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Interview with Stewdiopheen

  1. Q: Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.

  2. A: I usually produce and engineer studio sessions. I help with vocal arrangements while engineering their session if there is no producer. I also mix the songs if there is no intended mix engineer.

  3. Q: What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?

  4. A: I am inspired by music producers such as Timbaland, Yonni, Da Internz and Missy Eliiott just to name a few.

  5. Q: Tell us about your studio setup.

  6. A: My studio setup varies depending on the studio. My home studio setup include an Apollo Twin, Yamaha HS7's and Macbook Pro and Bluebird for scratch vocals.

  7. Q: What's your typical work process?

  8. A: I always create a comfortable environment. I usually listen to the idea that the artist has and try to envision where the idea can go. I'll have the artist do some vocal warm ups and we hit the booth!

  9. Q: What do you bring to a song?

  10. A: I believe that I bring an honest ear and a clear path to getting the song to where the artist wants it to be. I bring the ability to wear a few different hats besides the engineer. If there are needs for vocal arrangement and production, I am able to give that input as well. if requested.

  11. Q: What's your strongest skill?

  12. A: My patience.

  13. Q: What type of music do you usually work on?

  14. A: R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter, Gospel.

  15. Q: Can you share one music production tip?

  16. A: Trust your ear. It's ok to do you.

  17. Q: How would you describe your style?

  18. A: My style is very laid back, I like to have fun and enjoy the session.

  19. Q: What was your career path? How long have you been doing this?

  20. A: I just aspire to be a great engineer. I have been engineering and producing for almost 10 years.

  21. Q: If you were on a desert island and could take just 5 pieces of gear, what would they be?

  22. A: U87. Akai MPK249. Apollo Twin. A Nord of some sort. A top notch souped up Mac.

  23. Q: What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

  24. A: Be clear in your vision. Have an idea of what you want. Be patient and be professional.

  25. Q: What's the biggest misconception about what you do?

  26. A: That "anyone" can do it. Just because you have a computer and a DAW doesn't mean you are an engineer. That's a total myth.

  27. Q: What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?

  28. A: Not mainly a question but a statement, "I've never seen/worked with a female engineer are you good". My response, "That's unfortunate but I do the best that I can...SO! What are we loading up!"

  29. Q: What do you like most about your job?

  30. A: I love the interaction with the artist. I love the process. But I live for their reaction when we hit play of the final mix!

  31. Q: What's your 'promise' to your clients?

  32. A: I promise to do my best to create a product that they are proud to present to the world.

  33. Q: Analog or digital and why?

  34. A: A little bit of both. Best of both worlds.

  35. Q: Is there anyone on SoundBetter you know and would recommend to your clients?

  36. A: Bradley Banks - Vocal Producer/Demo Singer Quincy Howard - Manager of producers/engineers

  37. Q: What are you working on at the moment?

  38. A: Currently, I am just trying to build my clientele as an engineer. I also really want to help other engineers, artist managers, producers, singer-songwriters and artists clean up their sessions (editing, labeling, rough mix) to help increase their output.

  39. Q: Tell us about a project you worked on you are especially proud of and why. What was your role?

  40. A: I am VERY proud of the "Christmas Song" that I engineered for Jordan Lomeli.

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