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Photo of John Black - Session Musician

John Black - Session Musician

Session Singer
New York, NY, USA
  • Singer - Male - $70/Song
  • Songwriter - Lyrics - $70/Song
  • Pop-Rock Arranger - $70/Song
  • 1 More...

I am an independent and versatile session vocalist with over 12 years of on stage and studio experience with capability to sing both lead and backing harmony.

Photo of Christo


Washington, DC, USA
  • Mixing Engineers
  • Recording Studios
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I own and operate Namtab Studios, where I perform remote mixing. Audio engineering is my love and passion and it is the most engaging, gratifying, and transformative job.

Photo of Noize Beatz

Noize Beatz

Music Producer/MixingMastering
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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    Producer Songwriter Noize Beatz has produce's for major Artists such as D12, Robin Thicke, Grammy Award's winning r&b group TLC,Lil Boosy and many more. Now its your time work with him.

    Photo of Mitchel Delevie Audio

    Mitchel Delevie Audio

    Music Producer mix/mastering
    Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA, USA

      Mitchel Delevie audio productions is a full service recording studio. At affordable rates. We specialize in all audio recording, mixing and mastering .

      Photo of ApolloCoustic Productions

      ApolloCoustic Productions

      World Class Audio Services
      Nairobi, Kenya
      • Mixing Engineers - $75/Song
      • Mastering Engineers - $80/Song
      • Beat Makers - $100/Song
      • 4 More...

      We are a production house that offers World Class music production, Recording , Mix & Mastering services.

      Photo of Henrique Brion

      Henrique Brion

      Boom Operator, Sound Design,
      Lisbon, Portugal

        Sound for Picture,

        Photo of MSB Mastering

        MSB Mastering

        Mastering: CD, online, vinyl
        Kilkenny, Ireland
        • Mastering Engineers - $50/Song
        • Restoration

        I'm passionate about music. I'd love to let you hear what I can do with your music, not someone else's and I'm willing to do a few tracks on a no win, no fee basis, so you've nothing to lose. I'm Ireland's only mastering engineer approved to master for Apple's MFiT catalogue.

        Photo of Driss


        Produce, Mix, master, remix
        • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song

        My Name is Andreas, and i am a danish producer, composer and writer

        Photo of HUE


        Recording, Mixing, & Mastering
        Atlanta, GA, USA
        • Mixing Engineers
        • Vocal comping
        • Post Mixing
        • 2 More...

        Professional Recording & Mixing Engineer "HUE". My YouTube Channels has over 1 million views & features music from "HUE" & other artists. Mixing & Mastering Is KEY that's why I deliver the best quality music to my fans! Music dropping every week, expect industry quality music. #MixedByHue x #MBH

        Photo of Sdee


        Audio Professional
        • Mixing Engineers - $75/Song
        • Recording Studios - $250/Day
        • Producers
        • 4 More...

        Greetingz from FaderLand,

        Photo of Sydney Jane

        Sydney Jane

        Los Angeles, CA, USA
        • Singer - Female - $150/Song
        • Top line writer (vocal melody) - $200/Song
        • Songwriter - Lyrics - $200/Song
        • 1 More...
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        Hi! My name is Sydney and I'm a singer, songwriter, and composer with over 10 years of classical training as a vocalist. I specialize in top-line writing for pop and electronic music and professional vocal performance. Count on me for a modern, yet timeless sound in your music.

        Photo of Shannon Rose Moore

        Shannon Rose Moore

        Barcelona, Spain

          Hi, I am 20 years old. I live and work in Barcelona, came over from Britain. I have a passion for singing, especially Jazz songs.

          Photo of 94Monday


          London, UK
          • Singer - Male - $300/Song
          • Top line writer (vocal melody) - $150/Song
          • Songwriter - Lyrics - $250/Song

          22yr Rap Artist / Ghostwriter with over 9 Million Views on Soundcloud & Youtube

          Photo of Ebony


          Cover song playbacks, sing
          Melbourne VIC, Australia
          • Singer - Female - $100/Song
          • Singer - Female - $100/Song
          • YouTube Cover Recording - $300/Song
          • 1 More...

          Hello my name is Ebony and I am a young female, Melbourne based singer.

          Photo of Matias Perconti

          Matias Perconti

          Mixing, session musician
          Rosario, Santa Fe Province, Argentina
          • Electric Guitar - $25/Song
          • Mixing Engineers - $50/Song
          • Producers - $100/Song
          • 4 More...

          Hi, i'm a musician and producer from Rosario, Argentina.

          Photo of Gelvert Bardales

          Gelvert Bardales

          Mixing & Mastering, Producer
          • Mixing Engineers - $200/Song
          • Mastering Engineers - $50/Song
          • Post Mixing - $75/Minute
          • 4 More...

          Gelvert is a Producer, Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineerand musician, also is dedicated to making music, audio recording and post production artists, theater, film, television and radio. It is a place built by musicians for musicians, serving the needs of a variety of commercial customers and independent musical projects.

          Photo of Bankole


          Live & System Design Engineer
          • Mixing Engineers
          • Sound Design
          • Live Sound
          • 1 More...

          i will let my work speaks for me.but all i can say is that, i have never had a complaining from my clients instead i get good recommendations...

          Photo of Will Easton

          Will Easton

          Production, mixing, mastering
          • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
          • Recording Studios - $500/Day

          Hey my name is Will, I'm a passionate music producer from Leeds, UK.

          Photo of Jon Gilbert

          Jon Gilbert

          Mixer, Engineer, Producer, FOH
          Los Angeles, CA, USA
          • Mixing Engineers - $250/Song
          • Producers - $350/Song
          • Live Sound - $350/Concert
          • 2 More...

          Jon Gilbert is a versatile 21st century engineer. He has 16 years experience in audio production, studio engineering, mixing, producing, and live touring sound reinforcement.

          Photo of Ridley Studios

          Ridley Studios

          Mixing & Mastering Engineer
          Melbourne VIC, Australia
          • Recording Studios - $250/Day
          • Mixing Engineers - $200/Song
          • Vocal Tuning - $40/Track
          • 4 More...
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          Ridley Studios, situated North West of Melbourne, is an independent recording establishment that provides modern music production. The complex provides all means to track, mix and master a variety of genres, ranging from pop, to rock, to indie/folk, to hiphop, all at an industry professional standard and affordable rate.

          Photo of Sean Palmer

          Sean Palmer

          Live/Recording Mix Engineer
          Fort Collins, CO, USA
          1 Review
          • Live Sound - $500/Concert
          • Mixing Engineers - $250/Song
          • Production Sound Mixer - $300/Day

          Almost 20 years experience in live music mixing in almost every genre.

          Photo of SMB Recordings

          SMB Recordings

          Recording Studio, Mixing
          New Jersey, USA
          • Mixing Engineers - $250/Song
          • Recording Studios - $300/Day
          • Editing - $100/Track
          • 2 More...

          Located in Northern NJ, SMB Recordings is a private, home recording facility with a great collection of boutique, high-end recording gear that combines great analog sound with modern digital workflow. Our goal is to create and capture unique original music with the best sound possible and continue to exceed expectations.

          Photo of munyamane


          I multi-task
          • Producers - $400/Song
          • Remixing - $400/Song
          • Time alignment - Quantizing - $40/Track
          • 2 More...

          I do what's needed to be done so as to create value for my clients

          Photo of MW Audio

          MW Audio

          Mixing&Mastering, Composition
          London, UK
          • Mastering Engineers - $50/Song
          • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song
          • Editing - $40/Track
          • 4 More...

          I am a mixing and mastering engineer, as well as composer and audio engineer for film. I at the moment am the Head of Sound at a Post-Production company in Wimbledon.

          Photo of Coky Audio Works

          Coky Audio Works

          Mixing Recording MusicProducer

            Hello I am the owner and sound engineer of Coky Audio Works https://www.facebook.com/COKYaudioworks/

            Photo of Elliot Jacobson

            Elliot Jacobson

            Producer, Songwriter, Drummer
            New York, NY, USA
            • Producers
            • Percussion
            • Beat Makers
            • 4 More...

            I am excited to connect to and work with new artists and musicians. I have a passion for creating through collaboration.

            Photo of JP Huff

            JP Huff

            Live audio engineer
            Iowa, USA
            • Mixing Engineers - $150/Song
            • Live Sound - $200/Concert

            Hey! My name is JP Huff and I'm an audio engineer with a focus on live settings. If it's a club of 10 people or an arena of 10,000 people, I'll be making you sound the best you can possibly sound!

            Photo of Audio Labb Studios

            Audio Labb Studios

            Mixing, Mastering,Producer
            Bridgetown, Barbados
            • Mixing Engineers - $250/Song
            • Recording Studios - $500/Day
            • Vocal comping - $40/Track
            • 3 More...

            Audio Labb studios is an audiovisual company that provides profesional services in music and video creation we hear your Idea and see your vision

            Photo of Jeremy Parker

            Jeremy Parker

            Producer, Percussionist
            Greensboro N.C. and Saint Augustine FL.

              I have two project studios, one in Greensboro N.C. and the other in Saint Augustine FL. I play in a couple of bands, write songs and help other people sound better.

              Photo of Ultrium Recording Studios

              Ultrium Recording Studios

              Recording Studio
              North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA
              1 Review
              • Recording Studios - $150/Day

              Ultrium Recording Studios is a recording studio designed to meet the needs of major label projects, while remaining accessible and affordable to independent artists. Professional Engineering and Production services for projects of just about any scale. Great Sound – An exceptionally well tuned live and control room.

              Photo of Dickie Delaine

              Dickie Delaine

              Session Guitarist
              Los Angeles, CA, USA
              • Electric Guitar - $150/Song

              Dickie Delaine is the hyphenate artist who debuted his first first EP in 2013; a genius combo of rock,RnB,& rap."My Ride" is top spin on Spotify. See this rising star performing his upcoming hit "Spittin While She Strippin" around Los Angeles. His new EP The Dragonfly coming out in late 2016 is positioned to be the biggest selling EP of all time.

              Photo of AHAudio


              Remote Mixing and Vocals
              Miami, FL, USA
              • Mixing Engineers - $200/Song
              • Editing - $30/Track
              • Vocal comping - $40/Track
              • 3 More...

              Hello, my name is Antonio. I am currently going to Full Sail University, majoring in Audio Production. I am very detail oriented and very communicative.

              Photo of Audio Loft

              Audio Loft

              Record. Rehearse. Shoot video.
              Roswell, GA, USA
              • Recording Studios
              • Mixing Engineers
              • Editing
              • 4 More...

              Roswell GA's premier space to Record, Rehearse, Shoot Video & Photography. Our brand new facility offers a clean & safe environment to meet your creative needs. All services are available hourly, daily, weekly, with flexible terms and ample parking. Reach out, lets get to work!

              Photo of EvanJoseph


              Recording Engineer
              Nashville, TN, USA
              • Recording Studios - $200/Day
              • Mixing Engineers - $50/Song
              • Mastering Engineers - $100/Song
              • 2 More...
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              Recording Engineer that specializes in Hip-Hop and R&B. Graduate of Belmont University with an Audio Engineering Major.

              Photo of Chris Flores

              Chris Flores

              produce and mix most generes
              Los Angeles, CA, USA


                Photo of N.A.U.S


                Producing and Mixing music
                Deurne, Netherlands
                • Remixing - $50/Song
                • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song
                • Editing - $100/Track
                • 2 More...

                We're a Netherlands based music foundation, producing and mixing to create awesome musical projects and community based gatherings.

                Photo of Eric Ferraro

                Eric Ferraro

                Orange County, CA, USA
                • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song
                • Editing - $50/Track
                • Vocal Tuning - $30/Track
                • 3 More...
                Waveform-placeholder-:-- / -:--

                My name is Eric Ferraro and I'm a Producer/Engineer/Singer-Songwriter. I am the singer of the band Asmara (@AsmaraOfficialBand).I have been producing/engineering for eight years now. I have worked with artist from a variety of genres Pop, Pop-Rock, Rock, Reggae, Rap, Hip-hop, Post-Hardcore and Metal. Follow my Instagram @EricFerraroMusic

                Photo of Joel Sena

                Joel Sena

                Session Saxophonist
                Sydney NSW, Australia
                • Saxophone - $150/Song
                • Editing - $75/Track
                • Songwriter - Music - $150/Song
                • 1 More...

                I'm a Sydney based Saxophonist, songwriter and producer. I make sax drenched soul with infectious grooves and honest songs.

                Photo of Emily Burridge

                Emily Burridge

                Session cellist & arranger
                Salisbury, UK
                • Cello - $125/Song
                • String Arranger - $170/Song

                Hi glad to introduce my work as a cellist on this sound better platform. Over twenty years experience recording in studios both in the UK, Europe and Brazil and having mastered my home recording facility two years ago I commenced online sessions. With my improvisation skills I have worked in all genres and read either the notes / write a cello part

                Photo of UP Recording Studio

                UP Recording Studio

                Mixing and Mastering, Session
                Seymour, CT, USA
                • Mixing Engineers - $75/Song
                • Recording Studios - $300/Day
                • Vocal comping - $40/Track
                • 4 More...

                Hello, I'm Simon. I've been helping local underground bands in CT make music for the past 12 years and I'm looking to branch out and help like minded folks with their mixes . My methods are basic and fundamental, focusing on musician's performances. If you like raw and real, you've come to the right place.

                Photo of Cito Kaling

                Cito Kaling

                Hildesheim, Germany
                • Saxophone - $100/Song
                • Producers - $600/Song
                • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
                • 4 More...
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                Specialized in organic sounding beats, complex rhythms, dubby atmospheres and saxophone lines of any genre...

                Photo of Archie Green

                Archie Green

                Rapper, Songwriter, Producer
                Cleveland, OH, USA
                • Beat Makers - $400/Song
                • Producers - $400/Song
                • Songwriter - Lyrics - $70/Song

                What's up everybody? I'm an artist/songwriter and producer based in Cleveland, Ohio. I've been doing music for 15+ years, having worked with Talib Kweli, Stalley, VICE & Converse to name a few.

                Photo of AR Ferdinand

                AR Ferdinand

                Music Producer
                San Salvador
                • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
                • YouTube Cover Recording - $300/Song
                • Editing - $40/Track

                I'm a self taught, producer and mixing & master Engineer from El Salvador

                Photo of DiamondGirl


                Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

                  Hi welcome to my Profile Hope you enjoy it :)

                  Photo of Braswell Audio

                  Braswell Audio

                  Recording, Mixing, Mastering,
                  Austin, TX, USA
                  • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
                  • Mastering Engineers - $70/Song
                  • Recording Studios - $500/Day
                  • 3 More...

                  Providing professional, high quality audio services to musicians and creative thinkers.

                  Photo of Rob Townley

                  Rob Townley

                  Innovative session guitarist
                  United Kingdom

                    I'm an innovative guitarist and I'm available for session work. I have a natural talent in writing riffs and can come up with new and inventive ideas at will.

                    Photo of Wolf Studios

                    Wolf Studios

                    Remote Mixing & Mastering
                    London, UK
                    • Mixing Engineers - $300/Song
                    • Mastering Engineers - $50/Song
                    • Vocal comping - $100/Track
                    • 4 More...

                    Online mixing & mastering by Dominique Brethes at the lengendary Wolf Studios in London.

                    Photo of Mark Petaccia

                    Mark Petaccia

                    Engineer, Mixing, Production
                    Nashville, TN, USA

                      Engineer and mixer "Southeastern" by Jason Isbell. Producer, mixer, engineer for Alyssa Bonagura ' Road Less Traveled.' Recording engineer for Kacey Musgraves ' A Very Kacey Christmas'

                      Photo of Sound & Stage

                      Sound & Stage

                      Make it sound better!
                      Grand Prairie, TX, USA

                        "Listen to the difference"

                        Photo of Audioendo


                        Producer, Composer
                        St. Louis, MO, USA

                          Audioendo is music from within.

                          Photo of Visionary Music Group

                          Visionary Music Group

                          Remote Mixing & Mastering
                          River Edge, NJ, USA
                          • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
                          • Producers - $1000/Song
                          • Electric Guitar - $200/Song
                          • 1 More...

                          A state of the art recording studio, just minutes from New York City. Studios are equipped with latest digital and classic analog gear. Visionary Music Group's experienced staff of music producers, session musicians, and engineers specialize in original music production, and have numerous major label, indie and network television credits.

                          Photo of Juan Manuel Lozano

                          Juan Manuel Lozano

                          FOH & Monitor Engineer
                          Buenos Aires, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
                          • Live Sound

                          I´m a live sound engineer from Buenos Aires Argentina, I do FOH & Monitors, able to tour.

                          Photo of AalonBoots studio services

                          AalonBoots studio services

                          Beatmaker, Mixing engineer
                          Lawrence Township, NJ, USA

                            Creative mixing is the difference between an okay song and a hit record, ill take you there

                            Photo of Adam Stephenson

                            Adam Stephenson

                            Country Vocalist
                            Angier, NC 27501, USA

                              Hard working traditional country artist with wide vocal range.

                              Photo of Matt Lande

                              Matt Lande

                              Remote Mix Engineer/Producer
                              Portland, OR
                              • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song
                              • Vocal Tuning - $30/Track
                              • Electric Guitar - $50/Song
                              • 3 More...

                              I'm a recording artist. I've been producing and engineering my own music for about 15 years. I've worked with many great producers and musicians and in 2016 I pursued my passion further, studying techniques and taking courses from greats such as Chris Lord-Alge, Jack Joseph Puig, Greg Wells and more.

                              Photo of MIKROW


                              HipHop Music Producer,Engineer
                              Edmonton, AB, Canada
                              • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song
                              • Mastering Engineers - $50/Song
                              • Beat Makers - $100/Song
                              • 1 More...

                              Need the hottest in new hiphop/rap beats? Want the most crisp sounding recordings? Want a final sound? Contact me for all your producing/ mixing mastering needs!

                              Photo of Nathan Dale

                              Nathan Dale

                              Sacramento, CA, USA

                                Over my 20+ years in the music business I've worked and enjoyed sharing time with many producers, engineers, and artists across many genres; Michael Barbiero, George Cowan, Michael Brauer, Tchad Blake, Ross Hogarth, George Marino, Bill Bottrell, Steve Berlin, Oz Fritz, Jay A. Ryan, as well as Warren Haynes, Bob Weir, Bruce Kaphan, and Phil Lesh.

                                Photo of Adam Box

                                Adam Box

                                Drummer, Producer
                                Nashville, TN, USA

                                  Drummer for CMA Vocal Duo of the Year. BROTHERS OSBORNE(Studio/touring) LUCIE SILVAS(touring)

                                  Photo of Dima Zill

                                  Dima Zill

                                  DJ, Sound Producer
                                  Atmanai, Zaporiz'ka oblast, Ukraine

                                    '' 'Dima Zill' '' - (real name - Dmitry Kovalev), born. March 1, 1984) Ukrainian DJ, sound producer.Avtor, many tracks and remixes, in walks in the top 100 DJs of Ukraine, in the house style.

                                    Photo of Nixx


                                    Mixing, Vocal Editing
                                    Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia
                                    • Mixing Engineers - $350/Song
                                    • Vocal Tuning - $150/Track
                                    • Time alignment - Quantizing - $100/Track
                                    • 1 More...
                                    Waveform-placeholder-:-- / -:--

                                    I'm a music producer from Melbourne, Australia and have worked with artists from Los Angeles and New York. I have been producing, editing and mixing my own songs for years and have been signed and worked with IPM Records during this time. My latest release was 'Go Somewhere' feat. Alli McLaren.

                                    Photo of Anthony Ferdinand

                                    Anthony Ferdinand

                                    Tampa, FL, USA
                                    • Singer - Male - $350/Song
                                    • Songwriter - Lyrics - $300/Song
                                    • Top line writer (vocal melody) - $300/Song
                                    • 4 More...
                                    Waveform-placeholder-:-- / -:--

                                    Lets create you a dope song!!

                                    Photo of Angie Marie Go

                                    Angie Marie Go

                                    Guitarist, Singer, Listener
                                    Iliamna, AK 99606, USA
                                    • Songwriter - Music - $25/Song
                                    • Songwriter - Lyrics - $25/Song
                                    • Electric Guitar - $25/Song
                                    • 4 More...

                                    *I'm currently in Alaska w/ minimal equipment. I can still write & send out top-lines.* If you ever get a chance to have a conversation with John Mayer, I would take it. You can just tell John's weird by how he says what he says. And so am I. Guitar is my main mode of speaking, then comes singing. I write songs, produce, and arrange.

                                    Photo of Jon Lewis

                                    Jon Lewis

                                    Production, Mixing & Mastering
                                    Toronto, ON, Canada
                                    • Mixing Engineers - $50/Song
                                    • Mastering Engineers - $30/Song
                                    • Producers - $100/Song
                                    • 4 More...

                                    I'm Jon Lewis, I've been a musician and recorded my own music for over 20 years and am now branching out into professional audio production. Looking for new clients!

                                    Photo of Smartmixing


                                    mixing and mastering
                                    701 E 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90021, USA

                                      Searching for a trustful engineer with good taste to make your own music sound like one of those tops? Want to sound major for the minor costs? We are at your service 24/7, so let us impress you.

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