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I had set for myself to realise all of your sonic endeavours using a carefully picked assortment of class A analog gear combined with the latest software. come get that Loud, warm, "in your face", sound you always wanted ! Miknna

SAE Graduate , with professional experience in many sound applications e.g. live sound for Void club (Berlin)
through the work with small artists and taking upon myself to be the last entity in the project giving you an objective listener-like professional opinion before I will prepare your music to commercial standards ready for radio, digital release and playback in all listening environments for an accessible price.
as i do walk the extra mile with what i do i offer free mix feedback and take close contact with the mix engineer upon request in a quest to make sure no time is wasted on rejected mixes for you as part of my services.

$30 - 1 track master
$50 - 2 track masters
$70 - 3 track masters
$20 per track - 4 track masters or more+

$50 - stem master (6 bus stems, + $5 per extra stem)
$100 - track mix (20 stems + $5 per extra stem)
$120 - mix and master (20 stems + $5 per extra stem)

+$10 - 24 hour rush

FREE Detailed mix appraisals for tracks not being mastered - send them over !

A stem master offers more control for the mastering engineer as he steps a small step into the mix and able to control some of the dynamics and coloring, stereo image information with better results.
Please get in touch for a friendly chat about your projects!

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Terms Of Service

Allow for unlimited revisions until satisfaction, and would allow up to 2 Mix changes. typical turn around 72 hours

Gear Highlights
  • Neumann Kh310 . Prism sound Lyra
  • Grace design m905
  • Crane song STC-8M
  • Avalon vt747 signal conditioner
  • UAD
  • Weiss
  • Fabfilter
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