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Audio and music production

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Voice-over, narration, dubbing in Brazilian and European Portuguese. Audio and music production.

Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Lisbon Audioworks is an audio production company led by Brazilian singer-songwriter, guitarist and musical producer Marcio Tucunduva.

Former owner of Estúdio Eletrofônico, in São Paulo, Brazil, where he had the opportunity to work for clients such as Globo TV, General Motors, Motorola, Merck, MetLife, 89 FM, as well as bands, artists and independent video producers, Marcio Tucunduva moved to Lisbon in 2016.

Specialized in music production, soundtracks, voice-over, narration and dubbing, Lisbon Audioworks provides services for video producers, publicity agencies, bands, artists, radios and voice talents.

We produce CDs, EPs, soundtracks for TV, video and film, radio spots and other audio related jobs, including recording, editing and mixing.

Also in our team, native speakers of the following languages for translation, adaptation and voice recording:
Brazilian Portuguese-European Portuguese-English-German-French-Italian-Spanish.

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