Mix & Mastering Engineers, Singers, Recording Studios & Session Musicians for Hire

Photo of gansis


'Music Producer'
Cornwall, UK
  • Full instrumental productions - $50/Song
  • Songwriter - Music - $50/Song
  • Remixing - $50/Song
  • 1 More...

I'll help you get started at defining your own sound.

Photo of Mixed By Dubb

Mixed By Dubb

Mix Engineer, Music Producer
Las Vegas, NV, USA
  • Mixing Engineers - $450/Song
  • Recording Studios - $450/Day

Dwight "Dubb" White is an up and coming superior music mixologist. He has gained an extensive background in audio engineering in the short span he has been a professional engineer. He graduated from Full Sail University in 2011 with an Associate of Science in Audio Engineering.

Photo of Joe L

Joe L

Lyricist, Singer, Songwriter
Penang, Malaysia
  • Songwriter - Lyrics - $25/Song
  • Top line writer (vocal melody) - $25/Song

Joel here. Been writing songs all my life not only for myself but for other people as well. If you need a song with a catchy tune and lyrics, I am your guy.

Photo of Tijn


Singer and Songwriter
Leiden, the Netherlands
  • Singer - Male - $50/Song
  • Songwriter - Music - $125/Song
  • YouTube Cover Recording - $100/Song
  • 1 More...

Hi, I am Tijn. I am from the Netherlands. I have always been singing and have been taking singing lessons for 4 years now. I am always busy writing new songs and sometimes I like to play a cover. Besides I also play in an Indie-rock band. I myself write mostly pop songs on the piano.

Photo of Vinod Kumar

Vinod Kumar

'Music Producer',
Hyderabad, Telangana, India

    Vinod Kumar is an Indian film composer and mix engineer, who loves to work on many different genres, such as Pop, EDM, Hip Hop,RnB, Lounge and Film Scores.

    Photo of Nina Grae

    Nina Grae

    Soul singer + songwriter
    San Francisco, CA, USA
    2 Reviews
    • Singer - Female - $150/Song
    • Songwriter - Lyrics - $150/Song
    • Top line writer (vocal melody) - $150/Song

    People tell me I stop them in their tracks and give them chills when they hear me sing - I stand confident in my ability to deliver on that. I'm a country heart with a city soul, who loves expressing raw emotion through my voice.

    Photo of Thivaluma


    Synthpop producer
    Needham, MA, USA
    • Producers
    • Songwriter - Music
    • Post Mixing

    synthpop producer. Thank you for checking my page. I will be at your service to do the post-mixing job by August 1st. Currently, i won't be able to assist you with synthpop-music-production job, and songwriting job(harmony). Hope you have a great day!

    Photo of ArtSal


    Session drummer, recording
    Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile
    • Live drum tracks - $70/Song
    • Programmed drums - $70/Song
    • Electric Guitar - $70/Song
    • 3 More...

    I am a professional drummer, I have a studio and the tools needed to record drums very fast. I play many styles of music. I also have sight reading abillities so if you have scores send them to me.

    Photo of Cellar Tapes Recording Studio

    Cellar Tapes Recording Studio

    Absolutely everything!
    Bristol, UK

      Cellar Tapes Recording Studio & Audio Services, Bristol, UK

      Photo of Duane Massey

      Duane Massey

      Musician (trumpet, flugelhorn,
      Houston, TX, USA
      • Trumpet - $70/Song
      • Trumpet - $70/Song
      • Keyboards - Synths - $70/Song
      • 3 More...

      Melodic lines are my strong point.

      Photo of Mo Marker

      Mo Marker

      Mixer engineer, music producer
      St Petersburg, Russia
      • Mixing Engineers - $50/Song
      • Editing - $40/Track
      • Beat Makers - $100/Song

      I also make beats. (Trap, new school)

      Photo of JS Sounds

      JS Sounds

      beat maker, mixing & mastering
      Daytona Beach, FL, USA
      • Beat Makers - $100/Song
      • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song
      • Mastering Engineers - $100/Song
      • 3 More...

      Radio-ready HipHop Production

      Photo of Max Veilleux

      Max Veilleux

      Singer , Writer , Editor. Me.
      Ottawa, ON, Canada

        Singing is one of my greatest passion, i have a great imagination and amazing computer skills.

        Photo of Dispel Music

        Dispel Music

        Producer, Musician
        Johannesburg, South Africa
        • Full instrumental productions - $200/Song
        • Songwriter - Music - $70/Song
        • Post Mixing - $100/Minute
        • 4 More...

        Lead guitarist, producer and composer for One Room (South African house band)

        Photo of Versus


        Music Producer
        Los Angeles, CA, USA
        • Producers
        • Beat Makers
        • Time alignment - Quantizing - $40/Track
        • 4 More...

        Los Angeles based producer. House/Progressive House/Big Room/Future Bass is my specialty. I also make Rap, R&B, & pop on the side for clients!

        Photo of HouseMix Studio

        HouseMix Studio

        Recording,Mixing and Mastering
        St Paul, MN, USA

          HouseMix studio is an idea that the studio should be run by artists for the artists. Here at HouseMix you will learn how to write, produce, record, mix and master your own music with the help of professionals that have been and done what you are trying to do. HouseMix studio is here for you to use as a tool.

          Photo of vitality audio

          vitality audio

          mixing services
          Riga, Latvia
          • Mixing Engineers
          • Mixing Engineers

          Mix for expirience. Will mix your song or track free of charge.

          Photo of Mike Marra

          Mike Marra

          Mastering Engineer
          Toronto, ON, Canada
          • Mastering Engineers - $80/Song

          Here to enhance the sonic boundaries of your musical art to new heights while maintaining the fidelity of the recording and mix. I aim to help transform your music so it’s at its finest when you ultimately present it to the listening world.

          Photo of MelendezMusic


          Music Producer
          Caracas, Capital District, Venezuela
          • Mixing Engineers
          • Editing - $10/Track
          • Vocal Tuning - $10/Track
          • 4 More...

          I work with: Cubase or Pro Tools I used: Waves, Native Instruments, Kontakt, Toontrack, JST. Etc. My Tools: Ibanez RGA72TQMZ, PRS SE Paul Allender, Amp Laney LV 200, Boss GT 10

          Photo of Esther Gadd Music

          Esther Gadd Music

          Songwriter, Singer, Engineer
          Vancouver, BC, Canada
          • Vocal comping - $50/Track
          • Vocal Tuning - $100/Track
          • Post Editing - $200/Track
          • 4 More...

          Audio school graduate, singer/songwriter with professional studio access and Pro Tools 130 certification.

          Photo of Chris Sopko

          Chris Sopko

          New Jersey, USA
          • Mixing Engineers - $200/Song
          • Mastering Engineers - $70/Song
          • Editing - $50/Track
          • 4 More...

          Audio Engineer, Composer, Video Editor, and much more.

          Photo of Josh J.

          Josh J.

          Producer, Guitarist, Mixer
          Los Angeles, CA, USA
          • Producers
          • Electric Guitar - $100/Song
          • Mixing Engineers - $300/Song
          • 1 More...

          Josh J. is a music producer, session guitarist, and mixing engineer based in Los Angeles. He has worked with artists such as T-Pain, Demi Lovato, Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Andy Black, Ab-Soul, DJ Reflex, NGHTMRE, Slander, Justine Skye and more.

          Photo of Simon Fagerstedt

          Simon Fagerstedt

          Production, Mixing & Mastering
          Boston, MA, US
          • Recording Studios - $500/Day

          My name is Simon Fagerstedt. I am a bass player and producer. I have 10 years of experience as a professional musician. I have a degree in Contemporary Writing & Production from Berklee College of Music in Boston.

          Photo of Daniel Coimbra

          Daniel Coimbra

          Audio Engineer
          Lisbon, Portugal
          • Production Sound Mixer - $350/Day
          • Post Editing - $200/Track
          • Sound Design
          • 1 More...

          I am a production sound mixer and post-production audio engineer based in Lisbon, Portugal. I rescue damaged audio, mix audio for movies and record audio for movies, documentaries and television.

          Photo of Krystan Bellows

          Krystan Bellows

          Bringing life to your lyrics
          Nashville, TN, USA
          • Singer - Female - $50/Song
          • Singer - Female - $50/Song
          • Songwriter - Lyrics - $50/Song
          • 3 More...

          Awarded Vocal Performer of the year in 2016 after graduating from the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, California, Krystan sings a variety of genres, but specializes in Country and Pop.

          Photo of Trevor Helt

          Trevor Helt

          Austin, TX, USA

            Session guitarist, bassist, and drummer. Main instrument is guitar and I can play just about any style. Strengths include funk and edgy guitar solos. I am able to record and send tracks that sound very professional. Meat and potatoes drummer and bassist.

            Photo of DriVinchi


            Engineer, Song Writer, Rapper
            Santa Ana, CA

              An enlightened rapper with a background in Recording Engineering... Can write you a song, rap a verse, or mix your tracks

              Photo of Austin Linkous Productions

              Austin Linkous Productions

              Recording, Editing, Mixing
              Los Angeles, CA, USA
              • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song
              • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song
              • Editing - $40/Track
              • 3 More...

              A mix engineer ready to take your alternative and indie songs to the next level.

              Photo of Seth Thompson

              Seth Thompson

              Mix Engineer
              Lewisville, NC, USA

                Professional Mix Engineer

                Photo of DNA-Studios


                Recording and Audio Production
                Menden, Germany
                • Recording Studios - $400/Day
                • Editing - $75/Track
                • Mixing Engineers - $150/Song
                • 1 More...

                Die DNA-Studios in Menden sind Dienstleister für Aufnahme- und Audioproduktionen. Leidenschaft und Kompetenz garantieren einen hohen Qualitätsanspruch. Dieser hohe Maßstab lässt sich an hochwertiger Technik sowie des Designs der Räume erkennen. Exzellente Aufnahmequalität ist hier Standard. Wir verleihen ihren Audioproduktionen ihre eigene DNA.

                Photo of Leo Gillick

                Leo Gillick

                Recording Studio
                46800 Xàtiva, Valencia, Spain
                • Recording Studios - $300/Day
                • Editing - $30/Track
                • Vocal Tuning - $40/Track
                • 3 More...

                ​A residential studio hidden between the orange groves of Valencia, Spain. Renovated from an old traditional Spanish Finca, Studio Barxeta boasts some of the most stunning views mixed with a glorious silence meaning you are undisturbed for the duration of your visit. Bring your "team" - we have plenty of sleeping rooms and 2 infinity swimming pool

                Photo of Ike Thurston

                Ike Thurston

                REAL Drum Tracks
                Nashville, TN, USA
                • Live drum tracks - $70/Song

                Hi, I am Ike. I am a touring and studio drummer based in Nashville, TN. My commitment to your project goes beyond just well played drum parts, delivered timely and professionally. You can get professional sounding, REAL drums, with no phase issues from a well tuned room for a reasonable price!

                Photo of Noam Guterman

                Noam Guterman

                Video Game Audio
                Hod Hasharon, Israel
                • Game Audio

                Noam Guterman is an award winning video game composer and sound designer. He has shipped over 16 games on various platforms and earned multiple achievements in the video game field such as Winner of Outstanding Achievement in Video Game Music at the Global Music Awards 2016.

                Photo of Dugout Music Studio

                Dugout Music Studio

                Mixing, Master, Engineer,
                Miami, FL, USA
                • Recording Studios
                • Mixing Engineers - $75/Song
                • Mastering Engineers - $100/Song
                • 3 More...

                Motivated Audio Engineer with solid recording, editing, and mixing experience. Effective communicator and team player with exceptional organizational, project and time management abilities. Constantly researching new audio technologies and processes.

                Photo of Dubway Studios

                Dubway Studios

                Recording Studio
                New York, NY, USA
                • Recording Studios
                • Mixing Engineers
                • Mastering Engineers
                • 4 More...

                Dubway Studios is one of NYC's premier recording studios and audio production facilities specializing in music recording, mixing and mastering.

                Photo of Cindy Maslov

                Cindy Maslov

                Recording Artist, Vocal Coach
                United States
                • Top line writer (vocal melody) - $70/Song
                • Songwriter - Music - $70/Song
                • Songwriter - Lyrics - $70/Song
                • 2 More...

                There's nothing like listening to the quality of a vocalist that can either relax you, or hype you up to run or dance. I am confident I'm not only that vocalist for you, but as well as a down to earth contact thats easy to work with.

                Photo of Gravity One

                Gravity One

                I'm a aspiring mixing engineer
                Denver, CO, USA
                • Mixing Engineers

                I'm an aspiring mixing engineer trying to build a name.

                Photo of Sonic Harmony Studios

                Sonic Harmony Studios

                Mixing and Mastering
                Los Angeles
                • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song
                • Mastering Engineers - $50/Song
                • Time alignment - Quantizing - $50/Track
                • 1 More...

                Mixing and Mastering Services

                Photo of SWC Production

                SWC Production

                London, UK
                • Mixing Engineers - $200/Song
                • Mastering Engineers - $50/Song
                • Game Audio
                • 3 More...

                SEND US THE TRACK AND WE WILL GET IT READY FOR YOU!! Every sub-genre of Electronic Dance Music, from Future Bass to Future House, Trap, Hip hop, Pop dance, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Electro House, BigRoom, Deep House, Trance. Contact us for services.

                Photo of Tommy Brown

                Tommy Brown

                Producer, Engineer, Song Write
                Beverly Hills, CA, USA
                • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
                • Time alignment - Quantizing - $100/Track
                • Vocal comping - $100/Track
                • 4 More...

                "Here to change the world through pop Music"

                Photo of TAZK


                Music Producer
                Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
                • Producers - $400/Song
                • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
                • Mastering Engineers - $70/Song
                • 4 More...

                Hi, need a song? Contact me!

                Photo of CEDA


                Audio Vision the only way 2 C
                Detroit, Michigan
                • Recording Studios - $500/Day
                • Mixing Engineers - $250/Song
                • Mastering Engineers - $70/Song
                • 4 More...

                Who am I ? CEDA ( SEE EVERY DREAM ACCOMPLISHED ) Im a young audio engineer and producer who has been lucky enough to intern with 3 different major studio. Ranging in all types of different gear from ssl boards to plugin based engineering. Ive worked with local talent all the way up to some of your favorite artist. Now im ready to work with you.

                Photo of Emiliano Caballero | Mixing

                Emiliano Caballero | Mixing

                Mix Engineer
                Amsterdam, Netherlands
                • Mixing Engineers - $800/Song

                Hello! I'm Emiliano Caballero and I'm a mixer, engineer and producer.

                Photo of Julian David Rodriguez

                Julian David Rodriguez

                Audio editor specialist!
                Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia
                • Vocal Tuning - $50/Track
                • Vocal comping - $50/Track
                • Time alignment - Quantizing - $40/Track
                • 3 More...

                Audio engineer, music producer and bass player. Audio editor specialist! Over the past 6 years I've fine-tuned my skills as audio engineer and music producer working on big and renowned musical and audiovisual projects.

                Photo of Joe Di Dante

                Joe Di Dante

                Mixing and Mastering engineer
                New York, NY, USA
                • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
                • Mastering Engineers - $70/Song

                Hi, I'm 38 yo freelance sound engineer. I mostly do mixing and mastering, and some tracking.

                Photo of Emily Diioia

                Emily Diioia

                Magic music mixer and master.
                Cottage Grove, MN
                • Recording Studios - $500/Day

                Music is just a form of magic to be perfected. That's what I always believed. I hold my self to this standard with every mix I work on.

                Photo of Louise murray

                Louise murray

                Mixing engineer
                Glasgow, UK

                  Iam a freelance mixing engineer, with experience in live music, recording studios, vocal comping, vocal tuning, time alignment, quantizing, and i can also do production sound mixing.

                  Photo of Mainline studio

                  Mainline studio

                  Recording studio
                  White Plains, NY, USA

                    Mainline studio is one of the top recording studios in westchester NY 9143642070

                    Photo of Devin Clayborn

                    Devin Clayborn

                    Remote Mixing & Mastering Fast
                    Leipzig, Germany
                    • Mixing Engineers - $50/Song
                    • Mastering Engineers - $30/Song
                    • Bass Electric - $25/Song
                    • 4 More...

                    I can do quality work. I here to do what I love. I'm easy to work with. I get the job done while having so much fun.

                    Photo of Cody Smith

                    Cody Smith

                    Remote Mixing and Production
                    Tennessee, USA
                    • Mixing Engineers - $150/Song
                    • Editing
                    • Vocal Tuning
                    • 3 More...

                    Artist, Arranger, Engineer, Producer, and All-Around Music Lover.

                    Photo of wazatrax


                    Music Producer, Score Composer
                    Vancouver, BC, Canada

                      Music Producer | Composer | Sound Designer | Mixer wazatrax - bringing emotions to life through sound

                      Photo of Leo Mann

                      Leo Mann

                      Singer - Composer - Songwriter
                      London, UK
                      • Singer - Female - $100/Song
                      • Songwriter - Music - $100/Song
                      • Songwriter - Lyrics - $100/Song
                      • 4 More...

                      Hi! Im a singer, composer based in South East London. I have experience on stage, in studio and currently perform compositions and covers with no limit of style. www.le0mann.wix.com/leomann All the best, Leo

                      Photo of UnderGunned Productions

                      UnderGunned Productions

                      Rock Vocalist Mixing Engineer
                      British Columbia, Canada

                        I am a rock vocalist who has sang on hundreds of tracks and have a huge passion for mixing and mastering and have mixed and mastered hundreds of track for other people out of my home studio.

                        Photo of KWE Sound & Light

                        KWE Sound & Light

                        Live engineer
                        Atlanta, GA, USA
                        • Live Sound - $450/Concert
                        • Live Sound - $450/Concert

                        Hi Im Matt, Ive been in the industry about 20 years, and have been around just about all aspects of live sound, from small clubs, to churches, convention centers, concert halls, and arenas.

                        Photo of Dimitris Ioannidis

                        Dimitris Ioannidis

                        Guitarist, Engineer
                        Athens, Greece
                        • Mixing Engineers - $50/Song
                        • Electric Guitar - $50/Song

                        Hi guys..My name is Dimitris and i'm a guitarist and a sound engineer here in Greece.I'm looking to record a solo or rhythm guitar on your songs in the styles of hard rock/metal , blues and pop.I also provide mixing services on any type of music

                        Photo of Sammy Listoe

                        Sammy Listoe

                        Singer/Songwriter, Vocalist
                        Los Angeles, CA, USA
                        1 Review
                        • Songwriter - Lyrics - $150/Song
                        • Singer - Male - $150/Song
                        • Top line writer (vocal melody) - $150/Song

                        Indie, Rock, Electronic, Country.

                        Photo of Nikki Semenov

                        Nikki Semenov

                        Music & Sound Engineer
                        Ashkelon, Israel
                        • Mastering Engineers - $70/Song
                        • Producers - $400/Song
                        • Sound Design - $50/Minute
                        • 2 More...

                        I'm a music producer, recording engineer, mixing & mastering engineer.

                        Photo of Kiko De Bidda

                        Kiko De Bidda

                        Music Producer, Music Composer
                        Cagliari, Italy
                        • Beat Makers - $400/Song
                        • Remixing - $300/Song
                        • Programmed drums - $100/Song
                        • 4 More...

                        I'm an Italian Music Producer site in Sardinia about 15 years of experience.

                        Photo of Xeric777


                        composer, arranger, mixing,
                        Florida, USA
                        • Full instrumental productions - $400/Song
                        • String Arranger - $70/Song
                        • Songwriter - Music - $70/Song
                        • 4 More...

                        Hi, I'm a Music composer, Arranger, Producer, Mixing engineer. I used to compose instrumentals, short themes, songs, and background scoring to short movies.

                        Photo of freeflow254


                        I deal in trap music
                        Nairobi, Kenya
                        • Singer - Male - $70/Song
                        • Songwriter - Music - $70/Song

                        Im a young kenyan trapper

                        Photo of SKBGM


                        Music composition,Audio Mixing
                        Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

                          Sasikumar.B is a music professional specialising in Background music production and sound design. Originating from the Chennai,India, this talented individual stepped into music industry through the experimentation of his own ideas he found a passion for making his own music. This creativity quickly fuelled a desire to pursue a career in product

                          Photo of Jaclyn Riva Beck

                          Jaclyn Riva Beck

                          Session Singer
                          Los Angeles, CA, USA
                          • Singer - Female - $70/Song
                          • Songwriter - Lyrics - $70/Song
                          • Top line writer (vocal melody) - $70/Song

                          Hi there, I'm a singer (and songwriter), with over a decades worth of recording with the likes of producer Jeff Ayeroff (Shangrilah Records), Shiva Baum (music festivals/producer), Herb Alpert (Tijuana Brass), Theodore Bikel (Fiddler on the Roof), Yuval Ron, Lou Adler and hundreds of professional working musicians based in Los Angeles.

                          Photo of Kevin Bates

                          Kevin Bates

                          Project manager at WritingCube
                          Washington, DC, USA
                          • Saxophone - $70/Song
                          • Bass Electric - $70/Song
                          • Classical Guitar - $70/Song
                          • 3 More...

                          There is no arguing around the dilemma of educational task and its affect on a students everyday life. Because of this, a variety of considerable-high school applicants very often will order essays on the internet via a number of informative tools. The explanation should not be any easier – absence of time.

                          Photo of David Duran

                          David Duran

                          Sound Engineer (Live & Studio)
                          Toronto, ON, Canada
                          • Live Sound - $350/Concert
                          • Editing
                          • Mixing Engineers

                          9 years of experience as a recording, mixing and live sound engineer. 2 years of experience as a Technical Support Engineer for the brands; Midas, DiGiCo, Shure, d&b audiotechnik, Roland.

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