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Strengthen your brand with music and sound design. Make Waves create sound concepts that express the ​core of your brand and engages your audience.

Make Waves is a studio for music and sound design in Umeå, Sweden. Beyond the creative areas of songwriting, composition and sound production, our focus is on audio branding strategy.

What does your brand sound like? How do we best express your brand's core identity, differentiate the brand from the competition and connect with the audience through music and sound? These are questions we aim to answer through audio branding. We analyse where your company is at, develop a detailed sound profile, a strategy and content that can be used across a variety of relevant touch points.

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Terms Of Service

Our terms are always tailored to the project. For small businesses on a budget, we offer all services for 400€ / day including 5 revisions. Licensing cost is separate, according to the project.

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