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EMIME, is an international audio and visual production company, established in New York USA with the main goal of introducing it’s no limit team and services to industry clients, private companies and individuals, offering a full range of top quality, reliable AV production services.
At EMIME our priority is to make your production better than you ever imagined it could be, at affordable prices that work with your budget. From a single-camera interview to multi- camera commercials and videos, to short films and full feature length films, our talented team of writers, directors, producers and audio engineers delivers a full complement of services to bring your project to life.
EMIME is a multimedia audio visual production company specializing in providing the solutions and services to bring your unique vision to reality. EMIME offers concept development, script writing, creative direction, project management, audio management, camera crews, production personnel, on-screen talent, vocal talent, large and small scale productions and pre/post production utilizing Adobe Premiere editing, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, Avid, After Effects, 3D Animation and a host of others to attain a quality that will surpass your expectations.

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