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I will record the vocals you need for your demo, and I can do that in Spanish, English, Italian and German, all with a 100% transparency and satisfaction guarantee. I will also do your instrumental tracks using GarageBand.

So, Spanish is my first language (no accent) and I have lived in the US and Germany, so I can also offer vocals in English and German (almost accent free). In addition, I studied Italian for 3 years, so I feel comfortable offering vocals in Italian as well.

100% transparency policy: I will tell you if in my objective assessment I cannot reach the tones needed for your song. So basically, this means I will decline a job offer if I feel I cannot do an excellent job at it. Also, if you want to test my accent in any of the 4 languages, I will provide an audio of me speaking that language so that you can judge before starting.

100% satisfaction guarantee: Once we both agree that we want to work together, I'll work with you until you are satisfied with the final result. We will discuss timing of your project and my time availability, I will ask you some questions about your song (what emotions are you trying to convey, what is the story you are telling, what style do you want your song to be, etc.) and I will provide you with a first recording. At this point, you still have the opportunity to decide that I am not providing what you were expecting and tell me: Tiago, sorry but I'd like to cancel the project. I will say: OK, I understand, no prob, good luck. If after the first attempt you're happy, then we're in business and I'll work with you until we have a final great result.

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Terms Of Service

100% transparency policy and 100% satisfaction guarantee, as described above.

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  • Behring B-1 and GarageBand
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