Sash, a.k.a. Punks Not Ted, is a Berlin-based producer specialized in vocal production, additional production, remixing and mixing.
Whether you are working on a tight budget, need some extra low end goodness, thick drum and beat sounds, or distinctive vocals, Sash is the man to beef up your mixes and add some twist to your productions.

´Unlike many other producers, I like my mixes to have a lot of low end. To me, thatʼs the root of the song and dictates its pulse – but it takes a little wizardry to tame in the mix. I also like to give instruments a special sonic character. Unusual sounds are more interesting and need less definition and space in the mix`.
When it comes to vocals, Sash prefers guiding vocalists to deliver their most expressive performance, rather than simply aiming for perfect pitch. Being a Melodyne veteran, his extensive experience with producing and tuning vocals led to a partnership with Celemony, winner of the 2012 Technical Grammy, in which he showcased their Melodyne software.
With over 20 years of dedication to the music circus under his belt, Sash currently mixes on a hybrid system.

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  • D&R console
  • Tegeler Audio

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