So, you have a band, you work hard on your music, spend shitload on gear, and invest a lot of your time on rehearsals. And still, no one, not even that awkward kid from your neighbourhood, knows your name.

Chances are it’s because your music sucks, and literally nothing can save it, but let’s be honest. It’s not the case here. You just need to put your super good songs in hands of a professional sound engineer. One that can squeeze enough juice from it. Juice so sweet your tunes will be instant classics played by every radio station on earth in no time, and you’ll find yourself trapped under huge pile of drugs and hundred bills.

I know that your music deserves more than five likes on Facebook (including the one from your mother) and unicorns should subscribe to your youtube channel.

My name is Radek and I offer on-line mixing and mastering services.

Send me your songs, and see how coal is made into diamond.

Would love to hear from you. Click the contact button above to get in touch.

Gear highlights

  • Yamaha
  • DBX
  • Aphex
  • Digitech
  • Audient
  • Neve
  • Millenia
  • Akg

Genres I specialize in

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