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Ghost producer/Mix & Mastering

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Want to sound as good as your favourite artist ?I have been producing music for over 10 years, I know how to produce tracks in every genre of electronic dance music,I always come up with original sounds and catchy melodies for the tracks I produce,I can produce and compose original tracks for you from scratch.

I provide professional audio mastering and mixing services, Over than 100 credits and 9 years experience,
I got supports from big DJs in their own genres
high quality and affordable masters using state of the art digital studio technology that will deliver whether it's on CD, Vinyl or digital upload.
profissionel mixed ensuring the highest new effects on the game.

So i present to you the ghost service project:
Ghost Service Future Electro
Ghost Service Modern Trap
Ghost Service Too Future
Ghost Service Brend new Original Style
Ghost Service Fresh Remixes
those services are In continuous increase,don't hesitate to ask or check.

I sell those services by request :
project file
Change content
and more .....

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