NACHR is a cloud rap and chillstep producer from Denver, CO. Creating visceral landscapes of space, water, and ether, NACHR paints auditory journeys enveloping and captivating audiences and listeners. His style ranges from serene and peaceful to ecstatic and hype, providing a unique approach to songwriting and soundscapes.

I’ve been playing music on different instruments since I was a kid, and I listen to just about every genre, which inspires me to push the boundaries in any kind of music I’m creating. My aim is to inspire the people who listen to my music as well as unite them with their humanity. I’m pioneering the genre of “AquaStep,” taking audiences on a journey through my mind and revelations about love, and life, and the world. The soundscapes I use are invented for the purpose of fusing worldly elements with immaterial concepts and ether-esque essences.

My credits include

Gear highlights

  • Native Instruments Maschine MkII
  • Traktor S8

Genres I specialize in

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