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Hi, i'm Guillermo from Mexico City. I'm a Music Producer and Sound Engineer. I work with all types of music genres. I do mixing, mastering, sound design works, film scores, jingles etc; I studied Sound engineering back in London. Currently expanding my musical and engineering studies in Mexico City.

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  • Wet n' Groove Live SetApr 16, 2014

    Been working on my live set to play at UEI Festival, Valle de Bravo, Mexico. It has been a really interesting process. Writting loops thinking in a hour long track we could say. It fun the way of building it up, it's a really similar thought process as when you are mixing (djing) but you have to write everything. Doing some research i've noticed a lot of producers have folders with their tracks ready to be set on a template on live with the loops already done. But well time is running fast and the gig is in a couple of weeks. 

    I'm building every single sound on Logic 9. Mostly is midi signals, Digital Instruments. I'm also doing some recording via a Saffire soundcard and using different kind of mics like : Shure SM58, Blue Bird compressor mic. 
    All sound will be processed( EQ, Compressed, Fx) in there and then will be bounced into loops. Once bounced i will open a new session on Ableton Live to put all my loops in order in, building basic structure of the set.
    Then to route all my fxs to the send to built my dubbing station. Also i will run a couple instruments through the soundcard to Ableton to play along as the set is running.