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Ingo Vogelmann is a music producer, DJ, composer, song-writer, audio engineer, label founder and radio show host at friskyRadio.

WIth more than 30 years as a musician himself, 20 as producer and DJ, Ingo is an experienced audio engineer. He worked for countless satisfied clients, both labels and artists directly.

The mastering process is the final stage of every production before a track or album gets publicly heard, so this work has to be the best and perfect possible. Good gear in the mastering studio is important, but nothing beats an extraordinary trained ear and understanding for how music has to sound like. Ingo knows how this job has to be done, no matter what genre your music is.

Ingo works in his "Bird Nest Studio" situated in Western Germany's "Ruhr Area", almost in the middle of the woods, very close to the river Ruhr.

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Gear Highlights
  • A very simple and over the years very well selected set-up. No gear porn here.
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