Singer, lyricist

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My name is Fionnuala (Fee) & I've been singing and performing since a young age. I attended a number of stage schools throughout my childhood. I recorded my first EP in Nashville Tennessee at age 17. I am lead singer in ElectroPop band Toy Soldier and I have had the privilege of performing in major venues around Ireland, UK and Berlin.

My voice is best described as ethereal pop. I always enjoyed singing country style music throughout my youth and listened to a lot of Freddie Mercury & Tina Charles for vocal inspiration. Through my vast experience singing for different bands and exploring different genres of music I can shape my voice to fit a range of styles; from Electronic dance to to jazz to pop. Despite my versatile vocal abilities , I am confident I have a unique tone that has been previously described as a "haunting edge"

My passion is singing so I am happy while performing and I am a pleasure to work with. I am professional and focused. Please email me for availability :

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