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Salt is an online music mastering service served by one who once plated dinners as a chef, to plating your music just before it’s consumed by your audience.


How do you approach mastering music?

With an objective ear. My role in your project isn’t to change what you have created but to take it for what it is, and give it that last few percent of seasoning before it is released to the world. If I notice that something may need revision in your mix, I will certainly open up a dialogue with you regarding that.

Do you use a digital or analog set up?

I use a hybrid of both. A very simple analog path through a vintage amplifier where I carve the tone on the song, and a vintage compressor which is then sent into the digital realm with my curated selection of plug-ins to finish the job.

Why do you master exclusively?

Today, many people mix & master, however, over the years I have found that an objective fresh set of ears who focus on mastering will always give you the best results, as an exclusive mastering engineer doesn’t have the same relationship with a mix, which therefore makes it more possible to not second guess decisions, and to make those decisions with a mix a lot quicker. A fresh objective ear on your mix will take your music for exactly what it is, which is what you needs when producing music.

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