Alex Bohn Audio

Audio Recorder, Mixer & Editor

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High end budget talent; no ego, no strange quirk, just someone willing to get the job done and make you sound better.

Hello, My name is Alex. I have over 5 years of professional Audio Engineering, Mixing, and Editing experience in a variety of musical genres. I enjoy working on musical projects to help you get that perfect sound you've been looking for.

I also do Noise Reduction / Sound Restoration of various types of Audio/Video recordings, and can help save any type of project from unwanted noise.

• Mixing
• Editing
• Recording
• Noise Reduction
• Recording


What to Expect:

• Advanced mixing techniques.
• High quality signal processing with compression, EQ, and reverb.
• Someone with passion for your project.
• Knowledgable insight into what your project needs.
• And More!


Technical Equipment/Software:

• Pro Tools
• Izotope RX
• Waves Plugins
• High End Outboard Gear (Speakers, Compressors, EQs, etc)

Contact me through the green button above and lets get to work.


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