Hey there, I'm Rylo Kenn. I am a music producer, and I love writing anything whether it's pop, a good EDM festival track, or an epic orchestral soundtrack piece. Plenty of releases on their way soon!!

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Reviews of Cauvin M.

  • Listing_thumb_austin_mmm_edit7 days agoby Verified Review (Client)

    Another great track done with Cauvin. Always awesome to work with! Great production and communication.

  • Listing_thumb_austin_mmm_edit5 months agoby Verified Review (Client)

    Yet another killer one with Cauvin. Awesome to work with !

  • Listing_thumb_austin_mmm_edit5 months agoby Verified Review (Client)

    Another awesome track done with Cauvin! Killer tune and production. We have more lined up!

  • Listing_thumb_austin_mmm_edit6 months agoby Verified Review (Client)

    Fantastic to work with Cauvin! Great music, communication, and production!

  • Listing_thumb_2_312 months agoby Verified Review (Client)

    I just mixed and mastered a brilliant record for Cauvin. We both ended up being very satisfied with the result and hopefully we got a whole EP coming up!