Exclusive Male Vocal,Any Style

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I'm able to sing super high and low notes

Hello, i can offer you the exclusive male vocal with super high and low musical notes nobody can sing, from C6 to C7 and lower than C3 note. No Falsetto! The biggest vocal range. So, i have a lot of works(my songs and covers), i'll show you some of them and if you need to hear more, let me know. The main thing here is that i do it live every day. Now you can hear Audio Samples(there is many samples of different works in one audio file). This is the real Live Vocal.
You'll get many vocal tracks at once, according to Your Order(your wishes), from a professional studio that has such high-quality equipment as a Neumann 102 mic, a Firewire audio interface, ProTools HD(or another program you want), etc. Tell me if you want another equipment for recording my vocals. Any style of music! A small revision is 50$, a big revision is 100$. We can discuss a discount if you want some songs at once.
Please, note: i do all every day like on my tracks you can hear now so if you want to cancel an order, you can do it ONLY if i don't do the same vocals like on the recordings.

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Many Samples in One File

I was the Singer, Vocalist, Session Singer in this production

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