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Photo of Jean Gonzalez

Jean Gonzalez

Professional musician; Of sess
Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico

    hi!! im Jean Gonzalez... i am Drummer

    Photo of Chris Stockwell

    Chris Stockwell

    Resophonic Guitarist
    Summersville, WV 26651, USA
    • Recording Studios - $100/Day
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    Chris Stockwell is a international recording/touring, Contemporary Resophonic Guitarist(Dobro) and Lap steel player. Recognized for his adherence to the bluegrass music tradition and branching out into playing many other genres of music, such as Blues, Country, American and Rock styles.

    Photo of Fausto Maccario Music

    Fausto Maccario Music

    Music Composer and Producer
    Monte-Carlo, Monaco

      Fausto Maccario Music, Music Composition and Production company based in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

      Photo of Trippy Beats Official

      Trippy Beats Official

      I make hip hop instrumentals
      Orange County, CA, USA

        Being among the top hip hop instrumental pages on YouTube, I specialize in making a trippy, outerworldly, "stoney" vibe to my beats.

        Photo of Joachim Nordensson

        Joachim Nordensson

        Mixing Engineer / Vocal Tuning
        Seattle, WA, USA
        • Mixing Engineers - $200/Song
        • Vocal Tuning - $100/Track
        • Vocal comping - $50/Track
        • 4 More...
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        Joachim Nordensson is an award winning Songwriter, Producer, and Mixing Engineer. "There is nothing more important than how a song makes you feel - A great mix is essential in getting that feeling across to the listener." ~ Joachim

        Photo of Crucial Productions Inc.

        Crucial Productions Inc.

        Recording Studio
        • Recording Studios
        • Producers
        • Mixing Engineers
        • 4 More...

        Crucial Productions' recording studio has produced many award-winning radio spots for radio advertising for both local and national mid-sized to large clients. We also provide creative writing services and casting talent if so desired. Enjoy some examples below of some of our favorite radio spots we've recorded for clients, many ADDY Award winners.

        Photo of Tanner MayDay

        Tanner MayDay

        I sing/produce music.
        • Mixing Engineers - $50/Song
        • Mastering Engineers - $70/Song

        Hey! I play a bunch of instruments but I mainly produce music and sing in my band "In Lights."

        Photo of Dan Kristoffersen

        Dan Kristoffersen

        Composer, lyricist, singer
        Oslo, Norway
        • Songwriter - Lyrics - $70/Song
        • Top line writer (vocal melody) - $100/Song
        • Songwriter - Music - $70/Song
        • 1 More...
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        Critically acclaimed Norwegian artist. Avaliable as composer, lyricist and singer.

        Photo of Cormac Neeson

        Cormac Neeson

        Singer and songwriter
        Belfast, UK
        2 Reviews
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          I've been a professional singer and song writer for ten years, recorded 6 full studio albums and sold over a quarter of a million records.

          Photo of JirafasyElefanteS


          Music Producer Audio Engineer
          Buenos Aires, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
          • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song
          • Editing - $50/Track
          • Mastering Engineers - $70/Song
          • 4 More...
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          Musician and music producer. Well-trained audio editor and Mix engineer.

          Photo of Vincent Bourdon Studio

          Vincent Bourdon Studio

          Remote mixing & mastering
          Montpellier, France
          • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song
          • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song
          • Mastering Engineers - $50/Song
          • 1 More...
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          As a mixing engineer, I will be an additionnal musician to your project. I always try to add something unique to the projects I mix (background vocals, additional guitar...). Little details make a big difference.

          Photo of Antonio Granieri

          Antonio Granieri

          Recording and Mixing Engineer
          London, UK
          • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song

          Freelance Recording and Mixing Engineer for Rock/Metal/Blues/Jazz/Hip Hop. Interested in understanding what YOU want to achieve with clear communication and high respect for your opinion.

          Photo of oska


          Guitarist, Song Writer, Poet
          Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
          • Sound Design - $500/Minute
          • Electric Guitar - $70/Song

          Writing & Music is what I live for. Eschew moderation.

          Photo of Bentley Dean

          Bentley Dean

          Engineer & Sound Designer
          Chicago, IL, USA
          • Mastering Engineers - $50/Song
          • Mixing Engineers - $200/Song
          • Sound Design
          • 4 More...

          Based in the Home of House Music and trained by a pioneer of House Music.

          Photo of Imaginal Stage Production

          Imaginal Stage Production

          Producer, Mixing Engineer
          Pescara, Province of Pescara, Italy
          • Mixing Engineers - $200/Song
          • Editing - $40/Track
          • Time alignment - Quantizing - $40/Track
          • 3 More...
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          I produce since 6 years, i studied Electronic Music Production at Fonderie Sonore in Rome, with the masters of recording and production in Italy. I produced a lot of music through my life, from Rap to Techno, and a lot of scores for friends project, now i think i got the skills and the right knowledge to produce great works. I'm open to everything!

          Photo of LIATI @ The Elementz Studios

          LIATI @ The Elementz Studios

          Producer & Mix Engineer
          Nottingham, UK
          1 Review
          • Mixing Engineers - $350/Song
          • Producers - $800/Song
          • Recording Studios - $300/Day

          I work with major labels & independents alike. Still a real human being.

          Photo of Alisha Zalkin

          Alisha Zalkin

          Session Singer
          Los Angeles, CA, USA
          • Singer - Female - $150/Song

          My name is Alisha Zalkin. I am a vocalist specializing in rock, pop, folk, soul, r&b, and musical theater, and I have recording studio where I record vocals remotely for clients. I'm also the lead singer of the rock band Sleep Machine.

          Photo of Kieran Greig - Emerald Sound

          Kieran Greig - Emerald Sound

          Audio Engineer/Mixing Engineer
          Glasgow, UK
          • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song
          • Editing - $50/Track
          • Vocal Tuning - $50/Track
          • 4 More...

          A young audio engineer with a passion for creativity.

          Photo of Lex Rush

          Lex Rush

          Hip-hop vocalist and writer
          New York, NY, USA
          • Songwriter - Lyrics

          Lex Rush, a Queens native, is a champion of multiple freestyle/battle events, including Freestyle Mondays and Supreme BARS – Village Voice dubbed her the “first lady of freestyle rap”; she released the EPs ‘Really Every Day’ and ‘Unbridled Enthusiasm’ ( “Joey Bada$$ meets MC Lyte meets a bit of a feminism and anti-BS-government for good measure.

          Photo of Michael McKyes

          Michael McKyes

          Record, Sound Design, Mixing
          Camlachie, Plympton-Wyoming, ON N0N, Canada
          • Mixing Engineers - $300/Song
          • Producers - $700/Song
          • Vocal comping - $75/Track
          • 4 More...
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          The goal of The Grove Productions is to establish a comfortable and professional environment with artists and businesses, making sure communication is kept in focus. Owner and producer Michael McKyes believes this is crucial to cultivating the best possible and most plausible audio production for an audience and industry to identify with.

          Photo of White Mixing And Mastering

          White Mixing And Mastering

          Mixing Engineer
          Atlanta, GA, USA
          • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
          • Post Mixing
          • Mastering Engineers - $70/Song
          • 4 More...

          Mixing engineer with over 10 years of engineering experience.

          Photo of Elliot Wilkins

          Elliot Wilkins

          Producer & Mixing Engineer
          Reading, UK

            Session musician now turned music producer and mixing engineer. Worked with the likes of Tove Lo, Misha B, Rise To Remain.

            Photo of RasamSR


            Music Producer, DJ
            Dubai - United Arab Emirates
            • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
            • Recording Studios - $500/Day

            Audio Engineering Student at SAE Dubai

            Photo of SarahMargaret


            session singer / songwriter
            Los Angeles, CA, USA
            • Singer - Female - $100/Song
            • Songwriter - Lyrics
            • Songwriter - Music
            • 1 More...

            Multi-genre session singer & award-winning songwriter

            Photo of Ken


            Producer, guitar player, mixer
            Oslo, Norway
            • Post Mixing - $250/Minute
            • Electric Guitar - $200/Song
            • Track minus top-line - $500/Song

            I've been a guitar player since childhood, and always done songwriting and music production in many genres, but mainly pop and rock.

            Photo of Luigi Garcia

            Luigi Garcia

            New York, NY, USA
            • Mixing Engineers

            I am a fairly new mixing engineer, and I am willing to mix anything you give me.

            Photo of Marco Sassetti

            Marco Sassetti

            Session Bassist
            Pisa, Province of Pisa, Italy
            • Bass Electric - $70/Song
            • Bass Fretless - $70/Song
            • Pop-Rock Arranger - $70/Song
            • 1 More...

            bassist session musician, live and studio recording, also available for transcription and lessons.

            Photo of DJRY


            Music Production
            Toronto, ON, Canada
            • Beat Makers - $50/Song
            • Mixing Engineers - $50/Song
            • Mastering Engineers - $30/Song
            • 3 More...
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            "After silence, that which comes closest to expressing the inexpressible, is music" -Aldous Huxley

            Photo of Vinod Kumar

            Vinod Kumar

            'Music Producer',
            Hyderabad, Telangana, India

              Vinod Kumar is an Indian film composer and mix engineer, who loves to work on many different genres, such as Pop, EDM, Hip Hop,RnB, Lounge and Film Scores.

              Photo of Jason Stare

              Jason Stare

              Sound Designer, Drummer
              Los Angeles, CA, USA
              • Sound Design
              • Post Mixing
              • Dialogue Editing
              • 4 More...

              The heart creates rhythm which commands the body to move space. Sound Designer, Sound Mixer, Drummer

              Photo of Ambrose James

              Ambrose James

              Composer | Producer
              Chicago, IL, USA
              • Producers - $75/Song
              • Songwriter - Music - $100/Song

              Composer | Multi-Instrumentalist | SongWriter

              Photo of Bill Andreis Siahaan

              Bill Andreis Siahaan

              Session Drummer
              Bontang, Bontang City, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
              1 Review
              • Live drum tracks - $150/Song
              • Percussion - $150/Song
              • Bass Electric - $100/Song
              • 4 More...

              Bill Andreis Siahaan is a singer/songwriter, guitarist, bassist, drummer, percussionist, Gold Medalist from the 9th World Choir Games 2016.

              Photo of Andrew Ayaz

              Andrew Ayaz

              Recording Studio, Engineer
              New Jersey, USA
              • Mixing Engineers - $50/Song
              • Recording Studios - $100/Day
              • Beat Makers

              Hi my name is Andrew Ayaz and I've been mixing and producing songs for about 6 years for local hip hop artists, and doing a lot of work for Beachbum who is a House DJ, then moving on to work on Alternative/Indie music with a singer/songwriter group called 2jours.

              Photo of Cheryl B. Engelhardt

              Cheryl B. Engelhardt

              Female vocals, piano, arranger
              New York, NY, USA

                Hi there! As a seasoned performing and recording artist, composer and arranger, I'm in love with all types of projects and happy to work on yours quickly and within your budget!

                Photo of Art Music

                Art Music

                Producer + Composer
                Los Angeles, CA, USA
                • Beat Makers - $150/Song
                • Producers - $400/Song
                • Game Audio - $400/Day
                • 1 More...

                I've produced hip hop, RNB + dance music for vocalist, as well as scored entire soundtracks for film! Love all music and compose all - from classical to punk rock!

                Photo of Joseph Wallace

                Joseph Wallace

                Double and Electric Bassist
                New York, NY, USA
                • Bass Electric
                • Bass Upright
                • Pop-Rock Arranger
                • 1 More...

                Double & Electric bassist living in New York with 20 plus years of experience and an open mind to all types of music.

                Photo of Ike Thurston

                Ike Thurston

                REAL Drum Tracks
                Nashville, TN, USA
                • Live drum tracks - $70/Song

                Hi, I am Ike. I am a touring and studio drummer based in Nashville, TN. My commitment to your project goes beyond just well played drum parts, delivered timely and professionally. You can get professional sounding, REAL drums, with no phase issues from a well tuned room for a reasonable price!

                Photo of Stephen Rumf

                Stephen Rumf

                Mix Engineer Pro
                Brisbane QLD, Australia

                  I'm Stephen, a mix engineer from Australia. I love all styles of music and am influenced by everything from classic rock to modern hip-hop. I'm creative, hard working and will get the job done for you. Let's get mixing.

                  Photo of Aizaz Hussain

                  Aizaz Hussain

                  Singer(love sing english song
                  Lahore, Pakistan

                    Singing English song e.g edshreen, Sam Smith , love to be part of project to create a group cover, own band/group

                    Photo of Box Records Switzerland

                    Box Records Switzerland

                    Production, Mixing & Mastering
                    St Gallen, Switzerland
                    • Mastering Engineers - $30/Song
                    • Mixing Engineers - $200/Song
                    • Remixing - $350/Song
                    • 4 More...
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                    Music brings us together ! We offer very affordable international audio-media services. Music should be all about creativity and inspiring generations, about expressing our feelings and bringing people together. That is our philosophy, and this is why we treat our customers like they are part of our family.

                    Photo of Dave


                    Session/Touring Drums
                    Los Angeles, CA, USA
                    • Live drum tracks - $70/Song
                    • Programmed drums - $70/Song
                    • Production Sound Mixer - $300/Day

                    Remote/Live Sessions and Tours

                    Photo of Davide Cinci

                    Davide Cinci

                    Recording Mix Editing Master
                    Los Angeles, CA, USA

                      I am Davide Cinci, professional Audio Engineer, 27 years old. I graduated in Audio Engineering (Outstanding Student Award Winner) and Post-Production at the Musicians Institute in 2016 and I have 10years+ of experience as musician and engineer.

                      Photo of Devinaire Rhymes

                      Devinaire Rhymes

                      Music producer, keys, mixing
                      Los Angeles, CA, USA

                        I do the work. Thats what matters! Fortunate to have worked with Faith Evans, Whitney Houston, and J Lynn the bride but, any project that I get involved with is the most important at that moment.

                        Photo of Frank J. Walter

                        Frank J. Walter

                        Guitarist, Mixing, Mastering
                        Istanbul, İstanbul, Turkey
                        • Mixing Engineers - $200/Song
                        • Mastering Engineers - $30/Song
                        • Live drum tracks - $50/Song
                        • 4 More...

                        Music composer & Producer - Audio Engineer, Social Media Addict, Graphic Designer, Guitar Player. Founder of CubeRadio "CRQ".

                        Photo of Thomas Lykke Petersen

                        Thomas Lykke Petersen

                        Mix, Mastering & Producer
                        Randers, Denmark
                        • Mastering Engineers - $30/Song
                        • Mixing Engineers - $150/Song
                        • Producers - $400/Song

                        I want your music to shine and will work with you to get the best possible sounding master. Before engaging into the mastering process I always do an initial mixdown check free of charge.

                        Photo of punchonmyownstudio


                        music producer
                        Semarang, Semarang City, Central Java, Indonesia
                        • Beat Makers - $200/Song
                        • Producers - $600/Song
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                        since 2006 become a music producer (hiphop & RnB)

                        Photo of Nthonius


                        Music Producer, BeatMaker
                        Seoul, S.korea
                        • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
                        • Recording Studios - $500/Day
                        • Mastering Engineers - $70/Song

                        Hi, I'm Nthonius. I've produced Electronic Teams, "APNEA" and "Heart Shake" in south korea HAHAHAHAHA

                        Photo of Skinney "B"

                        Skinney "B"

                        Remote Mixing and Mastering
                        Milwaukee, WI, USA
                        • Bass Electric - $50/Song
                        • Singer - Male - $50/Song
                        • Mixing Engineers - $150/Song
                        • 3 More...
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                        Its tricky to rock a rhyme, but I will get the job done. Wether you need something mixed, mastered, voice overed, beat boxed, rapped, harmonized along with, comedy commercial script written etc'ed, etc'ed.

                        Photo of Mariusz Piętka

                        Mariusz Piętka

                        Czestochowa, PL
                        • Recording Studios
                        • Producers
                        • Mastering Engineers

                        Mariusz Pietka - sound engineer, responsible for recording, mixing and mastering. Known from cooperation with bands such as Crystal Viper, Pathfinder, Sabaton, Jack Starr's Burning Starr, Mortician, Lonewolf and others! 

                        Photo of SIDE TWO STUDIO

                        SIDE TWO STUDIO

                        Boston, MA
                        • Recording Studios - $250/Day

                        Recording studio in South Boston, MA. Built by two engineers in 2007, we have a live room, isolation room, vocal booth and a control room.We are equipped to record anything from a 3 song demo or a full album. We work with everything from Hip Hop artisists to Heavy Metal bands, Singer/Songwriters to Punk bands and everything in between.

                        Photo of Perfection Studio

                        Perfection Studio

                        Boston, MA
                        • Recording Studios - $500/Day
                        • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song

                        Perfection Recording Studio is one of Boston’s leading recording establishments. We specialize in audio recordings for all kinds of ensembles, to recording and creating albums. A warm and friendly working environment, complete with quality recordings, Perfection Studio is the perfect place that caters to your needs.

                        Photo of Marc Graue Voice Over Studios

                        Marc Graue Voice Over Studios

                        Burbank, CA
                        • Editing
                        • Post Editing

                        As the oldest voice over studios in Burbank, California Marc Graue Voice Over Recording Studios can accomodate virtually any project.

                        Photo of Last Drop Mastering

                        Last Drop Mastering

                        San Francisco, CA
                        • Mastering Engineers - $100/Song
                        • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song

                        Last Drop has been providing professional mixing and online mastering services for over a decade in the San Francisco area.

                        Photo of Blackfoot Sounds

                        Blackfoot Sounds

                        Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
                        • Mixing Engineers
                        • Recording Studios

                        The studio was designed and built by Perfect Imperfection.  With floating floors and no contact between connecting walls.  The space is occupied by a centre control room flanked by two isolation rooms and a production suite.

                        Photo of Dryhill Studios

                        Dryhill Studios

                        Oneonta, US
                        • Recording Studios - $400/Day
                        • Mixing Engineers

                        A professional studio with a relaxed attitude At Dryhill, we perform the technical functions required to make a great recording, but we don't make rules about how you have to sound. The studio is here to help you create the sounds you hear in your head. We won't force any rigid beliefs on you about how things should sound.

                        Photo of Acme Recording Studios

                        Acme Recording Studios

                        New York, NY
                        • Recording Studios - $1400/Day
                        • Mastering Engineers - $145/Song

                        Acme originally opened in late 1979-80 as "In The Red Recording" in another spot across town, circa 1982 the guys moved in with a local video house and then later bought out that space re-emerging as the cleverly named "Acme Recording Studios".

                        Photo of Big City Recording Studio

                        Big City Recording Studio

                        Los Angeles, CA

                          Big City Recording is a full-service studio. We offer the best in recording, mixing and mastering services. Over our 20 year history we have recorded, mixed and/or mastered over 1,200 titles. Our recording system is based around the Apogee Symphony system capable of recording 24 tracks simultaneously at sample rates up to 24 bit/192k.

                          Photo of Empire Studios

                          Empire Studios

                          Bensheim, D
                          • Mixing Engineers
                          • Mastering Engineers
                          • Producers

                          On 150 sqmtrs with a large mix room, a vocal booth and a superb sounding big LiveRoom we offer a great atmosphere for your creative work -kitchen, chill out and a guestroom which is included in the budget.

                          Photo of Clint Works

                          Clint Works

                          Hamburg, Germany
                          • Mastering Engineers
                          • Mixing Engineers

                          Dennis is the head engineer of Clintworks Audio Productions and your primal contact person for any thing concerning your production. Dennis started at age 20 with the recording and mixing of music. Dennis added to his experience by working for several recording studios in Scandinavia.

                          Photo of Mixwerk


                          Berlin, Germany
                          • Recording Studios - $1000/Day
                          • Mixing Engineers
                          • Mastering Engineers
                          • 3 More...

                          We are dedicated to the art of recorded speech and the voiceover. Whether for voiceover or advertising, radio play or film; we produce, mix and master to the highest technical studio standards. And we've been doing it for 15 years. Whether a pre-master, a master or a simple voice recording, everything is possible...

                          Photo of Rax Trax Recording

                          Rax Trax Recording

                          Chicago, IL
                          • Mixing Engineers

                          Rax Trax Recording is a two control room facility in Chicago's Near North Lakeview neighborhood. Rax Trax staff is technically experienced and well versed in music production. Whether you have a major label album or a local demo, our goal is to make your project satisfying and successful.

                          Photo of Europa Dubbing

                          Europa Dubbing

                          Paris, France
                          • Mastering Engineers
                          • Mixing Engineers
                          • Sound Design
                          • 1 More...

                          As one of the leaders of the dubbing industry around the world for nearly 10 years, Europa Dubbing gives special care to each of your projects: dubbing subtitling, post-production ... quality and attention that we pay to each of your productions, has helped us shape our place in the sector.

                          Photo of Conflikt Arts

                          Conflikt Arts

                          Paris, France
                          • Mastering Engineers - $70/Song
                          • Mixing Engineers

                          Welcome on Conflikt Arts ! You will find all the products / services you may need to develop your band, festival, label, booking agency, concert hall

                          Photo of VASTAUDIO


                          Piaseczno, Polska
                          • Producers - $400/Song
                          • Remixing - $250/Song
                          • Sound Design - $150/Minute
                          • 3 More...

                          Electronic music producer with 9 years of experience.

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