Music Producer / Remixer

Gual is a Miami based music producer and remixer in Electro Pop and Funky Pop genres - not to mention a helluva nice guy too...

As an experienced producer and remixer with specific strengths in enhancing hooks and developing melodies using counterpoint, Gual will make your music come to life.

With over 20 years experience in taking advantage of the latest audio recording technology and digital signal processing methods Gual produces ultra high-fidelity low-noise recordings that result in crystal clear track separation to retain their dynamic feel. He takes pride in creating unique natural sounds that compliment your music and provide a warm response that will stand out in the modern music environment.

Over the years Gual has developed solid relationships with dozens of A-list musicians and studios in the Miami and New York areas for which he utilizes extensively to guarantee a professional product in the end.

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I was the remix producer in this production