers - $300/Song
          • Beat Makers - $200/Song
          • Remixing - $250/Song
          • 4 More...

          I'm a 1 year experienced in making Electronic Music, 2 year experienced as a DJ.

          Photo of Nesta Tonik

          Nesta Tonik

          Music Producer
          Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland
          • Producers - $500/Song
          • Sound Design - $50/Minute
          • Mixing Engineers - $500/Song

          Nesta Tonik is a music producer from Ireland. Makes anything from pop to edm. All the way from Ireland :)

          Photo of IAMXLOVE


          Singer,Rapper,and Songwriter
          Los Angeles, CA, USA
          • Singer - Male
          • Songwriter - Lyrics
          • Top line writer (vocal melody) - $100/Song
          • 1 More...

          The names IAMxLOVE i'm a Singer/Rapper/Songwriter based out of LA that brings a soulful voice and intricate energy to the music world with a Hip Hop and R&B background that allows me to display my talent in more ways than one when creating my own lane on features or creating a sound for an artist..

          Photo of Carissa


          Songwriter, Session vocalist
          Beaumont, TX, USA

            Hey Guys! With a degree in Music Business, I've practiced my craft with Garage Band and Protools. I love working with others anytime. ❤

            Photo of Invisible Sound Studios

            Invisible Sound Studios

            Professional Audio Mastering
            Atlanta, GA, USA
            • Mastering Engineers - $30/Song

            Invisible Sound Studios is a highly skilled and professional team of audio engineers with over 25 years of experience. We provide high quality masters to our clients at reasonable prices.

            Photo of Drambitz



              Checking out this site

              Photo of Colby Knight

              Colby Knight

              Boston, MA, USA
              • Songwriter - Music
              • Remixing
              • Acoustic Guitar
              • 3 More...

              Melody-maker and beat-producer

              Photo of P Sharp

              P Sharp

              Songwriting Specialist
              San Antonio, TX, USA

                If you need a hit song, you've come to the right place

                Photo of Mario Quintana

                Mario Quintana

                Sound Design, Audio Post
                • Boom Operator - $100/Day
                • Dialogue Editing - $75/Minute
                • Sound Design - $100/Minute
                • 1 More...

                Hi! I'm a freelance sound engineer. I have worked in many audiovisual productions specially like Ambience and FX Designer, Foley Recordist and Dialog Editor.

                Photo of Fouad khader

                Fouad khader

                Music producer
                Gaza Strip

                  My name is fouad khader Music arranger Work in beats records studio

                  Photo of JRezz777


                  Beatmaker, Music Producer, D.J
                  Moreno Valley, CA, USA
                  • Mixing Engineers - $500/Song
                  • Producers
                  • Beat Makers
                  • 1 More...

                  Highly Skilled Beatmaker

                  Photo of Alexander.


                  Music Producer
                  Nashville, TN, USA
                  • Producers - $50/Song
                  • Beat Makers - $50/Song
                  • Post Mixing - $50/Minute
                  • 1 More...
                  Waveform-placeholder-:-- / -:--

                  I want to make quality just as much as the next man, only thing is I plan to deliver.

                  Photo of Kristofer ( Kris)

                  Kristofer ( Kris)

                  Session Bassist, Professional
                  Hutchinson, KS, USA
                  • Bass Fretless - $70/Song
                  • Bass Electric - $70/Song
                  • Bass Upright - $150/Song
                  • 4 More...

                  I'm a young professional bassist, Currently study music in specific Jazz. However, I play everything from the hardest swinging Count Basie charts to the funkiest stuff imaginable. I can play and do play, 4 string basses fretted and fret-less, along with a six string fret-less bass, and double bass. I'm looking to try out something new and creative.

                  Photo of Edwin Villarroel

                  Edwin Villarroel

                  Music Producer, Beatmaker
                  Puerto Ordaz, 8050, Bolívar, Venezuela

                    Professional music producer, composer, arranger and beatmaker, owner of musimatica studio, more than 8 years of experience in pre-production, mixing and mastering. I consider myself a highly creative, social and willing person to solve every problem and give 100% satisfaction to my clients.

                    Photo of Darius 'tabu' Lipsey

                    Darius 'tabu' Lipsey

                    Mixing, Mastering, Beat Making
                    South Bend, IN
                    • Mixing Engineers - $50/Song
                    • Mastering Engineers - $30/Song
                    • Vocal Tuning - $20/Track
                    • 1 More...

                    My name is Darius, I'm an mix engineer/producer out of Indiana. I assisted under and engineer with over 30 years experience for 2 years before freelancing. I've have edited, co-mixed, and co-produced a regionally broadcast radio show. I've also have mixed record featuring Arsonal Da Rebel.

                    Photo of Tom Collins

                    Tom Collins

                    Music Producer, Mix Engineer
                    Perth WA, Australia

                      Music producer, studying audio engineering. 2 and a half years experience

                      Photo of Zac Suskevich

                      Zac Suskevich

                      Brooklyn, NY, USA
                      • Electric Guitar
                      • Acoustic Guitar
                      • Bass Electric
                      • 4 More...

                      Able to tackle everything, from the smoothest jazz imaginable to the harshest noise possible.

                      Photo of Zac Suskevich

                      Zac Suskevich

                      Production Sound / Boom Op
                      Brooklyn, NY, USA
                      • Production Sound Mixer
                      • Boom Operator

                      Location Sound Recordist & Boom Operator for Film, TV, & Corporate Events

                      Photo of Acoustic Ranch RecordingStudio

                      Acoustic Ranch RecordingStudio

                      Tracking, mixing, mastering
                      Laporte, CO, USA

                        Create your music in a relaxed rural setting. Great sounding rooms, top-of-the-line equipment and microphones, experienced engineers.

                        Photo of Eric


                        eric's recordings
                        Crown Point, IN 46307, USA
                        • Mixing Engineers - $50/Song
                        • Mixing Engineers - $50/Song
                        • Mastering Engineers - $50/Song
                        • 1 More...

                        hey im eric. Ihave been recording bands (bands iv been in and others) for a long time....I want to record your band!

                        Photo of Abhishek Ghatak

                        Abhishek Ghatak

                        Remote Mixing and Mastering
                        Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
                        • Mixing Engineers - $700/Song
                        • Mastering Engineers - $100/Song
                        • Vocal Tuning - $50/Track
                        • 3 More...
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                        Co-Founder of Headroom Studio in Mumbai, India. I specialize in Mixing and Mastering songs of any genre. Studied in Australia and even taught sound engineering and worked with some of the top music composers/producers in Bollywood and outside. I am known for my phat, punchy mixes maintaining the warmth and dynamics of the song.

                        Photo of funnyfarmproductions


                        session recording & production
                        Toronto, ON, Canada
                        • Recording Studios
                        • Live Sound
                        • Remixing
                        • 4 More...

                        Toronto based qualified music professional, developing an international production network which currently has stakes and partners in Melbourne, AUS and Toronto, CA.

                        Photo of music-recording.eu


                        LocationRecording,Mix &Mstrng
                        Cologne, Germany
                        • Editing - $100/Track
                        • Mixing Engineers - $250/Song
                        • Mastering Engineers - $150/Song
                        • 4 More...

                        Classical trained Tonmeister offers multitrack Location Recordings; Editing, Mixing + Mastering.

                        Photo of Trevor


                        Session Guitarist, Producer
                        San Diego, CA, USA
                        • Electric Guitar - $50/Song
                        • Programmed drums - $50/Song
                        • Songwriter - Music - $70/Song
                        • 3 More...

                        A guitarist with 4 years of constant daily recording and full band experience that delivers any specific style and sound you require!

                        Photo of Dave


                        Session/Touring Drums
                        Los Angeles, CA, USA
                        • Live drum tracks - $70/Song
                        • Programmed drums - $70/Song
                        • Production Sound Mixer - $300/Day

                        Remote/Live Sessions and Tours

                        Photo of Infared


                        Grammy Nominated Songwriter
                        Miami, FL, USA

                          2x Grammy nominated songwriter for his latest song "All the way up" Fat Joe, Remy Ma Featuring French Montana and Infared.

                          Photo of Mikromix Finishing Factory

                          Mikromix Finishing Factory

                          Mixing, Mastering and Video Po
                          Fort Washington, MD, USA
                          • Mixing Engineers - $150/Song
                          • Mastering Engineers - $30/Song
                          • Vocal Tuning - $10/Track
                          • 4 More...

                          20 years mixing pop, rap, and rnb music. Songs featured on HBO, X-Factor, radio and more.

                          Photo of IG88


                          Music Producer, Remix Artist
                          Seattle, WA, USA
                          • Beat Makers
                          • Sound Design
                          • Remixing - $200/Song
                          • 3 More...

                          IG88 is the alias of Branden Clarke, a prolific producer/re-mixer/engineer. Primary producer for Shaprece, with commercial contributions to Amazon, PBS and Nordstrom. A performer sharing stages with the likes of Battles, Tycho, SZA and Odesza.

                          Photo of Charlotte Pardy

                          Charlotte Pardy

                          Mixing Services
                          London, UK
                          • Mixing Engineers

                          Mixing services from pre-grad student, at a competitive price.

                          Photo of Sigurd Jøhnk-Jensen

                          Sigurd Jøhnk-Jensen

                          Drumming, producing, mixing
                          9900 Frederikshavn, Denmark
                          • Live drum tracks - $150/Song
                          • Electric Guitar - $150/Song
                          • Game Audio - $300/Day
                          • 4 More...

                          Young & passionate drummer, guitarist, music producer, and mixing engineer.

                          Photo of Travis Moore

                          Travis Moore

                          Producer and Mixer
                          Denver, CO, USA
                          • Producers - $300/Song
                          • Mixing Engineers - $200/Song
                          • Full instrumental productions - $400/Song
                          • 3 More...

                          I love music and helping others achieve their vision. With ten years of experience I'm more excited than ever to be working with great music makers. Because I regularly perform and produce, I understand both sides of the microphone. Contact me and let's make your song happen!

                          Photo of Heardrum Studios

                          Heardrum Studios

                          Composer, Designer
                          Los Angeles, CA, USA

                            Music Production for Film, TV, Promotions, and Artist Collaborations.

                            Photo of Gene Mazunov

                            Gene Mazunov

                            Remote mixing & mastering
                            St Petersburg, Russia
                            • Mixing Engineers - $75/Song

                            I will make your songs sound better. I really love making sound "big" but in case a client wants something different as a result - I can do it as well. Text me and we'll discuss in detail. Examples of my work: https://soundcloud.com/user-932518260

                            Photo of Calev


                            Music Production
                            Portland, OR, USA

                              Highest Quality Production

                              Photo of Mishane


                              Sound Engineer, Music Producer
                              Montreal, QC, Canada
                              • Mixing Engineers - $200/Song
                              • Recording Studios - $350/Day
                              • Sound Design - $100/Minute
                              • 4 More...

                              I am and have always been passionate about sound... Be it music or simply the sound of bacon sizzling on the frying pan to mimic the sound of rain. I have always had a drive within me to create beautiful melodic chord progressions or simply recording my footsteps.

                              Photo of CeeAHNO


                              Music Producer
                              East Hartford, CT, USA
                              • Producers
                              • Beat Makers

                              I am a Music Producer from Connecticut.

                              Photo of carlos edu nahy

                              carlos edu nahy

                              ill make your music shine
                              Caracas, Capital District, Venezuela
                              • Mixing Engineers - $75/Song
                              • Mastering Engineers - $50/Song
                              • Ukelele - $50/Song
                              • 4 More...

                              musician, recording and mixing engineer ... more than 20 years experience

                              Photo of Franz Raffeiner

                              Franz Raffeiner

                              producer - engineer - composer
                              Regensburg, Germany
                              • Producers - $400/Song
                              • Composer Orchestral
                              • Sound Design
                              • 4 More...

                              It’s so cool to pick up the guitar and create something that didn’t exist 5 minutes ago. You can write something that no ones ever heard before. It’s music at your fingertips.

                              Photo of Nikki Calloway

                              Nikki Calloway

                              Augusta, GA, USA
                              • Songwriter - Lyrics - $200/Song
                              • Singer - Female - $200/Song
                              • Songwriter - Music - $200/Song

                              I sing in the band Sequence 8 from Augusta, GA. They have been performing for over 30 years, but I joined about a year & a half ago. We perform at community events, weddings, private parties, corporate events, restaurants/bars, etc. My greatest passion is writing. I write country, pop, rnb. https://soundcloud.com/nikkicalloway

                              Photo of shele sondheim

                              shele sondheim

                              songwriter / music producer
                              los angeles

                                songwriter / music producer / music business entrepreneur global network guitar / lyrics / remixer

                                Photo of Jack Beddis

                                Jack Beddis

                                Drums | Perc | BVs | Trumpet
                                United Kingdom
                                • Live drum tracks - $150/Song
                                • Percussion - $50/Song
                                • Singer - Male - $100/Song
                                • 1 More...

                                All tracks will be recorded by a session drummer and engineer/producer partnership in the professional recording studio, StudiOwz. Twice as much attention to detail for one single fee. Recent credits include: James TW (Island Records) Jodie Marie (Decca Records)

                                Photo of Darsh


                                cover songs
                                Udaipur, Rajasthan, India
                                • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
                                • Mastering Engineers - $70/Song
                                • Vocal Tuning - $40/Track
                                • 4 More...

                                I can create that kind of music which people love to listen.

                                Photo of James Catapano

                                James Catapano

                                I record and mix
                                Brooklyn, NY, USA
                                • Mixing Engineers - $200/Song
                                • Vocal Tuning - $150/Track
                                • Beat Makers - $350/Song

                                I am the co-founder and owner of Mixing Chemicals Media L.L.C. I do some part time work at the Empire State Building and I'm also Audio Engineer.

                                Photo of Lucya


                                Session singer , Performer
                                Miami, FL, USA

                                  Professional Singer-Songwriter , Director of Vocal Coaching Peru. Founder and Director of the Program: Vocal & Stage Performance Workshop

                                  Photo of Dell Sartin

                                  Dell Sartin

                                  Drummer in a pro studio
                                  Chattanooga, TN, USA

                                    Hey guys, thanks for stopping by my profile. I am a working drummer that has been playing drums in church since I was a kid. In addition to playing in church vocationally now I also play with a live act, Landers, as well as with a worship band.

                                    Photo of crimennis


                                    Amazing songwriter, literally
                                    Belgrade, Serbia
                                    • Songwriter - Lyrics - $70/Song

                                    Hello:-) I'm a 19 years old writer from Serbia. Wait, don't think that the fact I'm not as old as the other writers here means I'm not worth your time. It's quite opposite! I'll be even better, just to show you that age doesn't matter if talent exists. Whatever you need, I will write :-)

                                    Photo of Malaz Mhana

                                    Malaz Mhana

                                    Sound design
                                    Los Angeles, CA, USA
                                    • Sound Design - $300/Minute
                                    • Post Mixing - $150/Minute
                                    • Post Editing - $200/Track
                                    • 2 More...

                                    A passionate sound designer who is adept at delivering innovative audio concepts.

                                    Photo of My Lady On Fire

                                    My Lady On Fire

                                    Recording Studio
                                    Brighton, Boston, MA, USA
                                    • Recording Studios - $400/Day
                                    • Mixing Engineers
                                    • Mastering Engineers
                                    • 4 More...

                                    Local, Boston area Recording, Mixing and Mastering Studio.

                                    Photo of Mahadeva Studios

                                    Mahadeva Studios

                                    Music Producer
                                    Barueri, SP, Brazil
                                    • Bass Electric - $50/Song
                                    • Bass Upright - $50/Song
                                    • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
                                    • 3 More...

                                    Mahadeva Studios Cosmic Soundtracks

                                    Photo of Ishan Mehta

                                    Ishan Mehta

                                    Singer and do mixing mastering
                                    Chandigarh, India

                                      I am a singer and have worked with a famous banner too... Also, i am a freelancer mixing and mastering artist.

                                      Photo of Jesse Denaro Music

                                      Jesse Denaro Music

                                      Vocalist & Producer
                                      Pittsburgh, PA
                                      • Singer - Male - $70/Song
                                      • Track minus top-line - $70/Song

                                      Hi! I am Jesse. A singer/musician/songwriter based in Pittsburgh and I want to sing on your next project!

                                      Photo of Ben Greene

                                      Ben Greene

                                      Session Bassist
                                      Nashville, TN, USA
                                      • Bass Electric - $70/Song

                                      I have been a bassist for about 10 years now, being in Nashville for 8 of those years. I graduated with a degree from Belmont University in Commercial music. I have about 3 years of live experience in bars on Broadway in Nashville and session experience both from my time at Belmont and after.

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