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Mixing is an art that encompasses the physics of sound. It is a delicate balance between sonic cleansing and dynamic taming. You want your mix to bring all the excitement and drive needed to make people dance. Your mix deserves to shine and be bold! Take pride in your music and select an engineer that that will take you record to the next level.

Breeze is a Billboard charting mix engineer, who began his pursuit of music and sound in Oklahoma where he was a producer and engineer in the top studio in Oklahoma City. Breeze developed a love for engineering and enrolled at the Art Institute of Atlanta, where he graduated with a B.A. in Audio Engineering and Production and is currently working on his Masters in Entertainment Business. Breeze has an extensive track record in Atlanta going back over 10 years and spans across all of the major studios in the metro area. Breeze is an accomplished mix engineer and has mixed records for several major artist including Kris Stephens, R Kelly, Yung Jock, Juicy J, Rocko, Mase, Lil Durk, Summerella, Young Scooter and many more. Breeze is also an Instructor at SAE institute and teaches several large format consoles such as the SSL 4000 G+ as well as Mixing and Production.

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Terms Of Service

Mixing Services come with 1 round of revisions, up to 6 changes. An additional charge of $40 per round will be applied to any changes beyond the initial revisions.

Gear Highlights
  • Universal Audio
  • Neve
  • API
  • SSL
  • Aupgsperger
  • NS-10s
  • Pro Tools
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