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Mixing & Mastering Engineer

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Tyler Blalock is a mixing and mastering engineer, as well as a musician and songwriter, based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Your music will be brought to a level that competes commercially and is radio-ready, and captures your vision. Each song is different and each song will be approached uniquely to reach its full potential.

Music is much more than a set of notes or lyrics. Music is an expression of emotions and experiences, and carries a purpose. Music impacts people in unexplainable ways that are truly amazing. Music starts with an idea and then travels through a process before it reaches a person's ears. This process is crucial because it brings to life a vision that exists in an artist's mind.

Mixing is what brings your song to life and is important in making your song sound like a professional one. In mixing, I will ensure clarity and balance that captures the vision you have in your mind. Mixing entails EQ, compression, balancing, panning, effects, etc. Every song is different and every song will be treated in a unique way that serves and enhances the song.

Mastering is typically the final step in music production before duplication or distribution, and is a crucial one. It not only adds an undeniable polish to your music, but it can truly bring the best out of it and really make it shine. I can bring your song up to commercial volume, while still retaining dynamics, so that it will compete with major label releases. Depending on your song, mastering can also entail adding overall elements, such as EQ, compression, saturation/exciters, etc. Your song will be at a radio-ready level.

My rates are extremely affordable and turnaround time is fast. All genres welcome.

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