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I am lucky enough for music to not only be my passion but to also be my work. I am from a village in The Vale of the White Horse called Shrivenham (Oxfordshire); which is also home to a fantastic Analogue/Digital Recording Studio called "The Ladder Factory". I strive to achieve the best results for my clients and their needs, whatever they may be.

Recording & Engineering:
I can offer all the skills a Producer needs when it comes to recording and engineering, whether it's Drums, Guitars, Vocals, Piano, Synths, Percussion (or just about anything really) - you can rely on me to capture that unique sound. With access to a shed load of awesome gear ranging from the 70s right up to the present day, I as a Producer/Engineer can meet all your Digital/Analogue recording requirements; be it Swing, Indie, Hip Hop, Metal, Drum and Bass and all the gaps in between. With a beautiful 1970s Trident mixing Desk, two gorgeous Tape Machines & a whole host of rack Compressors, Delays, Reverbs and Pre-Amps, we really are spoilt for choice at The Ladder Factory.

Mixing, Editing & Mastering:
I am fully open to Mixing either Digitally, or Analogue through the Trident desk. One of the great things about The Ladder Factory is the fact that we have access to both digital and analogue environments. With hundreds of plug-ins at my disposal and lots of experience in the Mixing, Editing & Mastering world, I like to think I can achieve a great mix and final product. Having been in lots of music groups, ranging from bands (Thrash Punk, Alternative, Trip Hop...) to electronic music (Hip Hop, House, Drum and Bass ...) I can provide a very diverse approach to Editing, Mixing & Mastering.
Monitoring Gear: SE Electronics, ADAM, Yamaha, KRK & Auratone.

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Terms Of Service

Terms of Service really do vary with every job! Please contact me for more details.

Gear Highlights
  • Trident Series 75 Desk
  • Otari 24 Track 2" Tape Machine
  • Studer A80 2 Track Tape Machine
  • API 3124
  • Lord Compressors
  • 1176
  • Summit TLA100
  • Coles 4308s
  • Lots more
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