I love to help other artists by producing their music & bringing it to life. I also work on sound & music for film & video, mix music, restore audio, & design sound. I strive to do my work in the spirit of service. I have a beautiful family. I'm married & have a spirited little girl. I live in Bogota, Colombia & have lived in the US many years.

Most recently in 2013 I produced, engineered, and mixed my father's CD: Wiley Rinaldi UNVEILED. It took about 400 studio hours over the span of 8 months to produce, engineer and mix.

Most of my work has been for short, medium, and long docs and corporate videos. I restore the audio, mix it, and compose music if necessary.

I have been able to restore old and warped cassette tapes from 80s to sound decent, take away bird squeaks in the middle of interviews, remove bracelet/necklace noise from interviews, reduce reverb from voice recordings, remove hum/hiss/noise/crackle, and much more.

I play bass, percussion, & dabble on many instruments.

Pro Tools, Reason, iZotope RX, Harrison Mixbus

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My primary purpose is to be of service and to work as efficiently as possible. I allow as many revisions as necessary depending on the project. I can deliver in one day depending on the project.

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