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I like my mixes to be liked, the music well dressed, and the musician satisfied.

I began on builging studio a few years ago. I started from scratch, worked a lot, bought some stuff, read a few things and basically found friends. For a few years, I work with a collective of musicians, recording mostly rap vocals, but also singers, bass guitars, acoustic guitars, drums, saxophone, trombone, violin, and basically every item who can produce sound.

I do my mixes enssentially in the box, but I use some hardware too ; optical compressor, tube preamp, old tape recorder, analogic delay, spring reverb, and some analogic effets (filter, tremolo, drive..)..

My priority is the band/singer/producer's priority ; You want the voice above the mix ? I'm ok. You want a bass in front of the head ? I'm ok. I thing that each track have his perfect mix somewhere, and that the music has to define the mix, not the invert. Sometimes you need a loud kick and a tight snare, sometimes the chords make the song. Are the lyrics the point of the song, or are they here to carry the music ? I'm here to work with you, for your music.

For the record, the studio is in a houseboat in Bordeaux, I can't prove it but i'm sure the water and the place affected the way the sound live.

Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above.


Gear Highlights
  • My ears and a pair of Yamaha HS8
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